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Leave your comments for the No Regrets' casts here!

| Wednesday, December 1, 2010 | |
I'm sure that by now, many people would have read about how No Regrets is seemingly being put down by TVB, due to the way Scoop reported the ratings. But still, it cannot be denied that the other show did get more viewers than No Regrets even though the finale ratings for this drama is higher.

The netizens are now drumming up support for No Regrets, and I feel very touched by how much these people really love this drama. Hence, I feel that we should do something too. We may not be able to take part in protests (yes, this was mentioned by quite a number of people), but still, we can show our support to No Regrets by other means.

Leave down what you want to say to the No Regrets’ casts and back-stage crew. I’ll gather all the comments and send it over to Hong Kong. It can be either in English or Chinese. Try not to leave your name as Anonymous because it would be hard for me to keep track of the comments. =) But still, if you want, go ahead. xD

I’ll collate everything and send it over! ^^ I hope that this will a good boost for them, to let them know that no matter what, No Regrets will forever be the best drama in our hearts. Come on, 義氣仔女s, we must do our part! =D

Note: You can continue to leave down any thoughts/comments you have about this drama even though it has ended its run in Hong Kong. It's nice to read what other people have to say and it'll also remind everybody involved in creating No Regrets that their drama has won the hearts of many people around the world. ;D


  1. No Regrets is officially one of my favourite series! Miss Nine is such a wonderfully written character, one that encompasses depth, complexity, purity and magnificence. I salute Tim Gor for successfully creating such a memorable character. Miss Nine will remain engraved in my heart for many years to come.

  2. no regrets is the best tv series forever!!!!! ... producer lee and the whole no regrets crew did a very good job and we all love it!!!! wayne acted very good, and so do sheren ... oh my god i love sherena dn i love miss nine . sheren is beautiful talented and so nice =D=D and wayne is simply awesome. Don't care what other people say because they all want to support their idols. dont care what bvt(tvb) did to this tv series, we can see through their plan to boost the popularity of can't buy me love. No matter if no regrets gets any award or what, it is stil lthe best and u guys are the best also. We all love u =)
    p.s: sorry for signing this comment as anonymous but this is too conenient so sorry =P

  3. Dear all cast and members of No Regrets,

    No Regrets has brought TVB series into a complete whole new level of entertainment. It would be only right to say that the entire storyline was well written and developed at the right pace throughout the whole 32 episodes. Kudos to Cheung Wah Biu for that!!

    To Sheren Tang:
    I have enjoyed all your series and now after watching both Rosy Business and No Regrets, no doubt I would give you the utmost praise for your great acting skills and the ability you have to express emotions so vividly through your eyes. Your character as Gau Mui is spectacular in every way and congratulations for being able to carry the character so well! Gau Mui is by far the most memorable character to me.

    To Wayne Lai:
    Sorry to say long ago when you acted in Journey to the West, I had not noticed you as Zhu Bajie. After the many other series that I have watched especially Gentle Crackdown, I gotta give you the my utmost salute for being able to be so versatile in portraying different type of characters. No doubt you can make the audience laugh, cry and angry! GREAT job!!
    Your character as Lau Shing in No Regrets is simply spectacular and the chemistry you built with the entire cast was just so natural. Looking forward to more of your series.

    To both Sheren and Wayne:
    I would love to see more of both of your acting in a series. Great chemistry just like between Lau Shing and Gau Mui. No doubt these great chemistry on screen turned into rumours.

    To Evergreen Mak:
    As much as I hate Fei Fan Gor, your acting was amazing too. Making your audience hate your character. That is achievement!! Great job done!

    To Pierre Ngo:
    Congratulations on your great portrayal as Pai Guat. Really good acting there. From the cowardly Pai Guat to one so strong and brave to kill Tetsuya and stand up against Fei Fan Gor and his gang!

    To the remaining of the cast:
    Sorry for not mentioning all. Fala Chen, Raymond Wong, Susan Tse, Elliot Ngok, Nancy Wu and the many others, No Regrets has been such a success all due to your hard work and effort. Your acting is spectacular too. Congratulations and my highest praise!!

    To the back-stage crew:
    Without you I am sure there would be no such memorable series. Congratulations on the effort. Producer Lee Tim Sing, Rosy Business and No Regrets are both amazing. Hope there would be more great series from you.

    Dear all,
    My highest salutation to all for producing such a high standard series! May No Regrets achieve big success in TVB Anniversary Awards. Regardless, No Regrets have earn a place in my heart and many others whom I know.

    Sorry for writing in English. I only know how to listen and speak Chinese. Could not write in Chinese.


    Aw Yi Lyn (欧依玲)
    Penang, Malaysia

  4. I'm from Malaysia as well and simply love No Regrets although I can only converse (listen and speak) in Chinese. As there are many type of dramas flooding Malaysia (be it English, Chinese, Malay or other languages), I'm very choosy when it comes to pick which drama to chase/watch.

    Initially, I had followed No Regrets because Rosy Business did well in 2009 TVB Anniversary Award. But, after the wrap up of No Regrets, I truly understand the important of talented and hardworking (plus of course ... teamwork) cast and supporting crews.

    No Regrets also made me understand why Chinese and global people hate the Japanese so much during WWII. It was not only the physical torture, but psychologically attacking (and belittling) other custom, culture etc. Eg. why do Chinese need to learn Japanese and bow to them? Just because they are holding guns in our face?

    At the same time, now only I understand how privileged it is for me to born in a better era and country compared to 1930 - 40s (with constant looming of internal/external war)in China.

    So, thank you all cast and crew of No Regrets (including producers and script writers). Not to forget is the owner and coordinator of this blog for the great effort on updating non-Hong Kong and Chinese illiterate viewers like me on everything about No Regrets!

    p/s: I prefer to comment as anonymous. No hard feelings! :)

  5. "No Regrets" is such a great episode. This is the best TVB episode I have ever seen. I have watched the finale for over 3 times. Am just addicted to it. Also, the episode did a good job in revealing the hardship facing by Chinese during wartime. I feel so touched and sentimental.

    Best of luck to all cast and crew members for the upcoming TVB awards ceremony. You are well deserved for each award and our reconginition! You all have done a wonderful job. It is just fantastic and unprecedented.

    Keep up the good work and i really hope to see such a good TV programme again next year.

  6. This series is absolutely perfect. It definitely is worth watching. It is very educational and with the great cast, it really brought this series alive.

    Tim Gor: With your great script writing, i do see why the 2nd and 3rd line people giving their best performance for this series. The script writing really bought them to their character. They did not need to be fake about it, just read the script and feel the movie, is definitely magic. You definitly deserve again best series of the year. With this great series is why i would want to watch the award ceremony to see that you did it again. I don't care that you got the award last year, if you deserve it than you should get it. This should not be about taking turn. With this difficult era, it is really hard to make a happy series. The only thing that was not satisfying to the audience was the wait of 30 years. Sheren waited longer than Yang Gour from the Return of the condor hereos. Anyway i wish the series to win or i really have doubt about watching next year award ceremony.

    Sheren: You did an excellent job. Everyone was touch by your action. I don't know what else to say because i do beleive your other fan have said it all and i agree with them. With my b-day wish is for you to get best actress. You are the best. I love to see you get best actress award again, the first actress to get it twice. Back to back. Go Sheren.

  7. I'm just going to leave a short letter.
    & I thank all the backstage crew, actors, and of course Tim Gor ;)
    I'm not finished with this drama, & excited!
    Sheren Tang did a very good job in this drama, and so did Wayne. =)
    Such best on-screen couple, and I really enjoyed this drama so far, and it's officially my favorite!
    [So there's my message, very crappy, I know, compared to others, lol.]

  8. support support, i'm even watch 巾幗1 again tim haha so gd.

  9. No regret should be called the greatest drama series in the past 10 years! The story is meaningful. It is so touching to review the life of a china citizen in last century. There were so many wars and their life were so harsh to face the life and death events everyday! Also the love story of Lau Sing and Lady 9 was so so romantic, could be called pure love/platonic love!! The moment when they met each other after 30 yr separation was so so touching. I cried everytime when I reviewed such scene. So sad to see they were old and met in the court of Chu Lung Lay. So many memories was being bought up at that single moment.Anyways, Tim gor and Biu guys are great! 300mil HK pals cried for Lau Sing at the same night , even man.Thanks for you effort!! Thanks for the whole team! You guys have great team spirit!!

    Also, Wayne, you are a talented and devoted actor. I enjoy your acting. So as you. You enjoy the art of acting!You really bought life and spirit to the character of the drama.I clap for your performance.

    Sheren, you are elagant with beautiful eyes.You are stylish and attractive. Even girls will think are so so cool!! Best wishes to you! God bless you!

    really looking forward to your( Tim gor, Wayne and Sheren) next drama!Thanks! I enjoy No regret, still waiting for the DVD!


  10. I would like to add that without Wayne, I would not have loved Miss Nine as much. Together they generated a spark so great that it has started a ripple of Miss9-LauSing craze, that has spread internationally. When Miss 9 looks at Wayne, she sends very deep and emotional messages. I feel her, I really do. Wayne, you've brought Lau Sing to life, so perfectly that I can't help but wonder if there is really a perfect man like Lau Sing. You've definitely set the bar high!

  11. 我想再次多謝李添勝、張華標,知道《義海豪情》係標哥離開 TVB 的最後一部作品,好多謝你編寫一個咁美好的故事,裏面有好多人的「集體回憶」,無論係親情、愛情、友情、歷史大時代,全部共薈一爐,多謝你,多謝你。


    最後講下套《義海豪情》,我由第一集看到最尾,只知道,前面 二十九 集的故事,就是為了最後的大結局,總之,是一套很細心製的作品,Excellent !!!!


    From KCYF

  12. Hello all,

    I haven't really pay attention to TVB's until TVB broadcast these two outstanding dramas, 'rosy business & no regrets'. I'm screaming 'wow' especially after watching 'no regrets'. Spectacular acting, great team-work within the entire cast, producers, writers etc. One thing I need to stress is the incidental music in all the scenes is incredible, it adds atmosphere to the actions/scenes. Good job people! And last but not least I give 100% credits to the two outstanding 'stars', 'sheren tang & wayne lai', thank you so much for such great performance! Hoping 3rd
    巾幗梟雄之___________gonna be soon:-)


  13. 我以為我夠冷靜

  14. 今日12月4號,義海結局播了一個星期,仍然不斷重溫又重溫,三十二集的片段係腦海重播又重播.沒想過一套戲會令我有咁深的體會,咁投入. 以後會唔會再有咁好既電視劇?我唔知.但呢一刻覺得香港人好幸福, 有咁好的演員, 有咁好的幕後制作人員, 仲有一班好識體戲既觀眾. Great Job!

  15. Dear everyone who made No Regrets so successful: Thanks for making this possible.

    Truly the efforts of the cast and crew is clearly seen by the brilliant acting by Sheren,Wayne,Pierre,Nancy,Susan,Raymond,Fala,Elliot,and all the other actors.I would really like to applaud Sheren and Wayne,who portrayed the love between Gau Mui and Lau Sing so well.Even in troubled times,none of them are able to let go of each other:))))

    Besides this,there is also another person to thank for helping to bring joy to the audience as well as to the cast and crew:Tim Gor! I don't think with your awesome script-writing skills,the audience and everyone on the set would have enjoyed themselves so much making this drama.It is evident that even the supporting actors gave it their all for this drama.Because of you,300 million people had the chance to enjoy the true love and feelings of the people who experience WW2.

    No Regrets will be forevermore;my favourite drama and no words are able to describe my admiration for it.Thank you!


  16. 今年《巾幗梟雄之義海豪情》這部台慶劇果真是非凡鉅製

  17. It's really obvious that 義海豪情 is the best drama this year. It has a great storyline, educational and very touching. I registered this year becuz i really support 義海豪情 and all the actors in that drama. They rili did a great job and deserve to get the award. Support them!!!! 義海豪情 is the best. Pls TVB, dun cheat on us.

  18. No Regrets is ended with a beautiful ending. I think I will never forget the feelings that this drama has brought to me, and of course, Lau Sing and Gau Mui. Thanks for wayne and sheren, your fantastic acting skills and great emotion expression, have brought the characters to life! Also, spectacular acting, great team-work within the entire cast, producers, writers etc...This is one of the greatest drama in TVB's History. Therefore, I have to say thank to Tim Gor and Cheung Hua Bill again, especially Tim Gor, with your great leading, I can see what 'Team Work' is, you're really deserve to get award this year, and so do wayne and sheren! Hope to see another drama from all of you soon. =)

    btw, wayne and sheren, you guys are such a cute couple! Love the chemistry between you two!

    By Patricia

  19. Watching No Regrets made me no regrets! Grew up surrounded by TVB dramas,my honored!this shall be stamped in my heart! so are LauXing and 9Guliong shall be remembered! CLASSIC.

    Applauses from far-Malaysia.

  20. i can still remember when Dodo cheng asked that To guy how are u. He said after i leave TVB i am very good LOL...good guy lol !!!

  21. ***《義海豪情》頂呱呱、頒獎典禮大贏家***

    恭喜、恭喜---《義海豪情》囊括2010年台慶頒獎典禮4大獎項 ~~

    最佳男主角-黎耀祥 (劉醒)
    最佳女主角-鄧萃雯 (鄭九妹) 
    最佳男配角-麥長青 (梁非凡)
    最佳女配角-陳法拉 (劉晴)

    整個頒獎禮最遺憾的是。。。。。。《義海豪情》未能奪得最佳劇集,真的替添哥及《義海豪情》的全體工作人員不值!!!可能TVB不希望《義海豪情》一面倒囊括所有大獎項,這樣令其他劇集太沒面子,所以,承讓了最佳劇集獎項!但人在做、天在看,在明智及眼睛雪亮的觀眾心目中,最佳劇集是屬於《義海豪情》---本世紀最佳劇集,Cheers ~~!



    From :goodshow2010

  22. Hello. I want to show my support for my favorite drama, so I am writing this letter. I live in the United States. However, I am a fan of TVB dramas for many years. I truly believe that No Regrets is the best TVB drama I've ever seen. I am really glad that the hardworking actors/actresses had won the awards. Even though Tim Gor, the director, hadn't won the Best Drama award, he won in all of the No Regrets fan's hearts already, including myself. I really have a lot of respect for Tim Gor because he made me enjoyed one TVB drama from the beginning to the end of it. Thank you Tim Gor and all the No Regret casts!


  23. actually i dun care who win ward or whatever but as long as NR can sweep the most awards is more important. Very upset that NR did not win the best drama. Sigh...Can i complain to HK from SG lol...I had watched both NR and CBML and really felt that NR should and must win the best drama award. Heard that Tim Gor gonna retire so NR should be the last time Wayne and Sheren will act together. sigh...

  24. Sorry amendment to above note:



    No Regrets is really impressive and I really enjoyed the episodes I've seen. This is coming from a person who rarely watches TVB, and is so "white washed" that she can't read and write Chinese. I've learned over here in Canada that sometimes low(er) rated shows are of better quality; and No Regrets is a good example of this case.

    Congratulations on such a quality production. The cast was great, script was good, direction was superb, post production was done nicely, etc etc.

    In particular, I'd like to applaud Evergreen Mak for his portrayal of Fei Fan Gor. I'm pretty sure he can out act a good bunch of actors in HK and over here in North America.

    Again, thank you for the lovely production.
    Angie T


    Note to webmaster:
    Thank you for running an English site for this show. It's super frustrating for somebody like me (can't read Chinese)to find things on the web about this show when I can't read half of it! lol :) Keep up the good work.

  25. Thanks for the great show, everyone.

    As much as I hope TVB will come up with more of such great productions for all of us, I dont think any other show will be able to replace No Regrets' place in my heart.

    Good job to all of the actors and actresses, backstage crew (I still feel sorry that your efforts did not get recognized by losing the Best Drama award)

    Special mention of course, goes to those who composed the beautiful background music as well as the theme song! No Regrets is the first show that got me interested in the background music. Whenever I listen to it now the scenes in the show start flashing by my mind. It's that good, really. GOOD JOB GUYS even though you all did not get recognized on the awards ceremony but I'm sure in every viewers' heart, you all have already won the award.

    Lastly, thanks for such a great show. I dont remember crying so much and so hard for one show before, and I dont think another show will be able to make me feel the same way as No Regrets did.

    From Singapore :D

  26. No Regrets has to be Sheren's role of a lifetime. I have followed Sheren's TV series since she first joined TVB back in the 80's. Her beauty and innocent in The Greenhorns captured my attention. Then she took a break from acting and joined ATV as a 2nd lead in The Good Old Days. Since, she has been back to TVB her best onscreen partner is no doubt Wayne Lai. I just love how the leading actors in the series are not actor and actress in their 20's or 30's. TVB, finally after all these years have finally produced a series worth noting.

  27. Hello Wayne (Cheung chai). Please continue the run, do not stop, in fact, please never ever stop! Your acting, the role you portray in every series, has made the viewers feel they are actually part of the series, making the series came into life, as if the viewers are actually involved in the events of the series.

    Please continue being just the way you are :) You are handsome, yeng, man, and the list just wont stop :) You are perfect!

    Really love your chemistry with Sheren in RB and NR. Especially love your chemistry with Teresa Mo in Off Pedder, so compatible!

    Do venture into the movie industry too, would really love to see Lau Sing in a movie version instead :) You are making all the girls around the world falling for you :p

    As for Sheren (Man lui), you are a very joyful person :) please laugh more, your laughthers are contagious! They made people happy :)

    Wayne and Sheren, I really hope both of you will collaborate again, again, and again, please don't stop. Both of you complement each other, even in conversation, in jokes, in gestures, in facial expression, in reaction, you both can just match(pei her) each other so well.

  28. I left out this one after reading a fan's comment.

    Wayne, I have already knew who you are since Journey to the West :) even before Journey to the West, I have already saw you in some old series before. I believe many have noticed you however you are not given any due recognition.

    Now your time has arrived, it's time to steal the show from others :) you truly deserve it.

    And, you have a set of cute dimples! Love your performances, especially imitating adam cheng, and also roman tam (love the one in Off Pedder last episode the most!!! love the voice, the dance, and your attire/look in that last episode :p)

    Your singing is great, I should not compare you to a professional singer :)
    Red Butterfly,so full of feelings yeah :) so romantic haha.

    Keep up the good work!! Consider singing as a part time career :)

  29. This Drama was soo good, I've been watching TVB drama for as long as I lived and I really appreaciate that I have these dramas to survive with. No regrets is an awesome drama, I never thought of such great acting coming out of these actors and actresses. I totally got hookekd as soon as I finisheed watching Rosy Business. I am vietnamese, but I lovee Hong Kong dramas because clearly vietnamese dramas are reallt boring and bad. I really wish I could speak cantonese to watch the orginal version of these dramas instead of the vietamese version. When I starteed watching No Regrets I was obsessed with it since the very first episode, apparentely since I only understand vietnamese I still have to wait for the rest of the episodes where I left off to come out in my language. Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang are the best TVB actors and actress everr, I love them both soo muchhh. They are such an inspiration to other actors and actresses out there. No regrets is addicting, epic, and intriguing, I can't wait to watch the whole series this Winter Break. Ok so I am really young but my confession is that I think Wayne Lai is really hot, handsome, cute, and manly in this series. His character also shows great leadership and emotions throughout the series and not a hint of irony, very good acting. I love all the emotions that he reveals in the series, very convincing and real. Sheren is also very beautiful and talented. Her roles in both the series are great and she could get us to believe when she is a devil and when she is good. I really love her acting skills. Overall, the drama is great and I hope our favorite on screen couple Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang will win an award for best actor and actress every single year and hopefully their dramas will too. Even though I hate movies or dramas based on the time period of war, but this one was an exception and the actors and storyline made me fell in love with it. I didn't think there was 1 second so far where I was bored. The drama just kept me watching forever.<3<3<3

  30. I think this is the best tv series I've ever seen.By the way,I disliked some part of the drama,when ching ching(Fala Chen)passed away in that movie but this part is very touching though I almost cried,No Regrets,the same goes for Lau Sing(Wayne Lai),Cheng Kau Mui(Sheren Tang).I hope the TVB will continue to create movies such as No Regrets.The soundtracks are good too ;).Lastly,I hope there might be a 2nd episode for No Regrets if that's possible,and thumbs up for Fala Chen,she made a good job by creating a touching moment during her dying part.I strongly support the actors from No Regrets,Wayne Lai,Sheren Tang,Pierre Ngo and including Fala Chen.Love ya' all and good luck.;D

    Kean Ng Pei Sang
    Malaysia-Bukit OUG

  31. No Regrets is the pride of Hong Kong dramas! I love it since the very first episode.It's the best series that I have ever watched in my life:) I must salute Tim Gor and scriptwriter Cheung Wah Biu for creating such a captivating storyline. By the way,a big thanks to all the cast for putting their utmost effort in making this series a huge success!
    I abosolutely love the chemistry between Sheren and Wayne and hope that TVB will give this pairing a chance to collaborate again.No Regrets is a drama full of suspense and poignant scenes. Some of the scenes almost drove to tears.
    Gau Gu Niang will always be my favourite character :) Well done,Sheren and congratulations on winning the best actress award twice consecutively! You deserve it! Gau Mui is a brave woman and I admire her boldness.Cheng Gau Mui will always be indelibly etched in my memory :)
    Go Sheren! I do like you to appear in more TVB dramas :) Always loved your acting! You are a pretty actress with brilliant acting skills and I love your eye expression! Your protryal of a big triad sister is very convincing and cool :D
    I like Wayne's performance in this drama too and the way he stood up for Sheren (Gau Mui). Lau Sing and Gau Mui is one of my favourite couple.
    Even though Fei Fan is my most hated character, Evergreen deserves the best supporting actor:)
    I find the ending very touching especially the song(red butterfly,红蝴蝶)sang by Wayne. Wayne, you have the potential to be a singer! Hope to hear you sing more in the future!
    No Regrets is full of meaning and it is a memorable drama. Although it did not get the best drama award, it will always be my best drama! I was disappointed when Tim Gor said there won't be a Rosy Business 3. However, I do hope to see the collaboration of Sheren and Wayne in future TVB dramas:) A big thanks to Sheren Tang,Wayne Lai,Fala Chen, Raymond Wong,Pierre Ngo, Evergreen Mak!*Salute* Hope to see such intriguing TVB drama again! Have no regrets in whatever you do! All the very best to No Regrets crew in their future endeavours!

    Christina Tan :)

  32. To Sheren:
    I have always loved your acting! Your protrayal of Cheng Gau Mui is very cool! Hope to see you in more TVB dramas!
    Some of the scenes in this series drove me to tears.
    Well done No Regrets :) I salute you!

  33. No doubt, No Regrets is the best TVB series so far! It gives up a lot of lessons, like to appreciate everyone around us. Love, is not just about getting together all the time. It's about a kind of indescribable feeling towards each other. GaoMui and LaoSeng waited for each other for 30 years. They did not give up towards their love even though the opportunity to meeting each other is lesser than least.

    Sheren: You're so beautiful! I'm approaching 15 and I think you look more like my sister! My mom told me that you've been her number one idol since young. FYI, she's same age as you! I love your smile. It's sooo attractive and I would never miss any of the dramas you're in! I seriously hope you can act more dramas!! Your acting is just, awesome. I cannot think of any actress who can act the character of GaoMui better than you do! Sheren, You Rock All The Way!!

    Wayne: I love you since the first time I watched Journey To The West. I adore pigs 'cos I think they're sooo adorable and you acted as a piggy inside! And Off Peddar, I only paid attention to it when you appeared. I hope you can act more series TOGETHER with SHEREN!! You two look like a perfect match gifted from God! I know you're gonna be filming The Great Eunuch and Forensic Heroes3, but do act more series with Sheren! Trust me, every single one of us will love the series to the max if you two act as a loving couple again! You Rock, Wayne!

    No Regrets is never ever be forgotten! Long live No Regrets Team!! <3

  34. 有一些電影你看多少遍,就哭多少次!!

    Always support No Regret! 

  35. Hello I'm from uk and I must comment how brilliant this series was, fantastic production. Wayne and Sheren acted marvellously and I must say that Wayne's acting skills are brilliant and he is so handsome! I couldn't stop following this series and it would be fantastic to see more productions like this from Wayne and Sheren.

  36. I would like to say a huge thank to the people that set up this website, especially for pple like me who can only speak Chinese. After watching No Regrets I wanted to know much more about it and thanks for translating. This drama should have reached the highest percentage as it is a marvellous script and production. Wayne and Sheren have excellent acting skills and Wayne is my hero, also with the help of the cast to make this series work. It would be great to see Wayne and Sheren in future Tvb dramas.

  37. 恭喜雯女再次获得最佳女主角!你是TVB史上第一位“连桩视后”!实至名归 :) 我最鍾意九姑娘!

    Congratulations Sheren for winning Best Actress again! I love your acting! Hope to see you in more TVB dramas :)
    I'll always support you!

    From: Jessica,

  38. Hello,
    I just want to see Thank you for sharing these wonderful songs with us!
    My only question is do you happen to have a little more clearer version of some of these background songs? I don't know if it is my mp3 player...but some songs actually don't come out very you have other versions?

    Please email me at
    Happy New Year!

  39. @Anonymous You're welcomed! =) And hmm, these are the best quality versions that I can get. If you want a clearer version, then wait for the No Regrets' OST to be released? xDDD

  40. I do really hope these comments will get to TVB selection committee and comforting to No Regrets' cast / producer / script writer and behind the scene staff.

    Let see...How should I begin?...As this is my first time really post comments with regards to a show.
    1) This is the first TVB series in a decade that deeply engaging, both script and cast performance.
    2) No other actor / actress can be more right for the main character roles than Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang. Tim Gor and TVB made the best decision in choosing their main characters.
    3) The theme song and pre-episode commercial for No Regrets are spectacular.
    4) The feeling of love is 110% heart felt through Wayne's and Sheren's acting. The communication of love (without saying "I love you" or with kisses and hugs) was expressed through their vivid emotions is by far most admirable. I do really hope to see more of the couple on screen.
    5) No Regrets is not only best drama series in 2010, but in the decade. I hope TVB will have the 3rd Rosy Business drama series for 2011. I look forward to being so engaged again.

    Best wishes to No Regrets cast and team.

    Non-Chinese fan, Canada

    PS. Blog host - please upload response from TVB if you ever get a reply.


  41. Glad to find this blog today. Seems a long time after the last episode of No Regrets. Great songs and great drama with excellent actors! Enjoyed watching! Glad to see so many people who share the same feeling! Love Wayne & Sheren's acting! Love reading the comments of fans of "No Regrets"!


  42. No Regrets is not just one of my favorite dramas but it's also the best drama I've ever watch in my life so far. I absolutely fell in love with Sheren's and Wayn's character. I am so deeply attached and in love with Sheren's character and this drama. All the actors and actresses did FANTASTIC in this series and I am definitely going to keep rewatching this series. I love it so much and felt the feelings of Sheren's and Wayne's acting so deeply. They are great and I love them to death.

  43. I am definitely very happy that Sheren and Wayne won best actress and best actor award, but No Regrets definitely deserve to have won the best series and Sheren's character should of won most favorite female character award. It's too bad they didn't but in my heart, they have won me over completely.

  44. i've lost faith in tvb dramas after years of watching sub-standard dramas. don't get me wrong. tvb dramas were really good in the 1980s and 1990s, but after 2000s, only 5 dramas can be deemed as a classic, and no regrets is def one of them, together with war and beauty, rosy business, triumph in the sky and heart of greed.

    i can't believe that i only got to know about this drama this year, after hearing all the awards and accolades it has received. the cast really did a very good job in this series, and their awards are def justified. i can't believe that the best drama award is not awarded to you guys because the other drama was very well... erm rubbish.

    totally feel so ripped off for you guys! :((( but not to worry, thank gdness so many people feel the same as me. :)

  45. I so love No Regrets! Do post more:) I support you

  46. this drama is deeply meaningful and touching. i can't believe that tvb can actually make such a drama. i'm looking at tvb at a different way now. i just hope that every tvb drama is as good as this.

    - regards, Gabrielle (france)

  47. I just watched the ending of No Regrets and I really really want to see more. So do please have Rosy Business 3! I absolutely adored you guys, esp. Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang. I am so gonna watch No Regrets a few times before I can get it out of my system! :D

    Hope you guys read these posts. :)

  48. Hi,

    First of all, this is to say Thank you very much for your blog. As I am not of the same generation as most of you, I am not quite comfortable leaving messages on blogs. But I have been visiting your blog so often (I didnt realise that people will set up blogs just to discuss a tv serial that they love!) and it provided me with alot of information that I really wanted to find out.

    I am not a tv fan, and actually dont want own a tv for more than 20 years, and watch it occasionally at my mums place. When I moved over nearer to my sister, I dropped in now and then, but again does not follow any series. I was first of all intrigued by the 'du xin zhen tan', and accidentally, whilst following that, saw the first serial of No Regrets. Honestly, I didnt want to watch it as I do not want to watch any show that has a heavy, sad story line. But the first episode really caught my attentions. And of course, i became magnetically drawn to it. I didnt even know who the lead cast were. My colleagues told me about tudou, but I couldnt somehow watch it. It was then that i just tried googling, and stumbled upon your blog. In the meantime, I went to buy the dvds, and finished the series 2 days ago. But thanks to your blog, my curiosity was satisfied by your thoughts. I dont mind spoilers. Too old for that kind of thrill. :)

  49. You are very cute, the way you expressed yourself so unreservedly over every scene. I agree with most of the viewpoints, although being of another generation, I see things differently in the relationship between Gao Mui and Lau Sing. Some of their storyline touch some personal spot. I couldnt believe that they can portray their roles so well. Sheren's acting skill is superb and successfully portray both the villain nature of traid gangs, and the vulnerability of being the mafia that she has to be. Actually Wayne's role is alot harder, because actually he is an ordinary folk, though an outstanding sharpshooter police. And as the development of the story goes, he did alot of heroic stunts, but it was his reserved yet poignant expressions to Gao Mui that really caught my attention.

    From your blogs and other sources that i have been googling, reading Wayne's biography, his school days, to his marriages and the passing of his mother, I then understood why he played the role so well. Thanks for all the translation and all the sources including the link to some_one analysis of this serial. I thought of writing too, but one, i really dont know how to, (it seems you have to be a member first?) ; and two, i guess, i am not so comfortable being so open. If you know of any way I can email the 2 lead casts I would appreciate.

    Actually, though Gao Mui was the lead in all the actions, in this bond between them, apart from the 3 occasions that Lau Sing had gone to her over (i) feifan cheating on their wage (ii) reinstating back to be a police (iii) revenge on feifan over his wife, it was always GM that needed him. And he knew. He cared specially for her, but knew also that they were in 2 different worlds, he was not prepared for that kind of risks that she takes on. There was alot of conflicts, leading to their rifts twice. But he cared for her, when he finally saw her intentions. That was why he constantly advised her to think of herself. That kind of feeling is not 'romantic', but it is a depth of feeling that stands the weight of time and trials, if there is character and courage. And this they have. I agree thoroughly with you that the chemistry between these 2 lead casts brought the whole serial to another realm.

    I couldnt believe that the script writer can be so perceptive and sensitive to write out such depth, in contrast to most of the plots in tv/films. There were other small areas that people didnt notice, but it was actually very significant. For the last few days, I have been 'haunted' by the various scenes of this show, and has used your blog to recap each scene to see the line and connection more indepth. I have also followed the many u tubes, particularly of wayne. I remembered seeing him now and then, but never take notice of anyone in particular. Through this show, I see him differently. Though it is true, he is an actor, and acted out the role, but like he said in the interview, he sees his life in Lau Sing. I can see why. I can also understand why his wife is so secure about him.

    Ok, thanks for reading this. I need to get it off my chest. This show has impacted me alot. I dont know anyone else watching this except my sister, but she is just ok with it, and wont bother to think too much. So I need a place to give my views also. :) So was glad that you have provided an email address! I really would like to send mail/email to the lead cast. I will write in chinese. If you can help me with this, I would appreciate.

    And I dont usually write to someone I dont know, but you are quite open and generous in your blog, so I think it should be ok! And though I do have artistes that I like, I have never ever bothered even to follow their news, or want to communicate with them. It is this show, it is this role that they portray.

    Once again, many thanks. I will certainly continue to visit your blog for updated news! :)

  50. ma vie est très bien ;DJune 23, 2011 at 3:47 PM

    Hi there (:

    I've been stalking your blog for idk how many days now! It's been keeping me off my holiday hw, GAHHH D: But just can't help it xD Sherayne is just so addictive! Teehee, they're so cute MUAHAHAHA ;D

    I haven't finished watching the drama though D: I limit myself to watching only 5 episodes per week so that I've got something to look forward to xD

    Oh, and your posts are really well written and fun to read :D And FYI, I'm Singaporean too! HAHA, and I really do agree with most of the things you've said in this blog! :D

    BWAHAHAHAHA, I can't believe it, I'm 自 high-ing xD

    Tata :D

  51. No Regrets is the best tvb drama ever! Every single episode is so thrilling! Its so touching in the way 九妹 and 劉醒 care for each other and are willing to sacrifice for each other (: This TRUE LOVE between them melts my heart. The people in 豬籠 plus 九姑娘 shows care and loyalty for one another. Each of them is so unselfish and brave. If only the society now is made up of more of these kind people instead of selfish people who only care for themselves, it will have been more pleasant.
    I hope for Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai and of course, No Regrets, to win all the starhub awards with their names on it! They are truely good and well-skilled actor and actress. :D They look really perfect together in No Regrets! (:

  52. Dear everyone in the drama,

    I'm a Vietnamese person who had been migrated to U.S. In this country, i mostly study and worry about everythings about me, which is extremely stress. Luckily, I watched Rosy Business, which i was really enjoyed as for No Regrets. I wondered how long i haven't seen a good drama that could change my view for TVB series.

    Dear Tin Gor,
    You such a genius. Your movies was very fantastic that i really give you a thumb up.

    Dear Sheren Tang,
    I have been watching your dramas long time ago. When you pair with Bobby, Michael Tse, Michael Miu, was already so good. It was unexpected that you paired with Wayne Lai in the new series and it was extraordinary. Perfect chemistry that leaved many souvenirs for the audience around Asia and even in U.S. Your roles was so good and to be honest, i always tears when it come to No Regrets and Rosy Business. Super well-done.

    Dear Wayne Lai,
    I have been noticed you since the drama Steps. Your roles always funny, and sometime was able to get me mad. You had been acting for along time from a small role. You are a very talented actors. In 2009, your role Chai Cau was able to go through audiences hearts. It was so good that i was tearing. Now come to No Regrets,Lau Sing was so good. I believed there are more audiences will noticed your talent in the future.

    To be honest, when i heard that the drama No Regrets can't get the award, it was the greatest regret for TVB. I have been watch Can't Buy Me Love that year too but if i have to say that it not as deep emotional as Lau Sing and Cau Mui. But anyway, this series will always remain in our hearts.


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