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Acting touches 3 million Hong Kongers

| Tuesday, September 20, 2011 | |

Hong Kong stars Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang came to Taiwan to promote Rosy Business and No Regrets. Because of these two dramas, both of them were awarded the TVB King and Queen awards consecutively for two years, propelling their careers to dizzying heights. Their characters in both dramas were carefully written, which made both of them addicted to acting. However, when asked if there would be a third sequel, both of them looked at each other and gave an awkward smile, saying, "If the company has such plans, we will, of course, try to accommodate them, but we think that experiencing this once in our lifetime is enough. If possible, we want to act in more comedies!"

Too addicted to acting - Wayne Lai has thought of retiring
Wayne Lai, who played the role of a patriotic policeman, confessed that up till today, he still could not pull away from the emotions of this drama. "No Regrets depicts the 1930s to the 1980s. Half of my life is already spent in the drama. Both the characters and artistes work so well together, so the feelings we had in the drama also extends to real life itself. It feels as if I lead my life in No Regrets in real life. After the drama had completed filming, I felt very empty, and had once thought of retiring..." After watching the beginning till now, he still could not believe that he was watching his own work. "I am really very afraid of returning to such 'pain', because it feels very solid and real."

One of the most disturbing scenes in the drama was when he was about to be executed and buried alive. However, he did not feel afraid because the filming crew had all the safety measures put in place. What made the most impression on him was the part when his sister passed away. "There would be many people attending the memorial service, but everybody bowed their heads and did not utter a word. The solemn atmosphere made me think of the scene when my mother in real life passed away. I can't help but to link real and reel life emotions together."

Experiencing true love makes Sheren Tang wants to find her other half
Sheren Tang played the role of a gangster head's eldest daughter who, in order to achieve her noble goals, made herself suffer from opium addiction. Besides acting as Gau Mui from her younger days till when she became old, what touched her the most was the simple and yet true depiction of love in the drama. "There was one part where I had to console him, who had to bear the pain of losing his sister. When I talked about who would be up in heaven to wait for me, he said, in a very calm and manly manner, 'I will wait for you first.' At that moment, I think everybody watching that scene was very touched, not only me. Our love is not the lovey-dovey type, and we had no expectations or conditions for each other. This is how we truly care for each other.

She, who is not yet married, confessed that after filming this drama, she had a stronger urge to find her soul-mate. Gau Mui, the strong-minded woman, could actually become such a cute and simple woman who liked to whine after meeting the male lead. Sheren Tang hoped that she would be able to find her happiness and get married. "It is very stressful to act as the female lead's man, because many people will be looking at you, but actually, every woman just wants to be looked upon like a 'little woman'. However, it is really not easy to find someone who knows how to love you... If I can't find my other half, it's alright, because I have already experienced true love in the drama itself."

Cried while watching - Hopes to film comedies next time
When No Regrets aired its final episode in Hong Kong last year, the artistes and the emcee watched the ending in the TVB studio; more than three million viewers were sitting in front of their TV, watching it with them. Almost all the artistes present cried. Wayne Lai felt that it was important for this drama to choose the artistes to play its characters well. "Without going through a certain rough patch in life, it will not be possible to portray such emotions in the drama." As a result of giving their all for this drama, both Sheren and Wayne laughed and said that they wished to film a comedy. Wayne Lai laughed and said, "There are many unhappy things in life, so it will be better if filming can be happier."

When asked about how he keeps fit while filming, Wayne says that he will bring plain porridge and fruits like bananas to the filming set, eating them once every two to three hours. "Plain porridge and fruits have a lot of nutrients and enable one to feel more alert and lively." As for Sheren, she likes bringing soup. "I will bring soup to the filming set. I have all kinds of soups that help to nourish me. When I go to Mainland China for filming, I will definitely bring more soup to boost my energy."

- Credits to 不寫日記的劉晴 of 邓萃雯吧 and Stephy for scans


Comments: If they, as artistes, cannot 'pull themselves away' from the drama, what's more us, the audience? They have really impacted us so much with their strong sense of camaraderie (in reel and real life) and brilliant portrayals of their respective characters. Up till now, I still can't forget No Regrets, and I'm sure many of you are like me as well.

I'm not sure if we are able to buy TVBS magazines here, but anyway, I can't wait to see more news about them! =D I'm really waiting to see their recording for Nothing Is Bigger Than Eat! ^^


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