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How were the TV King and Queen chosen?

| Friday, December 10, 2010 | |
TVB has its own panel of judges who choose the winners. The producers have 20% of the votes, the audience have 30% of the votes, while the in-house panel of judges have 50% of the votes.

In the past, the panel of judges were made up of 7 executives. They are Stephan Chan, Catherine Tsang, Tommy Leung, Virginia Lok, Ho Lai Chuen, Ho Kun Chung and Chan Ka Yeung. However, this year, Stephan pulled out of the judging panel on his own accord so as not to fuel anymore rumours. This year, the judging panel is made up of 6 people.

It was said that in the battle for the Best Actor and Best Actress award, the producers and audience's votes were about the same. Moses Chan, Wayne Lai, Sheren Tang and Charmaine Sheh have about the same number of votes. Although Stephan Chan wasn't involved in voting this time round, the executives' votes still influenced the outcome of the awards. Virginia Lok and Tommy Leung voted for "biological children" Raymond Lam, Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh, while Ho Lai Chuen, Chan Ka Yeung, Ho Kun Chung and Catherine Tsang voted for Wayne and Sheren. Because the finale of No Regrets' managed to create a record, and even caused ATV's programme to record 0 points in ratings, the TV King and Queen awards ended up in Wayne's and Sheren's hands.

- Credits to Yang Cheng Wanbao

Comments: Lol, this is tabloid news, so take it with a pinch of salt. It may be true, to a certain extent though. But still, congratulations again, to Wayne and Sheren for being the first couple to 蝉联 together! xDDDD




  1. I think Sheren and Wayne definitely deserves the TV King and Queen award! They were phenomenal. I was looking at their screen caps in the HK discussion board. OMG, they're both filled with emotion, I cannot think of any actor or actress that could have carried the characters better. Sheren brought Miss 9 to LIFE, I can actually feel and understand what her character is going through. This is what I call acting!

    Congratulations to this fantastic duo... first couple to get the TV King and Queen twice in a row. :D It would be more meaningful if NR got Best Series though, but who cares! BEST ACTOR AND BEST ACTRESS!!!!!!! and also Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Most Improved Actor all from the same series! I'm sure when put together, it is enough to make a GREAT series.

  2. @Jamie Yeah, it would have been better if No Regrets got Best Drama, but it's already the real Best Drama in many people's eyes, and I think that is what counts! ^^

    And heehee, I love the caps at the HK discussion forum! There are many Sing Gau fans there! =D Who doesn't love our main leads? xD


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