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How to watch No Regrets on myTV

| Wednesday, November 3, 2010 | |
Hi people! I was lurking around the TVB forum (managed to sign up an account a few days ago) and I saw this! Thanks to justforfit for this suggestion! Please try it and tell me if it works! ^^ This is especially for people who are living outside Hong Kong! =D is being blocked in other regions (outside HK).

In order to watch MyTV from other regions, the browser has to
add in HK proxy's.

MS IE Browser:
1. click Tools=>Internet Options
2. select Connections tab then LAN settings
3. under Proxy Server, check 'use a Proxy server for your LAN'
4. enter "" at the Address Column
5. enter 808 at the Port Column, click OK, OK
6. then go to

Mozilla Firefox Browser:
1. click Tools => Options
2. select Advanced then Network tab
3. under Connection, click Settings
4. at Connection Settings, select Manual proxy configurations
5. at HTTP Proxy, enter ""
6. at HTTP Proxy's Port, enter 808, click OK, OK
7. then goto

Please note reset to NO PROXY after you finished (watching), to return to your normal setting.


  1. it didn't work for me =(

  2. @Jaycee It doesn't work for me either! I used to be able to watch myTV a few weeks ago despite not being from Hong Kong, but apparently, now I can't again. -.-'''


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