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Tencent Entertainment: An interview with Sherayne

| Thursday, September 29, 2011 | |

Dragon TV will be airing TVB's anniversary drama No Regrets from 1st October 2011 onwards, everyday from 12.30 pm. On the 28th September 2011, the main leads, Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang, came to Shanghai to promote the drama. When they accepted an interview from Tencent Entertainment, they also gave their views on the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony, which would be held in November. Lai admitted that he hoped he would be able to win his third TV King award, with Tang saying that she thought that he had the biggest chance. "However, I'm not around this year, so his chances of getting the TV King award are somewhat jeopardised." In the middle of this year, TVB had plans to come up with Rosy Business 3 (RB 3), but plans for it fell through when Cheung Wah Biu decided not to return to TVB. However, Tang said that RB 3 could still happen. "So long as Wayne and I are still around, there will definitely be a chance. However, I hope that the 3rd series will not be so depressing. It's good to be able to film a modern comedy."

T: Tencent Entertainment
W: Wayne Lai
S: Sheren Tang

Wayne Lai: Hopes for 3rd TV King in a row - Poaching trend won't affect TVB
T: Both dramas, Rosy Business and No Regrets were really very popular, so is there a chance for a 3rd series?
W: It's very hard to say whether there will be a 3rd series or not. At the moment, it's very hard for the plan to materialise because some of our script-writers have already left TVB. It all depends on fate. We really hope to be able to reunite and film RB 3 together.

T: Do you still remember the time when you and Tang first collaborated? How did you two become from strangers to friends?
W: We share quite a queer relationship, like the one in Rosy Business. Chai Gau and 4th Wife only met each other for a brief moment at first. After that, he went to work for 4th Wife. One was a boss, the other was just a worker. It can't be possible for both the worker and boss to be so close to each other. When we first met, we were not close to each other. It was only when we worked with each other did we become closer to each other. After spending some time with each other, our chemistry just got better and we became such perfect partners. However, outside work, we do not contact each other and do not eat together. All we talk about is just problems at work.

T: After the Rosy Business series, has it become more difficult for you to act in other dramas with other artistes?
W: Yes, after filming the 2 Rosy Business series, the chemistry generated between Tang and I were so good that we matched each other perfectly. Many people have asked whether we interact with each other a lot. In actual fact, we do not have many things to talk about outside filming, which is very strange, and yet rare. I really hope to have more opportunities to work with her in future.

T: There are still 2 more months to the awards ceremony. Your competitors this time round include Michael Tse and Kevin Cheng. Do you have the confidence to get your 3rd TV King award? Who do you think will win this year?
W: It's also very hard to say whether I can win three times in a row. I am one who lets fate decide everything. However, I'm really happy with this year's competition because my colleagues have put up strong performances. A number of them are actually fierce competitors because they have achieved breakthroughs. Let the audience decide who to support and let the judges decide who to win. As to who I think will win this year, I really hope that I can still win. Everybody has an equal chance of winning, so it's really hard to say.

T: Has TVB experienced many upheavals in recent years?
W: TVB has over 40 years of history, and it is the number 1 TV station in Chinese societies. No matter how the entertainment sector changes, TVB will not be affected. Its influence does not only affect Hong Kong, but also everywhere on this Earth where there are Chinese people. We have many artistes, script-writers and directors, so it is not possible for production to halt. Hence, there is no basis for this rumour. Not everybody will leave, because everybody has his or her own requirements, and every company will have its good as well as bad points. For example, in Hong Kong, TVB artistes need to work, and so do the ATV artistes. Will all ATV artistes run to TVB? No. Everybody knows that ATV is smaller and is always lagging behind TVB, but have you ever seen ATV halt its production? Have you ever seen ATV without its workers? ATV doesn't even face such problems, what's more TVB.

T: Has the recent poaching trend in TVB affected your work on hand? Is it because the salary there is too low?
W: No, we are still continuing with our work on hand. Also, it is not possible for an artiste to film half-way and leave. As for salary, it depends on how one views it, because everybody who works will definitely want a higher salary.

T: There are rumours on the internet which said that one or two dramas have been affected?
W: I am not sure about this, becaue my drama has not been affected and I have not heard of any problems as of yet. Actually this won't happen, because even if you leave, the company will arrange for other directors to take on the project. Our scripts are already decided before filming starts, so even if half of the script-writers leave, it's alright.

T: Have the salaries of people who decided to stay on increased?
W: TVB actually increases our salaries every year. The company treats us very well.

T: Has any company tried to poach you and Tang?
W: No, because we two are loyal to TVB, so nobody has asked us to go to other places.

T: You signed a per-drama contract with TVB, so have you thought of filming dramas for other TV companies in Hong Kong?
W: No, because I love TVB and have a good relationship with them. I am also one who values familiarity because I am afraid of being in an environment which I am not used to. I am close to my colleagues in TVB. Everyday when I go to work, we will exchange greetings with each other, which makes me very happy. I always feel good after filming for TVB, so I have not thought of going elsewhere to film dramas. I take quite a long time to get used to my surroundings because I get nervous when I am in an unfamiliar environment.

T: Mona Fong has ordered Stephen Chan to ask those artistes intent on leaving TVB to stay. Did you receive such an invitation?
W: I think it is about time for me to negotiate on the renewal of my contract. There is nothing really special about this, because once the artiste's contract is about to expire, the executives will come and talk to you.

T: The reports are now saying that because of Virginia Lok's autocratic style, many artistes are leaving. Is this true?
W: No. I think every artiste will look out for what they want in life. This sector is not only limited to TV only. There is still the movie sector. Some artiste may also like to develop themselves in the Mainland. Everybody may need a different environment according to their needs. People will leave the company some day. Many people say that so many people have left. It's alright, because more people will naturally join the company, and people who have left previously will return.

Sheren Tang: Wants RB 3 to be a modern comedy - Without me, Wayne Lai's chance of being TV King is diminished
T: Has the Rosy Business series come to an end? Is there really no chance for a third series? If there is a change in script-writer, will there be a third series?
S: I can't be sure, but the chance will definitely be there. So long as Wayne and I are still acting, and so long as the script-writer is still writing scripts, I think the chance will be there. As for changing the script-writer, it all depends on TVB, because they are the ones who decide whether to film the drama or not. If there is a suitable script, then there may be a chance to film a third series. It all depends on Heavens, but I believe that the chance is still there. I would like to film a modern drama that is not too depressing. A comedy would be good.

T: If given a chance to work with Lai again, what role would you like to play?
S: A little woman, not those strong woman. Lai is actually considered very manly out of all the male artistes I have worked with before, but when I'm with him, I still have to act as such a strong woman and he still has to protect me. I hope to be able to act as a more gentle or funnier person. We two have very good chemistry with each other, so a comedy should be quite a good idea. We can also act as if we are constantly at odds with each other. When I see him today, I also feel that what we wear also complement each other, so I told him that we should be in a more modern drama.

T: Is it better to act as the Empress or Gau Gu Leong?
S: Of course Gau Gu Leong. The Empress is someone who has lost favour and she gets jealous easily; Gau Gu Leong is a very smart and intelligent woman with a big heart. I like her personality because she is one who is always giving and thinking for other people.

T: Are you as intrepid as Gau Gu Leong in real life?
S: Actually, I do hope to have someone who can protect and love me. I am only more serious when I work, but I am normally very easy-going and lazy. It may be because you love some of my characters that I play too much, so you think that I excel in such roles. I am different from my characters in real life. The next time I collaborate with Lai, I want to act as such. (Comments: I think what she meant was that she wants to play a character that is closer to her personality in real life.)

T: How do strong women view love?
S: They still believe in love. I hope to have a person who loves me very much. He doesn't have to accompany me everytime but must understand me thoroughly. I do have the mentality of a little woman, but what troubles me most is that I do not know how to be coquettish.

T: It is two months till the awards ceremony. Who do you expect to walk away with the TV King and Queen awards?
S: I am very busy, so it's very hard for me to say when I have not watched their dramas. I don't have any dramas this year for me to be nominated. If I have to choose, I will pick Lai, but his chance of getting it may be diminished because I am not around.

T: There was once when you gave up acting and went overseas to study fashion instead. Why did you do that?
S: Yes, I gained quite a lot during that period of time. I also studied art, so I felt enlightened. I knew very few things initially, so I felt that I haven't seen the outside world yet. After I returned, I picked up acting again from scratch. I harboured the thought of learning something new everyday, which I still do up till today. Whenever I accept a role, I will do my homework on it. When I start filming, I will treat the character as myself.

T: Many TVB artistes are now venturing to the Mainland. Some have complained that their salaries are too low and work there is a lot harder. As one who went to the Mainland earlier, how do you view this?
S: The Mainland market is becoming a lot bigger, so there is a huge demand for artistes. Hong Kong is very small, so if you spend your whole life with just one TV station, your experience will be limited. I have always ventured out since I was young, so when you know what is happening to other parts of the world, you will treasure what you have now. I think it is necessary to move up North, and it aids in artistes better.

T: You have been filming Mainland China dramas recently. Are you intending to break into the Mainland market?
S: I don't really differentiate between all these. If there are suitable roles, I will just take them on, no matter where it is.

T: When you first arrived in Mainland China, were there any areas which you could not get used to?
S: Many! First of all, I could not get used to the weather. The South is really humid, because when I first stepped into Beijing, it was during winter, so my skin peeled. It was really horrible because I could not apply any make-up. The lighting technician allowed me not to put on many make-up, but I really looked like a dead person when my skin peeled extensively. After that, I always made ample preparations. I will prepare everything for the four seasons if I go to places which I have not been before. If the weather is too hot or cold, it is not suitable for filming. I can only use my strength and EQ to combat such weather. Now, when I choose a drama, I will also take all these into consideration.

T: Do you have anybody in mind whom you want to collaborate with?
S: Many. I don't come to the Mainland just for money. I think finding somebody who has chemistry with you is also important. When I come to the Mainland, I find that I have many things to overcome and experience, which made me change as a person. First of all, I would like to collaborate with Director Zheng Xiaolong because I know him. We were judges before. However, I just missed one of the opportunities to work with him on a drama. This time, if I want to film a drama, I will like to work with him the most. (What about for artistes?) There are many men in the Mainland and I like it. I think I am more suited to work with more manly people.

T: We feel that you have a very high standard for your dramas as well as roles. Is it because you set yourself too many restrictions when selecting a drama?
S: Of course, which is why I have the time now to promote this drama.

T: What kind of role would you like to take on now?
S: I wish to take on a role that is closer to my personality. I like to joke around, and am quite open-minded to the extent that I can go crazy at times. When I was filming Loving You, when they asked me what I would like to act as, I did not even think twice about pole dancing. So if you always associate me with being somebody strong and intrepid, I will feel bored.

- Credits to Tencent Entertainment


Comments: Phew, this is such a long interview! Happy reading! ;D There are similar interviews conducted with them, but I won't be translating them since the gist is about the same. This interview should be able to summarise everything they did in Shanghai! ;)

I know that the chance for Rosy Business 3 will be there, but the question now in every fan's head is, when?


  1. Err. I dint read the whole interview coz the colour's too light.

  2. @'Awesome The colours are ok leh. I need to use lighter colours because my background is dark. I have no problems reading it now. You might have you wait till the background has finished loading before reading the rest?

  3. Thanks for the translation. It was nice reading about them again. From the interview, Wayne is a safe guy meaning not much of a risk taker. He likes to do things he is familiar with. Compared to Sheren, she likes to explore. That is why Sheren encourage people to broaden their view by trying mainland. Personally i do like TVB since, i can hear their real voices when they act compared to mainland i need to get used to the dubbing. No matter what, as long as their is a series with Wayne and Sheren together, it ought to be a good series, since Sheren is selective in the role. Hope to see their series together soon.

  4. Thank you so much for this!

    I really appreciate your translation for us who has difficulty in reading by Mandarin!

    This interview is so interested. I see that Sherayne really want to reunite one again.

    Especially, Sheren hope she can play a small wonman in Wayne hand!!! Sweet! Comedy is a good idea.

    In this promotional campaign, Sherayne are so closer than they are in 2010. We can see anything through there eyes, but Wayne seems to avoid any rumors by explaining he and Sheren didnt contact too much. But the thing is....who!!!!

    Love our Lau Sing & Kau Mui

  5. @wewah You're welcome! ;) There have been quite a number of news regarding Sherayne since they are now busy promoting No Regrets to the Mandarin-speaking countries like China and Taiwan.

    I think Wayne is not much of a risk-taker because he has a family to care and think about. Should he move on to Mainland China and not succeed, it will have serious repercussions on his family.

    Sheren is single, so she has more freedom in choosing what she wants to do.

    I, too, do not watch Mainland Chinese dramas because of the storylines and acting. These days, Chinese dramas are pretty well-received, but I am still not comfortable with watching them. I am still more into TVB and Korean dramas. ;P

  6. @Anonymous You're welcome! It's my pleasure to provide updated news of Sherayne for fans.

    I love our Sherayne as well, and really hope to see them in another drama soon. Up till now, I'm still suffering from withdrawal symptoms. ;)

  7. thanks for the translations dreamlucky! :D haha, i realised that for the time i was away, there are so much news. i feel like i've missed many things. thankfully you are always here to update us and keep us in the know. :)

  8. @meemee! Haha, do take your time to read through all the updates. They will be here so long as this blog is still around. ;)


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