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Background music for No Regrets

| Friday, November 5, 2010 | |
I'm sure that many people love the background music used in No Regrets. I personally love them too, because they really help to heighten the tension in the drama, or give the drama a more melodramatic feel. My favourite has to be the music played when the ending credits roll. Please feel free to share your thoughts! ^^

Listen to the ending credits (巾幗梟雄之義海豪情 片尾配樂) here.

Listen to the music that is being played during the confrontation scenes with Long Hei and Gau Mui (巾幗梟雄之義海豪情 配樂2) here.

Listen to the music that is played during Gau Mui's and Lau Sing's meeting in the church (巾幗梟雄之義海豪情 配樂3) here and here.

Listen to the music that is played during the scene where Gau Mui seduces Hak Mok in episode 20 (巾幗梟雄之義海豪情 配樂5) here.

Listen to the music that is played during the scene when Lau Sing saves Gau Mui in the concentration camp in episode 26 here.

Listen to the music that is played when the Japanese surrendered here.

Listen to the music that is played when Gau Mui enters the concentration camp here.

Listen to the music that is played when Lai Wah is talking to Gau Mui in the concentration camp here.

Listen to the music that is played when Gau Mui is feeling helpless in the concentration camp here.

Listen to the music played most of the time when Ching Ching is around here.

Trailer 1 music here.

Trailer 2 music here.

Trailer 3 music here.

Trailer 4 music here.

Trailer 5 music here.

Trailer 6 music here.

- Credits to g-girl of

Comments: I think there should be an OST for No Regrets. The background music used is really very good! I realised that TVB dramas do not have OSTs, unlike the Korean dramas, but that's also because there are more songs in Korean dramas. =P


  1. My favorite is also the ending credits music. >.< Gau Mui and Lau Sing's is just so sad... Beautiful but sad. Gau Mui and Long Hei's is dramatic. Very fitting of their conflicts.

    I never thought about it before but it would be nice if TVB released their theme music huh? ^^

  2. @Mandy I wish they uploaded the music that they played in episode 3 as well... The last scene in episode 3, where Pai Guat was about to get shot. The music played again in episode 15, when Ching Ching was about to "die"... I like that music too! =D

    TVB does release their theme songs, but it's a compilation. I saw in my country's CD shops. =D

  3. I like the ending credit because it like just so exciting in the last part of episode 20

  4. @Rebecca Me too! It totally fits the context of the drama! ^^ I like the credits music for episode 19 as well! =D

  5. Thanks lots for the music, I love the ending credit! Is there anyway that I can download this?

  6. @Anonymous Haha, just right-click on the link then click on "Save Target As..." =)

  7. Oh DREAMLUCKY thanks! :D Didn't know how to do that, thanks thanks. Am enjoying the music a lot!

  8. @Anonymous Haha, you're welcomed! ^^

  9. anyone knows what is the last ending song of this movie? I'm sure it's not the theme song.

  10. @Chickie The last ending song that is played is Rosy Business's theme song, Red Butterfly. It's the theme song of the prequel for this drama. The original singer is sung by Ron Ng. You can listen to the original version here -->

    The song that you heard at the ending of this drama is sung by Lau Sing (Wayne Lai). You can listen to it here -->

  11. Aww, you didn't have it. So I uploaded it myself:

    I still want the full version of it :/

  12. LOL!

    I just realised it was the first one. Haha, I'm so blind >.<

  13. Thanks so much for uploading all the music.. It brings back memories of No Regrets.

    Especially love the ending credits, Gau Sing's meet up in church..

    And when Lau Sing went to the camp to save Gau Gu Leong. He represented the chinese ppl in getting justice. From his dialogue, to movements, to the way he beat that Japanese up, along with the music.. It's really touching. Can see how much the chinese suffers through Lau Sing's emotional reaction to the Japanese..especially when he's doing it for the person he loved the most, Gau Gu Leong..

  14. @min Haha, you're welcomed! I must really thank the Hong Kong people though! They know that No Regrets has good background music too, so they specially ripped it off! =D

    And yes, their actions really match the music, don't it? It's the music that brings everything to life! ^^

  15. The music is so extreme and it gets me hooked into watching the series. If only tvb can release osts...

  16. @Anonymous Unfortunately, there aren't enough songs in TVB dramas that warrant them to release OSTs just for that particular drama. But thankfully, many people know that No Regrets' background music is really good, so the Hong Kong people actually ripped the music off for us. =)

  17. hey does anybody know where to find a sheet music for piano or violin when Lau Sing saves Gau Mui in the concentration camp in episode 26? or if there even is one?

  18. @Anonymous Haha, I have to re-watch episode 26 to hear what the music is... I'm only up to episode 24. xD

  19. hello! do you have the song at the end?
    the red butterfly song i think?

  20. @su The original version, which was the theme song of Rosy Business (sung by Ron Ng), can be found here --> The version that is played at the end of this drama is sung by Wayne Lai (Lau Sing) can be found in this post -->

  21. So excited listen to all those soundtracks ~ thanks for the uploading

  22. @可怜的丑八怪 You're welcome! ;)

  23. thx for the upload!!! love the ending credits!!!

  24. hello everyone! does anyone know or have the soundtrack played almost at the very end of the drama( episodes: 29-31 )? Sorry if its not specific, but the soundtrack usually plays at where 九姑娘 is wondering about 劉醒 and vice versa. For the best recollection, it was played when 九姑娘 reaches 80+ and stayed relaxed in a rocking chair thinking/wondering about the moments she and 劉醒 have cherished and spent. Thanks everyone! ;)

  25. The 9th music is not one that is played when "Lai Wah is talking to Gau Mui in the concentration camp"; It is the music that is played when ChingChing's husband (YangYang) was holding a solemn memorial service for her after she had passes away.


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