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3 million viewers watch No Regrets' finale

| Tuesday, November 30, 2010 | |

Video from Apple Daily

TVB's popular drama No Regrets aired its final episodes the night before, with an average of 44 points, peaking at 47 points, with 3 million viewers accompanying Lau Sing (Wayne Lai) on his last journey. He passed away peacefully on Gau Mui's (Sheren Tang) shoulder while they were looking at the sunset. This scene alone accounted for 99% of the viewers, and caused ATV's programme to record 0 points in ratings.

The finale of No Regrets have not broken Dae Jang Geum's record of 50 points, but has already beaten Can't Buy Me Love. Producer Lee, Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang have expressed their happiness with the ratings. Producer Lee hopes that during the awards ceremony this coming Sunday, they will have good results.

Last week was the finale. The ratings for Monday to Friday averaged 34 points; ratings for Saturday averaged 35 points, peaking at 36 points; while the 2-hour finale on Sunday average 44 points, peaking at 47 points, with 3 million viewers catching the finale itself. However, on average, No Regrets got 33 points while Can't Buy Me Love got 34 points. Hence, Can't Buy Me Love is currently the highest-rated TVB drama for 2010.

TVB executive Tsang Sing Ming said that No Regrets has good ratings and reviews, and will treat the cast members to dinner on the 7th December 2010. Yesterday, the PR department also received letters of compliments from the viewers. 6 of them said that Lee Tim Shing did well and the drama was good; 2 said that this drama deserves to win prizes; 1 praised Wayne Lai and Fala Chen for their good acting. As for complaints, 2 of them complained that Fala Chen's storyline dragged on for too long; 2 said that a more experienced actress should take on Fala's role; another 2 said that not much promotion was being done to notify people of the finale for this drama.

Lee Tim Shing is happy with the ratings, and he hopes that this drama will get the Best Drama award. He said, "This has nothing to do with me producing this drama, but this drama is exceptional as this is a drama that TVB seldom makes. Both the male and female leads should get their prizes, and I believe that everybody can see it for themselves." As for losing to Can't Buy Me Love in overall average ratings, Producer Lee thinks that Can't Buy Me Love has a wider range of audience, and that more children watch this drama.

Wayne Lai is satisfied with the ratings even though it's not able to break Dae Jang Geum's record. This is because the situation now is different from that of last time. He believes that he won't be able to break that record in his lifetime, so having 47 points is already good enough. As for whether he wants to film a Rosy Business 3, he said, "I think it's not possible."

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Comments: I'm glad to see that No Regrets has done well in ratings, but not breaking Dae Jang Geum's record is still a regret. But still, congratulations to No Regrets! ^^ It's ratings well-deserved! =D



  1. Yes a very good drama. definitely the best of 2010 by far. thanks for the blog i really enjoy reading it the past month or so. to bad their not going to make rosy business 3 sooo sad that its all over now

  2. @Anonymous Thanks for dropping by! =D Yeah, they're not going to make Rosy Business 3, because Producer Lee is about to retire soon (he's producing one more drama I think) and the script-writer has already left... =(

  3. You wanna bet other TVB producers want a shot on making/filming "Rosy Business III"?

  4. @Anonymous Producer Lee did say that even if there was to be a Rosy Business 3, it would be undertaken by another producer and script-writers. I think he did mentioned it in an interview which I translated. You can go look for it under the section "news".

    But even the cast won't be working together already, so I see no point in Rosy Business 3 unless they get back the same back-stage crew and cast. Nobody can recreate the magic of the Rosy Business series without these people.


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