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Recap: Ep 7 - Failed Business

| Friday, November 19, 2010 | |
Sadly, this is only the beginning of a series of misfortunes for Lau Sing...

Lau Sing and the other men depart from Ju Long Lei to plan for their future business together. Yeung Yeung purposefully stays behind so that he can see Ching Ching leave for work. Knowing that her workplace is nearby, he offers her a ride on his bike.At the Cheng house, Siu Hong is sitting alone in his dark room, refusing to eat the food that has been brought up to him. There is indignation in his eyes but also hints of malice. Long Hei enters to call him down to have dinner with them, including Long Guan. When he refuses because he doesn't want to see Gau Mui, Long Hei reminds him of the meaning behind the word "endure". It means suffering like having a knife stabbed into your heart but to accomplish great things, one must know how to endure. Inspired by his aunt again, he accepts and goes to eat dinner with the rest of the family.
Long Guan reveals that he plans to send Siu Hong off to Shenyang to do business alone. This is both his and Gau Mui's idea. Dai Fung and Long Hei are both shocked by the proposition because Shenyang is occupied by the Japanese. Being a Chinese in Shenyang meant a great deal of suffering. Long Guan stands by his order because he wants Siu Hong to learn his lesson. He mockingly states that he wouldn't even be surprised if Siu Hong turned into a traitor and worked for the Japanese, being as cold and disrespectful that he is. Long Hei asks how he can do this to his own son, knowing how much pain she suffered when her husband and her son died working for Dong Tai. Long Guan says if Siu Hong does not change his ways, he would not care if he died. Having Gau Mui would be enough for him. Siu Hong realizes he has no choice and promises to return soon to show them what he is capable of.
Yeung Yeung hides in an antiques shop to watch Ching Ching who is looking at jewelry across the street. She seems very interested but leaves without buying anything. Entranced by the sight of her, Yeung Yeung almost runs away with an unpaid-for antique in his hands.
Sing Gei Restaurant finally has its grand opening celebration. All the neighbors arrive to wish Lau Sing good luck and business is booming, making Lau Sing and the men extremely busy. This is also because Pai Guat took half a day off to pick up his grandmother who has come to visit Ju Long Lei. Her arrival brings them a lot of joy and they all spend the evening singing old country songs and making fun of Yeung Yeung and Ching Ching. As it gets late, they all usher grandmother to bed but she seems to have worries on her mind and refuses for a long time.
Fei Fan finds Dong Lei to give her some cloth for her mother and takes advantage of this time to ask her how Lau Sing's business is doing. She tells him it's not doing that great because of Lau Sing's generosity towards people. Once when someone found a cockroach leg in their noodles, Lau Sing didn't have him pay for that meal and let him order whatever he wanted for the whole day. Fei Fan comforts her and promises to tell his men to go give more business to Lau Sing. In reality, he releases two druggies on the condition that they should go spread rumors about the restaurant having bad hygiene and bad food.
The two druggies order food at the restaurant and secretly put a few cockroaches onto their plates, proceeding to complain loudly in disgust and making most of the customers leave in horror. Just then, a customer tells Lau Sing that she saw the druggie put the cockroach into the food himself. Lau Sing is furious. He and the guys chase after the druggies out to the streets but fail to catch them. When they get back to the tea house, Lau Sing tells Pai Guat to assure their friends and neighbors that it was all a prank and that when they come back, he will personally give them extra chicken buns free of charge. Dong Lei is worried about the money and gives Lau Sing the cold shoulder.
Gau Mui arrives at the restaurant to try their food. When asked for her honest opinion by Lau Sing, she frankly tells him it's decent but there is room for improvement. She notices that they aren't getting much business and takes the initiative to ask Lau Sing if he needs help. Lau Sing doesn't accept her money and acts casually, telling her that they will be fine. However after she leaves, he is obviously distressed that they are failing and he is responsible for making all the other guys lose their jobs... Even in front of the rest of Ju Long Lei, he insists that they will earn money soon and warns them not to get help from Gau Mui, calling her a demon that will steal their soul before they even know it.

Yeung Yeung takes Ching Ching to work on his bike again and she asks him to see a movie with him. He excitedly agrees and they agree to meet at the theater tomorrow. That night, Yeung Yeung arrives early and buys the tickets. But Ching Ching tells him she can't watch because she has extra work to do at the office. He is disappointed but assures her it is ok. When he leaves, he stumbles onto her eating by herself at a nearby street vendor and discovers that she lied about having to work late...
Pai Guat's grandmother suddenly passes away in her sleep. Everyone is shocked and heartbroken, especially Pai Guat. The arrangements for the funeral turn out to be more costly than imagined and when Pai Guat can't afford it, Lau Sing generously pays for everything himself. He tells Pai Guat that his grandmother said one night that when she closed her eyes, she saw heaven. Her one wish was to come to the city to live with Pai Guat. She was most worried that he was going to be picked on by people but she now knew that wasn't the case. All of Ju Long Lei cares very much for Pai Guat and he counts himself so lucky. She prays to his grandmother to take care of Lau Sing and his family.
Lau Sing finally closes the restaurant and pays his employers the rest of their salary. Dong Lei is extremely disappointed with the ways things turned out and continues giving him the cold shoulder. Out of options, Lau Sing goes to ask Gau Mui if she can help him and the guys get their jobs at the station back. She quickly agrees to call the police chief. Lau Sing agrees to help her in the future as well if she ever needs it.
On the other hand, Dong Lei has gone to ask Fei Fan to help Lau Sing. Fei Fan tells her it's out of the question since he left on such bad terms, disrespecting everyone in the station, including the chief himself. Dong Lei doesn't know Fei Fan is exaggerating and lying about a lot of things and continues to beg him to help. Eventually Fei Fan tells her he will try but try not to have her hopes up. He leaves for the station and tells her to wait in the restaurant.
Back at the station, the police chief suddenly shows up. He tells Fei Fan that Lau Sing and his team will be coming back to work, as per Gau Mui's direct orders. He assures Fei Fan that Lau Sing will have to apologize and listen to his every word. Fei Fan is extremely displeased with this arrangement and takes every opportunity to mock Lau Sing when he returns. After making them do all sorts of vigorous exercises in the courtyard, he returns to Dong Lei and pretends to be sorry that he couldn't convince the chief. Seeing how upset she is, he tells her he will try again and even throw his own career on the line to vouch for Lau Sing. On this trip back to the station, he punishes the men for not completing the exercises and makes them do even more. Then he returns to Dong Lei to give her the happy news that he has managed to convince the chief to take them back. Dong Lei believes all of his lies and is thoroughly grateful to Fei Fan.


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