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Thoughts on Episode 14

| Friday, November 5, 2010 | |
I love this episode, especially the last 15 minutes! =D

It's kind of sad, when the Japanese started bombing their place and all that. You can really feel everybody's worry and anguish. Special mention to Kara Hui here. She did not get her Movie Queen award for nothing! ^^ Her worry and anguish for her son was really very well brought out. And haha, I love how Gau Mui was trying to talk some sense into her. Heehee, showdown between TV Queen and Movie Queen. =P

Still, I don't get why people are so against Ching Ching reading her diary. =X I think people find it boring, but actually, I have nothing against it. It helps to build up the story, and I think it's pretty interesting to know what Ching Ching thinks about Gau Mui. =)

And ah! Like what meemee! said, I really felt like slapping Lau Sing for letting Fei Fan off! >.< But the scene in Ju Long Lei was really very sweet! Lau Sing really confessed that he likes Gau Mui, but wtf, where is the female lead?! -.-''' Up till now, from what I see, I really think Lau Sing loves Gau Mui, but Gau Mui still doesn't betray any emotion? =( Aww... I feel sad for Lau Sing! But Gau Mui, you seriously rock! I think I'm so seriously in love with you ah! <3 I kind of miss the old Gau Mui from the earlier episodes, where she's so haughty and whatnot, and this episode, the haughty Gau Mui is back! =D Fantabulous job there! Even her assistant Chow Tit looks so haughty ah! =D

I love this episode, I really do! ^^ Anyway, do feel free to share your thoughts! But do not bash or leave comments that may offend other people! Thanks! ^^

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  1. That exchange of looks at the end between Lau Sing and Gau Mui seriously KILLED me. In the good way. But still... *dead* <33

  2. @MANDY YES! I totally swooned LOL! <3 Haha, I was rewatching episode 14 just now. Did you notice that Lau Sing's face was actually red? =D I don't know if he was blushing because of Gau Mui or because he was just very worked up. =P


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