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Wayne Lai has chance of winning TV King

| Friday, December 3, 2010 | |

As the TVB awards ceremony draws nearer, the battle for TV King and Queen will heat up. However, Lau Sing and Gau Mui have already become the netizens' choice for this year's TV King and Queen. The reporters went to the forums and realised that Wayne Lai has overtaken his competitors Moses Chan and Steven Ma, with 55.38% of the votes. His on-screen partner, Sheren Tang, has taken the lead, with 74.22% supporting her over Charmaine Sheh.

May not win
Last year, Wayne did not have any competitors. This year however, his competitors are Moses Chan, Raymond Lam and Steven Ma. They all have their own supporters. Wayne said that he will not really care about the awards. He just hopes that everybody will be happy on the awards night itself. He said that even if No Regrets did not win any prizes, he will still treat everybody to dinner.

Lau Sing is a character that is hard to meet
Wayne Lai said while eating crab, "Good food can reduce stress. Actually, I didn't have any stress about this year's award ceremony, but people have to ask me about it everyday, which adds on to my stress. I think being an actor is like being a chef. The food you cook must be appreciated by others, and seeing everybody enjoying the food is one of the greatest achievement for a chef. Prizes are only the value that society puts on you. I've been in this industry for 24 years, and Lau Sing is one of the best character that I've come across. As an artiste, I wish that my role would be challenging. As compared to Lau Sing, Chai Gau is really much easier to act out.

During last year's awards ceremony, Wayne set a record by winning 3 prizes in one night. However, he knows that this record will be broken one day. This doesn't bother him though. He said that the purpose of the prize is to encourage people to watch TV, and also to attract people's attention to the TV industry.

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Comments: Haha, I think Wayne's record of winning 3 prizes in one night is meant to stay. I mean, it's not possible to win any other prizes right? He has already gotten Best Actor, Most Favourite Male Character, Popularity prize... What else can he possibly get lol? xDDD




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