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Next TV Awards 2011 (nomination list)

| Wednesday, February 23, 2011 | |
The Next TV Awards 2011 nomination list is out! Hurry hurry! Vote for our No Regrets' crew NOW!

1) Click on and you will see a voting page that looks like the one below. You are allowed to vote for up till 3 people, but of course, vote for Sheren Tang (71) and Wayne Lai (72), then pick another person of your choice. Your third choice can probably be someone who acted in No Regrets as well. I will list the rest here.

(24) Elliot Ngok
(30) Nancy Wu
(42) Pierre Ngo
(46) Fala Chen
(54) Evergreen Mak
(59) Raymond Wong
(76) Susan Tse

2) Click on the words "下一頁", and you will be brought to the next page.

3) The next page is the voting page for the best programmes, so vote for No Regrets (5). After checking the box for No Regrets, repeat step 2.

4) This is the page for the male artiste with the most potential. Click on King Kong (2). Repeat step 2.

5) This page is the page for the female artiste with the most potential. Click anybody you like since this category has nothing got to do with No Regrets. Repeat step 2.

6) This is the page for the sponsors' awards. Vote accordingly. Click on "確定" to confirm your choices.

7) You will be brought to this page where you have to fill in your particulars. Just fill it in according to what I have typed on the picture below. The Hong Kong ID that I've put below is just a sample. You can replace the alphabets and numbers, but be sure to follow my format i.e. D111222(A) can be replaced by C123456(0) etc. The () represents the check digit, and only numbers from 0 to 9 or the alphabet A can be placed in the brackets.

Alternatively, you can click here (look at no. 8) to generate the Hong Kong ID.

8) Click on "提交" to confirm your choices. ;)

This contest ends on 6th March 2011, 6 pm (SG/HK time). So vote away! And all the best to our No Regrets' casts! ;)



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