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When Jacqueline Meets Gau Mui: Chapter 3

| Tuesday, December 14, 2010 | |

Sheren Tang's love stories have always been in the gossip news for many years already. How is her love life now? In this chapter, Jacqueline reveals her secret, and that is to plan how she's going to spend her life being a single.

In the last episode, Sheren came back to Hong Kong from USA in 1994. Both her acting and attitude have changed since her return; She pointed out that personal experiences do aid in her acting, especially in her values towards looks.

"I can look very ugly!"

Sheren said, "When I was a guest star in Healing Hands, I was acting as a woman with cancer. I had to wear a wig, and it was very ugly! I did not put on any make-up as well."

"When I saw myself in the mirror, I said: Sheren Tang, don't think that you are very pretty. If you change your hairstyle, you can also look very haggard-looking! At that time, I had to remind myself that it is only because I'm a star that I get to wear pretty clothes; If I don't put on make-up, I'll look this ugly!"

Sheren also talked about love. "When I'm proudly choosing my boyfriend, I can ignore the rest. But when other people open their eyes, they can realise that I'm actually ugly!"

When she was in USA, she did not put much effort into dressing up. "I did not put on make-up, and brought along 5 boxes of clothes. However, only 1 box was for daily wear. When I went for lessons, I only wore those. I noted down how much I spent, so I was being very thrifty at that time. In these few years, I found a new me, because if one is only moving ahead because of stress, you'll lose yourself and not think about these matters."

From then on, Sheren doesn't spend much effort to keep herself pretty. She loves herself for who she is. "I realise that this kind of hairstyle suits me, and I'm not afraid of facing myself when I remove my make-up, and can accept how I look like without make-up; I love sitting on the MTR as well!"

Being single is a blessing?
When both of them broached the topic on relationships, Jacqueline revealed a big secret of Sheren's. "For one who used to be deeply in love, she actually told her make-up artiste that she felt that being single is a blessing! The make-up artiste then told her that it's because she's single and hasn't found a boyfriend, that's why she said that. She'll pray for Sheren, and hopes that she find her Mr Right soon!"

Jacqueline said, "I really hope to know how your boyfriend is like!"

Sheren laughed and said, "These few days, I've been trying out an old make-up. When I date that person, I'll show the other party how different I can look. Let's see if the other party finds it OK!"

After winning the Best Actress award 2 times, there were times when Sheren felt scared of acting. She confessed that she faced a lot of stress when she was playing Yu Fei in War and Beauty. "I did not act in any palace-themed dramas before. And I have not acted such a complex character who possess such great powers as well; My dialogues are all in classical Chinese, and it can be up to 6, 7 pages long."

How did War and Beauty bring Sheren's career up to a new high? What were her fears when she was filming Rosy Business' 4th Wife and No Regrets' Cheng Gau Mui? Watch tomorrow's last episode to find out.

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Comments: I was rewatching War and Beauty a few days back. Just certain sections here and there. Haha, I really love Yu Fei in there! =D Sheren is really one who can bring her characters alive! ^^ Yu Fei + Hung Mo! <3 I wish Sheren luck in finding her true love soon! If not, just stay hang fok can already! =D


Anyway, for No Regrets fans, a Facebook page for our dear Sing Gau is set up! Go to to join and show our support to Sherayne! <333333 Thanks to Jamie for setting up this page! =D



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