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Wayne Lai: After reaching the top

| Friday, February 11, 2011 | |
He started off as a supporting role. After working hard for the past few years, he became one of the most popular TVB artistes based on a classic character. However, after tasting success, how is his future going to be like, and how is he going to walk down the road that has been paved for him?

Wayne Lai revealed that after winning TVB King for 2 times in a row, he wanted to retire. Wayne has been playing supporting roles, but when his popuplarity soared after he won the Best Actor award 2 times in a row for his roles in Rosy Business and No Regrets, he felt really very drained and tired.

When earlier reports said that he has thoughts of retiring, Wayne, who was looking a bit tired, told us, "It's just my thoughts, because No Regrets is a very depressing drama. When I filmed this drama, some colleagues mentioned that I looked very sad. However, I can't control it, because I have to film such depressing scenes everyday, so there is no way I can feel happy."

"The process is really tough, because we want to forget some painful memories. However, No Regrets brought out all the sufferings that people of that time went through. In particular, Lau Sing was the one who had to bear the brunt of the sufferings: Divorce, the boss mistreating him, his sister is sick, economic troubles, stress from the era itself. He represents the most painful times that the Chinese people have gone through. After filming such a drama, how can I not retire? Haha!"

His portrayal of Lau Sing has made him the second actor in TVB to win 2 Best Actor awards consecutively after Gallen Lo, but Wayne stressed that he is not after the awards. "Acting gives me satisfaction. I have always valued satisfaction over money or the awards I can get."

Don't know how to achieve a breakthrough in the future
Rosy Business and No Regrets have helped him reach a new career peak, and Wayne said that he is thankful for it. However, he has also confessed that he has reached a bottleneck. "After a while, an artiste should think about how he should continue walking down his path, and how he should act in order to achieve a breakthrough. I don't know how to handle this. Maybe it's because I have never stopped working. Every year, I film about 2 to 4 dramas, and have never stopped to think about what I want, and what life is about."

"I feel that acting is pretty similar to life in many ways. All along, when I act, I will also reflect on the meaning of life, and try my best to incorporate my values on life into my roles. This requires a lot of time." Wayne Lai will be playing the lead again in the drama The Great Eunuch, and is currently filming Forensic Heroes 3 as well. Whether he is playing a supporting role or a lead role, he will still be as busy, partly because he doesn't turn down roles. "I have never ever chosen my roles, because acting, life and work are all part of my experiences. No matter whether it's good or not, I have to put myself through it. If I have to choose, I may miss out on some opportunities; some chances may either be good or not for all I know.

"At times, I have thought of rejecting a role, but after that, I still decided to go ahead and act the role because of the people around me. So when I said that I wanted to retire, people come over to me, pet me on my shoulders and tell me to take care, rest a while before I continue. My character is just like that, haha!"

- Credits to My Paper

Comments: I find it pretty amazing that Wayne has never ever rejected roles before, even though he has been given a choice. Maybe it's through all these different roles that he has played before that shapes him to who he is right now, a 2-time winner of the Best Actor award! =D



  1. I hope he wont retire soon...I don't think he will thou bc he still have to make money for his family...althou I really want to see him as lead, i dont mind watching him playing supporting if he continue to act in drama :D

  2. @Anonymous Actually, I think it's really weird for him to be a supporting role again. I was watching the older TVB dramas (those dramas before Rosy Business, like Moonlight Resonance etc.) and I was actually very shocked that all along, I've seen him act in so many dramas, but I never really took notice of him.

    Life is really unpredictable! ._.

  3. I can see why he would feel drained and want to retire after acting in this drama. Who wouldn't? I am only one of the viewers watching this drama and I already feel addicted and attached. He was superb in acting out Lau Sing and I can feel his emotions and Sheren's. Even then I can feel a bit drained into their feelings. If I feel that...then the actors and actresses whom have acted in this series must be completely drained. He did an awesome job and deserves a long break before another drama because it will probably take years for me to forget this one.

  4. @Anonymous Wayne gave his all for this drama, so it is not surprise that he actually felt drained after filming this. This is what I call true dedication! GO WAYNE! =D

    And No Regrets really drew me into the characters' worlds. I felt as if I was living with them, in the 1930s till the 1990s. Only a drama with artistes and back-stage crew that put in such amount of effort with make the audience feel this way. =)


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