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Thoughts on Episode 13

| Thursday, November 4, 2010 | |
AHH! This episode is toooo sweet already lah! >.< Gau Mui and Lau Sing, please, please, please stop driving me crazy! The starting... Lau Sing protects Gau Mui from the rebels (in her company). Gau Mui really looked touched ah! T_T I really love the look of gratitude she gave to Lau Sing. In the church, both of them were having some heart-to-heart talk with each other. I really loved the way Gau Mui imitated how Lau Sing saved her. *throws confetti* That was just so cute of her lah! How come Gau Mui is so cute?!?! >.<

I seriously think that Lau Sing is head-over-heels in love with Gau Mui! I really love how anxious he was about Gau Mui, like how he called her so many times to remind her not to worry, to remind her to take care of herself. <3 And ah, I love the part when Lau Sing looked super anxious when he realised that Fei Fan set up a trap for Gau Mui! <3

The only part I didn't really get was Ching Ching's diary. Did time pass so quickly, or she was doing a flashback? I did not find Ching Ching's diary boring, unlike some people. These are her thoughts; what she thought of the war, and what she thought of her family. I like it when she said that Lau Sing smiled more often when Gau Mui was around! <3 Implies something eh? xD

I love the last scene. It really shows how these people love their country, especially when they were singing that song. I don't think Gau Mui knew how to sing that song at first, but from the pained and relieved look (not sure if I'm describing it correctly or not) that she gave, I can feel her loyalty to her country. Great job there, Sheren!

What are your thoughts of this episode? Do feel free to share your thoughts, but no bashing or comments that may offend other people! Thanks! ^^

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  1. I loved this episode!!! The relationship between Gau Mui and Lau Sing is starting to build up!

  2. @JACQUELYN Yup! I totally love this episode as well!! I can't believe that Sheren and Wayne have so much chemistry together LOL! If Wayne wasn't married, I think he and Sheren would look great together in real life. xD


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