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TVB Weekly #700

| Monday, November 22, 2010 | |
Woots! THIS EDITION OF TVB WEEKLY IS DEFINITELY A KEEPER!! =D Our dear Sherayne is on cover, and wow, on the 700th issue as well! ^^ Many many thanks to my cousins for helping me get them! ;)

Do click on the scans to see the words, and have a happy time reading! ^^ I'm still very excited hiak hiak hiak!

Amazing cover, and amazing file! <3 Thanks lots cousins! ;D

Comments: Definitely a keeper! =D It's not everyday you see such magazine covers! <3



  1. A bit late, but do you think I can still get a copy of this somehow? Your advice is much appreciated! :)
    ~ yate

  2. @yate Hmm, I'm afraid it's totally out of stock now. >.< I had to get my cousin in Hong Kong to get it for me. It was totally sold out in Hong Kong. I was lurking around the HK Discussion forums and people were buying the magazines in 5s and 10s. No wonder very few copies reached Singapore. And those that reached Singapore costs nearly $6! My cousin managed to get it for the normal price of HKD$13 only though!

    Right now, I'm don't think that there aren't any copies left since this is really a very special issue (it being the 700th issue and also featuring both Sheren and Wayne on cover). Maybe a few years later, you'll see people selling it on eBay? Right now I don't think anybody will sell it, at least, not those who are fans of Sherayne. So sorry wor! >.<


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