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Episode 23

| Thursday, November 18, 2010 | |
#23 is a landmark episode.

In many ways, it is an intense turning point in Lau Sing and Gau Mui's relationship. Faced with the potential execution of Lau Sing, Gau Mui's true feelings towards him are revealed. To Lau Sing, it seems like another one of her confusing plots. Because he trusts her, he follows her lead and puts on a heartbreaking show for the Japanese. But there is no denying that there is true emotion in the way he admits that he never wants to be without her.

As for Gau Mui, her ability to spin half-truths and half-lies touches Tetsuya's heart and earns her multiple visits to Lau Sing's cell to carry out her plan to save him. Her fury is fake but her tears for him are real. As are her prayers: "Please help me... If Lau Sing dies tomorrow and I am left all alone... I really won't know what to do..."


  1. OMG! I love your GIF! Pretty much sums up episode 23! <3 I never ever got to learn how to make GIFs haha

  2. Oh, I love your gif too!
    That sums up #23 very well, and I love this episode so much! It's so intense and heartbreaking!


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