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Mingpao Weekly #2196: Why No Regrets lost the Best Drama award

| Monday, December 27, 2010 | |

No Regrets did not managed to get the Best Drama award, and it was said that Tommy Leung's vote changed everything. When the 6 executives first voted, 3 voted for Can't Buy Me Love, 2 voted for No Regrets while Tommy voted for Mysteries of Love. Somebody else complained, so there was a second round of voting. This time round, Tommy voted for Can't Buy Me Love. Had he voted for No Regrets, both Can't Buy Me Love and No Regrets would have the same number of votes. By then, the higher number of votes that No Regrets had for audience voting would enable No Regrets to win the Best Drama award.

As for the My Favourite Male Character award, Moses Chan came in third, after Wayne Lai and Raymond Lam in the audience voting. The executives only considered Raymond and Wayne. In the end, because Wayne won the Best Actor award, they decided to give the award to Raymond instead.

- Credits to Mingpao Weekly

Comments: Haha, it's pretty interesting to note how come they know who voted for what. Anyway, I wonder who were the other 3 goondoos did not vote for No Regrets, and who were the 2 who voted for No Regrets... This goes to show that the BVT executives can give the award to whoever they like (their vote accounts for 50% of the results LOL). =/



  1. It's so stupid. They just wanted the producer of Can't Buy Me Love to win and to appease fans of Charmaine & Moses. It should be based on the QUALITY of the drama.

  2. @Anonymous It's just too bad that BVT decided to give the awards this way. I think they're thinking that since both Sheren and Wayne got the biggest prizes, they might as well leave the other big prize to their biological sons and daughters. =/ Of course, this attracted a lot of backlash.

    No matter what, No Regrets is seen as the more worthy Best Drama awardee, and I think that matters more. The netizens' opinions matter more to Producer Lee and the crew. =) They will still be equally happy if they see so many of us enjoying their drama. =)

  3. Talking about the "The Best Male Character", i personally think that this should goes to a character that will stay in audiences' heart long enough and it is the talk of the town even after the award presentation. Lau Seng played by Wayne deserves this award more that the one played by Raymond Lam. U agree? Anyway since BTV decided that should be their way, then it 's too bad. :(
    Our love and support to Lau Seng and Wayne continues to flourish!

  4. @sammnie Well said, but if they had to divide the pork, I'd rather Wayne Lai still get his TV King and let somebody else have the Most Favourite Male Character award. ;)


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