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Letter or email?

| Tuesday, December 28, 2010 | |
Haha, I have something to ask you guys! Should I write a letter, or send an email to the No Regrets' cast? xD Should I send a New Year (or Chinese New Year) card to them as well? Below is an excerpt of what I intend to send to them. The names and content of the letter/email will vary slightly from person to person. Let me know your opinions, since I will represent you guys in sending over our well-wishes to them! ^^

- Start of letter/email -


為咗《巾幗梟雄之義海豪情》,我喺幾個月前特登做咗一個關於《巾幗梟雄之義海豪情》嘅blog, 系希望唔識華語嘅fans都能夠欣賞呢部好劇。呢個系我嘅《巾幗梟雄之義海豪情》blog嘅link -->

我哋呢啲海外fans亦都喺blog度為你哋留言 -->



穎怡代表海外fans再次向添哥,張華標,陳靜儀,台前幕後,默默耕耘嘅工作人及演員們致敬! My highest salutation to you guys, who helped and contributed to such an amazing drama that will definitely stay in our hearts forever!

Happy holidays, and have a great year ahead! =D

P.S. 恭喜你同埋雯女一齊連莊視帝視後!

- End of letter/email -

Anything to change? Feel free to leave down your comments! =D

Random: It's been one month since No Regrets ended... I feel a tinge of sadness... ='( And I'm going to finish re-watching No Regrets as well. =/


  1. Letter would be of more sentimental value and sincerity :) By the way, how do u type in cantonese?

  2. yeah! letter better! :D and lol, at first i didn't really understand what you were writing until sherayne said that it's cantonese. O_O i dunno cantonese, so i dun really know what you're talking abt, but haha, i roughly got the gist! ^^ yeah, tell them come sg too! :D

  3. I find your letter is very warming. It gets to the point. By it written casual is good, no need to be formal writing. Thanks for representing us.

  4. Writing a letter is great since it has more of a personal feel to it. However, the question lies can you be sure it reach to them?


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