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TVBS' Nothing is Bigger Than Eat (29/09/2011)

| Friday, September 30, 2011 | |

Click here to watch the programme that Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang filmed when they were in Taiwan 2 weeks ago.

- Credits to 夢Lei of 邓萃雯吧

Comments: This programme was very, very entertaining! xD The hosts were really very funny, especially when they tried to speak Cantonese. Little Pink (小粉红) pronounced "好食" as "好死"! because he could not get the Cantonese pronunciation right. Wayne Lai asked him not to die LOL! The other hosts scolded Little Pink for cursing their guest to go and die (in this case Wayne) ROFL! xP

Sherayne's Mandarin is not bad. I think their Mandarin have really improved because they keep going to places like Shanghai and Taiwan, though I can still catch hints of Cantonese here and there. It's so funny how Sheren addressed the host as "little child". xD

I disagree with Wayne lol. I haven't eaten the smelly tofu from Taiwan before, but I find that Hong Kong's smelly tofu are not really as smelly as those we get from the pasar malams here in Singapore. That being said, the smelly tofu in Hong Kong is really very big haha! The ones we eat from pasar malams are small squares while the ones in Hong Kong are really huge chunks of fried tofu itself. Wayne is really very cute here. He suggested letting the tofu 'rot'/ferment by itself, which scared off Sheren lol!

I didn't know that they eat oyster omelette with xiao bai cai and bean-sprouts lol. It seems like a healthy way to eat the otherwise oily and sinful food. xP

Their commentaries on each other's food are really very hilarious! xDD "The oysters have the taste of a 'traitor'..." "Your oyster omelette looks as messy as the time era that No Regrets is set in." I totally went WTF!! xDD

Sheren used to hate eating bittergourd when she was young. Well, same case as yours truly here, but unlike her, I will never ever touch it again lol!

On to round 2. They are now supposed to use different methods to cook the spareribs. Each of them are given 4 steps on cooking their respective sparerib dish, which they have to memorise. I'm not sure if it was by accident or not, but Sheren read 太白粉 (cornstarch) as 白粉 (heroin), shocking everybody on the set. It was really hilarious max! xP

Moving on, Little Pink tried reading the methods of cooking the spareribs, but he only managed the first few words before he switched to the Shandong dialect. He asked Wayne on ways to maintain one's marriage. Wayne told him that it's best not to get married ROFL! ._.

After that, when they were done with their dishes, they started using the "golden phrases" in both Rosy Business and No Regrets to scare the chef, who was the judge. xP You can find out who the eventual winner is! ;)

I don't watch Taiwanese dramas because they don't suit my taste, but I've always enjoyed watching most of their variety shows and travelogues, which can be really very witty and funny. ;D

Feel free to leave down your comments as well. ;P


  1. haha, thk you so much!

    I watched this video. As you have said, it is really, really funny. Both of them are so cute.

    LOL! Sheren is as her style, just stand there but cant do anything in the chicken!Lol. She just focus on one thing: try to taste dishes lol.

    When she had a mistake reading that word, the way she laugh is really...oh how can I say, She laugh from her heart! That's cute!

    Wayne is so funny too, he is really manly!

    thks again!!!!

  2. Is this the very first variety show that Sheren and Wayne filmed together after their collaboration in Rosy Business and No Regrets?
    I must say that both of them never fail to exhibit great chemistry everywhere they go!
    Hope they could film RB 3 or a comedy soon xD

  3. @Sherayne Hello Sherayne! Nope, I don't think that this is the first variety show that Sheren and Wayne filmed together. In 2009, they were in 'Starry Kitchen' together with the rest of the Rosy Business cast.

    I had always wanted to find the video of that, but I didn't manage to because of the lack of time. I'm very tied up with school work right now, so maybe I will try to find it during the next weekend? ;P

    If you manage to find it, maybe you can tell me as well. ;)

    I really hope they can work with each other again, but it seems that Wayne will be working with Maggie Cheung again on The Great Eunuch soon; no Sheren Tang. Sheren will be working on War and Beauty 2 soon; no Wayne Lai. >.<

  4. Sure, dreamlucky! I will try to find the video since I am very free now =) But I'm not sure of the Chinese title of the show.
    By the way, I heard that Producer Lee will be retiring soon. Do u think there will still be chances of Sherayne filming a drama together again?

  5. @Sherayne Haha, the programme name is 《星级厨房》 in Chinese. It was shown last year I think, but it was recorded in 2009, a few days after they won their first TV King and Queen awards if I'm not wrong. xP Producer Lee dropped in as a guest haha.

    There's another programme called 'Beautiful Cooking', which featured most of the Rosy Business cast members. It's 《美女厨房》 in Chinese. It was shown in 2009. I'm not sure whether you can find it now though. =(

    So long as Cheung Wah Biu isn't back, I think the chances of them working together are very slim. =X

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA! this video is really hella funny! everybody is so funny and adorable in there! the hosts are quite crazy lol!

    anyway dreamlucky, i can watch the video, but do you know of any websites where i can download this? i would love to download it and put it inside my phone so that i can watch it on the go. :)

  7. @meemee! You can just right-click on the link and click on 'save target as...'. The download will start, but how fast it downloads will depend on your internet speed.

    This is the reason why I never disable right-click on my website even though I could have done it. =P


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