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Producer Lee Tim Shing: Still going strong after 40 years

| Tuesday, March 29, 2011 | 0 comments |
Tim Gor’s words of wisdom: “You can lose, but don't be defeated”

As a stagehand in the props and scenery department, Lee Tim Sing (Tim Gor) joined TVB in 1969 and today, has worked his way up to become TVB’s Golden Producer. With a career that spans more than 40 years, Tim Gor has endured the various ‘ups and downs’ of the HK television industry. Known for his impartiality and fairness, Tim Gor is a man who thinks and acts according to his convictions – rare (and unique) qualities in today’s complex television industry. At 64 years old, Tim Gor is as busy as ever – his focus right now is figuring out how to fulfill his 50 episode obligation in the 1 year that he has left with the company. These past few years, Tim Gor has been constantly saying: “It’s enough! Time for me to retire…” yet, the more he says it, the more his passion and ‘fire’ for producing seem to burn strong – for proof, just look at his persistence in casting Nikki Chow as the main lead for his new series <<My Cruel Lover>>. Originally, Nikki did not have any chance of starring in the series due to her contract with record company BMA [TN: now part of the HKRIA, which is still locked in a royalty dispute with TVB], however with Tim Gor refusing to change the female lead of the series and insisting that the role was made especially for her, Nikki was eventually able to relieve her contract with BMA and sign an acting contract with TVB.

TV Series Magazine (《电视剧》杂志) #249

Here are some magazine scans from TV Magazine #249! This will be my last post before I leave for Hong Kong tomorrow hiak hiak hiak! xDD I will be back in time to update the winners of the Next Magazine Awards though! May my months of crash-watching Hong Kong dramas help me survive there, especially when I'm going to live with my relatives without my parents! >.< I will be updating Twitter/Facebook if there's free wi-fi! ;)

- Credits to crodie of 邓萃雯吧

Comments: I really love the commentary, which is the last scan. Do read it if you have the time! ;)

Sheren Tang - Every drama is a re-enactment of life

| Sunday, March 20, 2011 | 3 comments |
Sheren Tang confesses that every drama is an re-enactment of life. These 2 dramas, Rosy Business and No Regrets, have taught her a lot of things. Besides winning the Best Actress award in 2009 and 2010, she has also learnt more about love from the dramas' male and female leads. At the same time, she has experienced God's love for her. She said gratefully, "Even though I have not prayed for such things to happen, He has also granted me all these!"

Postcript for No Regrets

| Friday, March 18, 2011 | 0 comments |

I've seen the comments on the forums, and somebody has thoroughly analysed and reviewed this drama. I wish to thank everybody for using their heart to watch No Regrets. No Regrets itself has already surpassed many other dramas, so many of the scenes inside cannot be seen and measured using soap-opera standards. The author/topic-starter (referring to some_one) is really clever, and is able to analyse every little details of this drama very thoroughly.

- Credits to Wayne Lai's TVB blog

Comments: Haha, I don't know why I found this particular blog post so hard to translate! xD I guess that's because not everything can be expressed in English, but I've tried my best to keep the translation as close to Wayne's original thoughts as close as possible. Wayne's Chinese is really very cheem lol! His style of writing is really very good though! =O

I'm really glad that No Regrets is still able to evoke such emotions from the audience, because it is really such a well-made drama that will continue to generate much discussion long after it has aired.

Anyway, I know which comment Wayne was referring to. If you know Chinese, may I refer you to this post? some_one really wrote all his/her thoughts very well. I'm very impressed by his/her style of writing!! *jaw drops* All my expressions and thoughts are succinctly summarised by him/her! ^^ some_one, if you are reading this, 你真的好棒啊! 我向你致敬! ^^


2010 RTHK TV Programme Appreciation Index Survey

| Thursday, March 10, 2011 | 0 comments |
The survey was conducted from the 10th January till the 23rd. We conducted 2100 telephone interviews with the Hong Kong people from the age of 9 onwards who speak Cantonese to better understand how they feel about our local productions. The top 10 most appreciated TV programmes for the 4th phase are as follows.

1) F.S.D. 78.52 (RTHK)
2) No Regrets 77.47 (TVB)
3) Hong Kong Connection 77.22 (RTHK)
4) Sunday Report 77.22 (TVB)
5) 2010 Hong Kong Govt Recap 77.21 (RTHK)
6) News Magazine 76.78 (TVB)
7) The History of Hong Kong Series II 76.41 (TVB)
8) 2010 International Gaming Recap 76.04 (RTHK)
9) The Hong Kong Story 75.15 (RTHK)
10) HK ARTchitecture 75.01 (TVB)

What is astonishing about the 4th phase of this survey is that, the programmes that got really high marks are dramas; the first place being taken by RTHK's F.S.D while the second place is being taken by TVB's No Regrets.

UPDATE: No Regrets is ranked 3rd OVERALL for the year of 2010, with RTHK's F.S.D. and Hong Kong Connection (it had a higher average than No Regrets because it took part in the first to fourth phases) taking first and second place respectively. No Regrets is the only TVB programme and drama within the top 5.

- Credits to RTHK (4th phase) and RTHK (overall)

Comments: I translated bits and pieces here and there. The whole article is pretty technical lol... If you want to read it yourself, go ahead. xD

Anyway, congratulations to No Regrets for being ranked 2nd out of so many RTHK programmes. xD The Rosy Business series really rocks! ^^ 香港人真係有眼光! =D