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| Saturday, February 5, 2011 | |
There's a few articles for me to translate, and I will need take some time to reply to comments as well. Please be patient. =)

Here's a video featuring a No Regrets-related skit! It's really hilariously funny! =DDDDDDDDD

- Credits to 多啦~~梦

Comments: It's really great to know that even though it has been 2 months since No Regrets ended its run in Hong Kong, it's still generating much discussion and news. ^^ Watch this video, and watch the funny side of our No Regrets' cast members! Wong Cho Lam's Gau Mui is really a joy to watch, while Pierre Ngo's rapping skills are really good! Enjoy, and have a really happy Chinese New Year! ^^


  1. hahah for some reason i didn't think that leanne li would show up as Lau Sing! It just didn't occur to me! even though it makes sense ;P
    nd i liked the video =) thanks for posting it

  2. @Anonymous Me too! I didn't expect Leanne Li to appear with Cho Lam. It is even funnier when both of them are an item in real life, and how Leanne talks about how she is taller than Cho Lam. xDDD Mad adorable! <3


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