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36% are anticipating Wayne's new drama

| Sunday, December 19, 2010 | |
This year's TVB awards ceremony has ended. Both Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang won their Best Actor and Best Actress awards again based on popular drama No Regrets, which is a perfect ending for the TV industry. Come 2011, TVB has already released the Sales Presentation clips, and in 3 grand productions, Wayne is in one of them. He will be acting in The Great Eunuch. Charmaine Sheh will be acting as a mentally handicapped person in The Colourful World of Sister Fa while there would be another season of Have Fun with Liza and the 3 Gods. Which one are the netizens looking forward to more?

TV King Wayne Lai, together with TV Queen Michelle Yim, will be leads in The Great Eunuch, which is one of the grand productions for 2011. Will Wayne be able to win his third TV King, and set new records? When the clip for The Great Eunuch. was released, it has already become a talking point among the netizens. Since there won't be a Rosy Business 3, the audience have no choice but to support The Great Eunuch. We picked 50 people and did a survey with them. It turned out that 36% have chosen Wayne's new drama as their most anticipated drama.

Wayne has always been a good actor. This time, in The Great Eunuch, he will be acting as Li Lianying, who was Empress Dowager Cixi's confidant. Li Lianying's life is very complicated. This drama would be talking about Li's life when he was young, how he got into the palace, how he gained Cixi's trust, and how he rose to become the last grand eunuch of China. "Although Wayne has not acted as a eunuch before, but this would definitely be a big test to his acting skills, so I want to see how a TV King would act out Li Lianying!" Some netizens feel that with Wayne's capabilities, and with Li Lianying's complicated life, it is already one of the main selling points of the drama, hence making them anticipating it even more.

With TV Queen Michelle Yim as the female lead, The Great Eunuch is not a one-man show. Wayne has collaborated with Sheren for 2 years. No matter how good in acting they are, there is nothing new in them collaborating again. With Michelle being considered as an acting pro as well, people are anticipating the development of feelings between Li Lianying and Cixi, and how strong their chemistry would be. With Chung King Fai and Elliot Ngok inside too, this drama is surely one of the most anticipated dramas of 2011!

Which TVB drama are you looking forward to?
■ The Great Eunuch 36%
■ The Colourful World of Sister Fa 22%
■ Have Fun with Liza and the 3 Gods 14%
■ Others 28%
(Taken from responses of 50 people)

What genre do you want TVB to film
■ Historical figures 30%
■ Comedy 24%
■ Modern love stories 14%
■ Cop and action 12%
■ Others 20%
(Taken from responses of 50 people)

- Credits to Singtao

Comments: I only translated those parts related to Wayne. xD Indeed, I've watched the presentation clips for his new drama, and I'm really looking forward to it, because the rest really looked boring. -.-''' Furthermore, I love watching Michelle as well, so The Great Eunuch is the only drama I'm looking forward next year, which is pretty sad haiz. =(



  1. Ermm.. How about Sheren Tang?? She won't be acting any dramas with Wayne Lai in 2011?? She won't be acting any dramas next year???

  2. @Atrina She won't be in any dramas with Wayne in 2011. She doesn't have any TVB dramas next year, but her Mainland China drama The Princess Pearl will be aired on TVB next year.

    Now, I can only pray that she takes on more TVB dramas. She did mention that she won't be free from next month onwards, so maybe she has a new drama coming up?


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