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Stephan Chan's comeback affects TV Queen results

| Thursday, December 2, 2010 | |
This year's TVB awards ceremony will be held this Sunday, and all bets are on No Regrets and Can't Buy Me Love. From the ratings itself, No Regrets, which ended last week, had an average of 44 points (peaking at 47 points) for its final episodes, beating Can't Buy Me Love. However, the overall average ratings for No Regrets is 33 points, with Can't Buy Me Love getting 34 points on average overall.

The leads of these 2 dramas are also fighting for the coveted TV King and Queen awards, with them having equal chances. This year's awards ceremony will definitely be full of drama and excitement!

Battle for TV Queen
Sheren Tang's "Gau Mui" has many layers and facades to her character. It has immense difficulty, and outshines last year's "4th Wife".

However, to get the award, besides talent, there are also many factors to be taken into account. As a "non-biological daughter", she does not have enough backing from the TVB executives. Earlier on, there were rumours that TVB hoped to sign a contract with her and offered many attractive terms. However, Sheren did not reply them.

Just when everybody thought that her chances of winning again has diminished, out comes Stephan Chan, who is reinstated back to his position. Sheren and Stephan have a good relationship with each other. It is also said that Sheren won last year's TV Queen award due to the backing of Stephan. Sheren, who initially did not care about the award, suddenly said that she would fight for the TV Queen award. If she wins the TV Queen award this Sunday, she will become the first actress in TVB history to win 2 TV Queens consecutively.

Battle for TV King
Wayne Lai is last year's TV King, but this year, Lau Sing isn't as outstanding as Chai Gau. Although this character has more emotional scenes, but it isn't as attention-grabbing as Gau Mui. Even supporting characters like Pai Guat and Fei Fan are getting more attention than him. Also, a few netizens have criticised him for over-acting. Wayne is also not TVB's "biological son", hence he expresses no interest in winning the prize.

However recently, Wayne has been considering to sign a contract with TVB, increasing his chances of winning TV King again. When he won last year, TVB asked him to sign a contract with them, but he rejected it. However, it seems like he has changed his stance. "This year, I'll consider (the contract). However, now is not the time". He has said that it's taxing on his wife because every contract has to be scrutinised by her. "If I sign a contract with TVB, it won't be so troublesome".

What other people say
Tsang Chi Wai: I think Wayne Lai has a bigger chance of winning, because No Regrets is very popular now. Sheren Tang's acting skills are so good that there's nothing for me to say. Everybody is bound to love a gangster daughter. My role as a gangster last time was also very well-received.

Chow Yun Fatt: I think the battle for TV Queen is between Sheren Tang and Charmaine Sheh. (Who is your ideal TV King?) Kent Cheng has the chance.

Jessica Hsuan: I've watched No Regrets, and I think this year's TV King and Queen will still go to Wayne and Sheren. Even if I get nominated, I won't be able to win over Sheren.

Ha Yu: I like watching Wayne Lai. He should be able to win again, but I think there's a lower chance. There are many factors to be considered, and I don't know what are the criteria of the judges.

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Comments: I translated only those parts that are related to No Regrets. Anyway, take everything here with a pinch of salt, since this is considered gossip news. xD All the best to No Regrets this coming Sunday! =D Netizen power ftw! ^^




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