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Postcript for No Regrets

| Friday, March 18, 2011 | |

I've seen the comments on the forums, and somebody has thoroughly analysed and reviewed this drama. I wish to thank everybody for using their heart to watch No Regrets. No Regrets itself has already surpassed many other dramas, so many of the scenes inside cannot be seen and measured using soap-opera standards. The author/topic-starter (referring to some_one) is really clever, and is able to analyse every little details of this drama very thoroughly.

- Credits to Wayne Lai's TVB blog

Comments: Haha, I don't know why I found this particular blog post so hard to translate! xD I guess that's because not everything can be expressed in English, but I've tried my best to keep the translation as close to Wayne's original thoughts as close as possible. Wayne's Chinese is really very cheem lol! His style of writing is really very good though! =O

I'm really glad that No Regrets is still able to evoke such emotions from the audience, because it is really such a well-made drama that will continue to generate much discussion long after it has aired.

Anyway, I know which comment Wayne was referring to. If you know Chinese, may I refer you to this post? some_one really wrote all his/her thoughts very well. I'm very impressed by his/her style of writing!! *jaw drops* All my expressions and thoughts are succinctly summarised by him/her! ^^ some_one, if you are reading this, 你真的好棒啊! 我向你致敬! ^^



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