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2010 RTHK TV Programme Appreciation Index Survey

| Thursday, March 10, 2011 | |
The survey was conducted from the 10th January till the 23rd. We conducted 2100 telephone interviews with the Hong Kong people from the age of 9 onwards who speak Cantonese to better understand how they feel about our local productions. The top 10 most appreciated TV programmes for the 4th phase are as follows.

1) F.S.D. 78.52 (RTHK)
2) No Regrets 77.47 (TVB)
3) Hong Kong Connection 77.22 (RTHK)
4) Sunday Report 77.22 (TVB)
5) 2010 Hong Kong Govt Recap 77.21 (RTHK)
6) News Magazine 76.78 (TVB)
7) The History of Hong Kong Series II 76.41 (TVB)
8) 2010 International Gaming Recap 76.04 (RTHK)
9) The Hong Kong Story 75.15 (RTHK)
10) HK ARTchitecture 75.01 (TVB)

What is astonishing about the 4th phase of this survey is that, the programmes that got really high marks are dramas; the first place being taken by RTHK's F.S.D while the second place is being taken by TVB's No Regrets.

UPDATE: No Regrets is ranked 3rd OVERALL for the year of 2010, with RTHK's F.S.D. and Hong Kong Connection (it had a higher average than No Regrets because it took part in the first to fourth phases) taking first and second place respectively. No Regrets is the only TVB programme and drama within the top 5.

- Credits to RTHK (4th phase) and RTHK (overall)

Comments: I translated bits and pieces here and there. The whole article is pretty technical lol... If you want to read it yourself, go ahead. xD

Anyway, congratulations to No Regrets for being ranked 2nd out of so many RTHK programmes. xD The Rosy Business series really rocks! ^^ 香港人真係有眼光! =D



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