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Sheren Tang - Every drama is a re-enactment of life

| Sunday, March 20, 2011 | |
Sheren Tang confesses that every drama is an re-enactment of life. These 2 dramas, Rosy Business and No Regrets, have taught her a lot of things. Besides winning the Best Actress award in 2009 and 2010, she has also learnt more about love from the dramas' male and female leads. At the same time, she has experienced God's love for her. She said gratefully, "Even though I have not prayed for such things to happen, He has also granted me all these!"

Sacrifice one's life to protect the other
Sheren Tang analysed the male leads in Rosy Business and No Regrets - Chai Gau and Lau Sing. She believes that 4th Wife and Chai Gau are the best of friends who take turns to help each other in times of need; Lau Sing is a person whom every woman wishes to marry. She is afraid that she won't be able to meet someone like Lau Sing, who is able to sacrifice his life in order to protect the one he loves.

Sheren doesn't agree that both Chai Gau and 4th Wife love each other, because 4th Wife is someone who already has a husband. Under such circumstances, there is no way for them to love each other, and there should not be any; however, she admits that when a man who is willing to brave through dangers just for the woman, the woman will let her thoughts stray, and starts to love the man subconsciously. "So, when I was acting this role, I have lost myself a couple to times, hoping that such love will last forever. But if a person has really reached this stage, one must know when to stop and draw the line between friendship and love. Actually, humans do have self-control, but the problem occurs when he/she is just following his/her will blindly. One must know when to stop himself/herself from falling in love, especially when one is already married - don't be a third party."

Love doesn't mean possession
Sheren feels that the "love" that people of this era share and experience now is superficial as compared to the feelings between Chai Gau and 4th Wife. From this aspect, 4th Wife does feel that she has the responsibility to take care of Chai Gau - she takes very good care of him, such that he became from a nobody to an era's hero; it is no wonder that Chai Gau is grateful, looks up to and admires 4th Wife very much. He knows how to repay those who have helped him, such that he is even willing to sacrifice his life to protect the other person. Such repayment of gratitude has already gone beyond the norm. No wonder Sheren agrees that this kind of love is deeper, and surpasses the love that most people share now.

Sheren says that she felt very touched while she was acting this role as well. "From this, I realised that to love someone, you don't need to possess him. Chai Gau and 4th Wife admire each other, but they don't want to possess each other or even have thoughts of wanting each other. They help each other silently without wanting any gains in return. In the end, they accompany each other to walk down the path that he wants... I saw true love, and realised that it is one that requires you give unconditionally. I think of how Jesus loves me: but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (side note: This is taken from Romans 5:8, so I translated it according to how it is written in the Bible, not the literal Chinese meaning)

Don't put such a high price on love
When Sheren was young, she has already started believing in God. Unfortunately, she did not adhere to God's teaching, and did not understand what is God's love. "In the past, I did what I liked, and loved blindly. When I met with any problems, I will just use my ways to solve or salvage the situation. Unfortunately, the emptiness in my heart became more pronounced. There was no way to solve the empty feeling I had. In the end, I just felt more terrible." After that, God has taught Sheren that there are still many things for her to cherish, so she should not put such a high price on love.

4th Wife's wisdom and big-heartedness comes about because she is patriotic towards her own country, and not just limited to protecting her step-children.

Many people of this era view love as their everything in life, but Sheren thinks that if one puts all his feelings and love onto a person, but the person suddenly has a change of heart, the person who gave his feelings will feel tormented. So, besides showering love on the other half, one should also shower love on his parents, relatives, friends, colleagues and work etc. This is a more balanced life, if not the person you love will feel more stressed. She wants everybody to understand that to maintain a relationship, one must also have wisdom - a wisdom that comes from heaven itself.

A very happy single woman
The true love between No Regrets' Lau Sing and Gau Mui also deeply touched Sheren. She firmly agrees that no one can replace the love that Lau Sing feels for Gau Mui - love till the end unconditionally, and the promise he made to her: If we live, we live together; If we die, we die together.

"When I was reflecting on this scene and Gau Mui's role, I can't help but to thank God, because up till today, I have no chance in real life to experience such love, but He made me take up this drama and learn more about love." She pointed out that Lau Sing is pretty similar to Chai Gau and 4th Wife, in that they love with their lives. He took the bullet for Cheng Gau Mui without hesitation because of love. Sheren says that Gau Gu Leong's character is pretty similar to hers, in that both of them are women with feelings. If she meets a man like Lau Sing one day, she will also waver.

Has Sheren found her Lau Sing yet? "If I want to find a man like Lau Sing, I don't think I can get married! But thank God, He has made me become a very independent, confident and a strong person with a lot of freedom. I can announce to the world that Sheren Tang is a very happy single woman! I am very happy with my current situation. To be frank, I have never prayed to God about my marriage, because God knows me the best, and know what is good for me, so I don't need to worry." On the other hand, many friends worry for Sheren, and her good friends have prayed for her, hoping that she find her other half soon.

Obedient and submissive
Ever since Sheren started leaving everything to God, she said that she will only believe Him and not trust herself. "I used to decide everything by myself - I attended the 2nd training class in 1984 and after 10 years in TVB, I went over to ATV in 1996. Buying apartments as investments... I have succeeded in doing all these. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I work or plan, there are still many things that are beyond my control. As of now, I have learnt to leave everything to God. I won't plan and be a smart-aleck. I will be obedient and submissive. Whatever God tells me to do, I will just follow His orders. I realised that this is a good method, because God has given me a lot even though I have not thought or prayed for it." Sheren feels ashamed about her immaturity in the past, but since God has arranged all these for her, why did she not believe in God earlier?

Her roles strike a chord with the audience
Sheren has tasted success for the past few years, because the roles have struck a chord with the audience. How does she act those roles out? She attributes all these to God again. Earlier on, when she was sharing her experiences with the fellow artistes at the Artiste Christian Fellowship, besides emphasising on beliefs, she also reminded everybody to remember what God has in stall for them, and to make good use of every opportunity there is. When acting a role, be sure to be an artiste with a soul. "I did not want the audience to come into contact with some negative values, so I used to reject dramas that have a lot of back-stabbing involved. Of course, a better way to do it is to inculcate the positive values to them yourself."

"In these 2, 3 years, I am a woman I have long wanted to be since I was young - Independent, be loved, be recognised, healthy, wise, able to adapt, a life that is fulfilling and yet meaningful... I must thank God, because I have all these! Actually, when I meet with setbacks, the more I let go, the more God will help me." As such, Sheren will not have any 'break-through' plans for herself. She hopes to continue listening to God, and let herself have another chance to play different roles, to once again let the audience see how God has influenced her life.

- Credits to Herald Monthly

Comments: Super long article! But at least we know how Sheren views Lau Sing and Chai Gau. It's a very detailed analysis by her! ;D



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