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No Regrets premieres in Mainland China

| Wednesday, September 28, 2011 | |
Wayne Lai hopes to be TV King the third time.

No Regrets premieres in Mainland China - Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai exhibit fantastic chemistry

The leads of No Regrets, Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang, have come to Shanghai together again. They were awarded their second TV King and Queen awards consecutively for two years based on this drama, becoming the biggest winners of last year's awards show. This drama had the highest rating of 47 points, which made this year's ratings champion, Lives of Omission, which had a high of 40 points, pale in comparison.

Premiering in Mainland China - Rosy Business series are masterpieces
No Regrets depicted the turbulent times where people helped, loved and struggled to survive, thereby portraying the true nature of human beings. The drama was very well-received once it was aired. Sheren Tang played the eldest daughter of a gangster head, and in order to achieve her goals, she was willing to resort to under-handed methods; the male lead is a policeman, and he had a fiery temper. Both leads seemed as if they were borned enemies and had many encounters with each other. However, as time passed by, they began to develop feelings for each other. When the Japanese invaded Guangzhou, they encountered numerous hardships, but it was also the time when they began to help each other. There were rumours about having a Rosy Business 3, with Producer Lee Tim Shing and golden script-writer Cheung Wah Biu at helm. However, with Cheung being embroiled in the recent TVB 'poaching' trend, plans of it had fallen through. Hence, No Regrets is likely to be the last drama of the Rosy Business series, with no chances of seeing Lai's and Tang's magical collaboration again. Both of them were reunited in Shanghai and expressed their regret for the recent rumours. Lai said, "I still hope that there will be a chance for the new drama because it will be 2 years since No Regrets has aired, so the audience won't be sick of it." Tang admitted that because of the Rosy Business series, she had won the TV Queen awards twice and had very deep feelings for these 2 dramas. However, she might have to film War and Beauty 2 next year, hence scheduling had become the biggest problem. She could only hope for the best.

Wayne Lai's arrival was a departure from the norm
No Regrets is about to be broadcasted in Mainland China, hence Dragon TV specially invited both Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang to the Mainland to promote the drama. However, the organiser met quite a few problems trying to invite Lai because he was busy filming The King Makers and had no time to come over. It is a known fact that TVB's artistes' schedules are decided two months before. However, both Dragon TV and TVB have placed great importance on No Regrets' premiere in Mainland China, so despite the tight schedule, TVB allowed Lai to stop filming for a while and come over to Shanghai for the promotion. Dragon TV only spent one week trying to organise everything. In response to the recent trend of TVB employees being poached by other companies, Mona Fong has given the order to "keep everybody", hence TVB is viewing No Regrets' premiere in the Mainland with great importance. Lai and Tang are not TVB's "biological children", but have been awarded the TV King and Queen awards consecutively for two years. The fact that both of them were willing to promote No Regrets despite the rumours surrounding TVB these days made the TVB executives very happy.

TVB supports - Battle for TV King is now extended to the Mainland Chinese market
In recent years, TVB has been sending their artistes over to Mainland China. Besides helping them earn "quick bucks', they also care a lot about how the Mainland audience view their artistes and dramas. Mona Fong has also hinted that so long as the artistes do not collaborate with the other TV companies, TVB will be more than willing to send and support their decision to film in the Mainland. Lai's and Tang's trip to Shanghai is the first step that TVB is taking to promote their artistes to the Mainland. Lai has said that he has no intention to work in the Mainland. He would rather get a good script than to earn more money. As such, the TVB executives were glad to send him to Shanghai. It is less than two months till the TVB Anniversary Awards Ceremony. The hot favourites for this year's TV King are Kevin Cheng and Michael Tse. However, they pale in comparison to Lai, who has won the said award for two straight years. No Regrets had the highest rating of 47 points and led last year's ceremony. This year's Lives of Omission could not match up to No Regrets' record. Sending Lai to Shanghai to promote No Regrets can also be said to help Lai put in a good fight for the upcoming awards ceremony.

Dragon TV will start airing TVB's anniversary drama, No Regrets on National Day (01/10/2011). The drama will be broadcasted everyday from 12.30 pm onwards.

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Comments: Lucky lucky fans... You know what? Wayne has come to Singapore quite a number of times, but I don't think he really promoted No Regrets. I mean, he was trying to get people to suscribe to Starhub cable TV lol, and well, he did talk about No Regrets, A WHILE NIA... My point is, the point of his visit that time was not to promote No Regrets but Starhub. /o\ I doubt we will get to see such big-scale event. And I doubt I will ever get to see Sheren Tang. *face-palm* -.-'''

The video is really very funny though! I love Sherayne! They're really so adorable in there, especially during the last minute of it. I totally went high when Sheren lightly smacked Wayne's cheek/mouth heehee! SO CUTE LAH! They really look as if they're 打情骂俏-ing lmao! Woohoo! <33 

S-Q-U-E-A-L at the last picture again and those lucky fans who managed to meet them and see them 打情骂俏-ing. Forehead, I'd like you to meet the wall. *bangs head*

Haiz, pardon me for ranting. I'm just a sour grape. x( By the way, Sheren's looking smexy, as usual. ;P 

The half-an-hour long interview they gave for IPTV is really a much-watch! It's very in-depth! ;D

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's broadcast of Nothing Is Bigger Than Eat, which will be featuring Sherayne's trip to the Shilin Night Market in Taiwan.


  1. Is the program featuring in Singapore? On scv? What time and which channel!!

  2. @Anonymous If you have TVBS on Starhub cable, I think you will be able to watch it, at the same time perhaps? I don't have cable, so I'm relying on the people to upload them so that I can download it.

  3. Totally agree w you: " totally went high when Sheren lightly smacked Wayne's cheek/mouth" hahahaha Sweet as they r!

    Can you tell me in this clip what did Wayne say that make she smile and smacke him?

    Looking forward to your news translation!

    thks so much!

  4. @Anonymous Haha, Wayne said, "Aiyah, Sheren is too popular in the Mainland amd keep filming dramas there, so she refuses to return to Hong Kong and film dramas." After that Sheren smacked him.

    They're really too cute! >3<

  5. Ah Ah Dreamlucky! In your update video of Tudou interview, Sheren also smacked Wayne's head!!! Sweet!

    Can you tell me what was they talking about at this moment?

  6. @Anonymous Wayne said roughly the same thing as before, nothing different in content. ;)

    It seems that Sheren likes to hit Wayne whenever he says such stuff. ;P

  7. HAHA! OMG SHEREN AND WAYNE ARE JUST TOO CUTE FOR WORDS! haha, why must they act so lovey-dovey? they really look like a couple please!


  8. @meemee! Haha, I do actually agree with you on them acting lovey-dovey. They look very sweet together. =3

  9. Hi Dreamlucky, thanks for your blogs and postings. Just a quick question, do you have an updated link to the PPS Sheren interview? Seems to be something wrong with the embedded vid.

    Thanks. To tse.

  10. @Anonymous Hello! You're welcome! =)

    Hmm, I have no problem viewing the PPS interview with Sheren. You may want to try again? I just tried and it works fine.

    Do let me know again if you cannot view it. ;)


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