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No Regrets is the pride of Hong Kong dramas

| Wednesday, December 1, 2010 | |

Last year, the whole nation cried when Rosy Business's Chai Gau passed away; this year, Lau Sing's passing in No Regrets, which is the indirect sequel of Rosy Business, set new records and caused ATV's programme to record 0 points in ratings. While setting new records for TV, we can also see the passion for Hong Kong dramas returning, especially in the younger generation viewers.

After the golden age of Hong Kong dramas, both TVB and ATV have failed to produce a drama that will become a classic. Even police dramas, which Hong Kong is best at producing, are mediocre at best, so don't even talk about the other genres. However, this year saw the re-emergence of dramas with better quality. Besides Gun Metal Grey, which showed what real cop drama is, No Regrets has made TVB win acclaim again. Dramas like Can't Buy Me Love have such a bad script; Mysteries of Love and Every Move You Make have copied overseas dramas. Only No Regrets can be considered as an original work that is unique to Hong Kong.

During the initial part of filming, Producer Lee said that the main point behind this drama is to portray what people of that time went through. From the overall script, No Regrets has definitely achieved this. Not only is the time period there, the whole drama is very touching and every episode is shot very naturally. It's no wonder that netizens are saying that No Regrets has made them love Hong Kong dramas again.

There was a time when almost all Hong Kong dramas produced could be considered a classic. Why is it that Hong Kong dramas now do not attract people as much now? This is due to the lack of creativity and the lack of outstanding artistes. Now, besides promoting the same few artistes aggressively, TVB is also giving the cold shoulder to those artistes who can really act. A good drama has to rely on the skills of the artistes as well as the script. Thankfully, No Regrets has done it.

This year's No Regrets has wrapped up beautifully, making the audience who have switched to watching Korean and Japanese dramas turn back to watch Hong Kong dramas. This is no doubt, a boost for the script-writers, and it also proves that a good drama attracts people from all walks of life.

No matter what, the high ratings of both Rosy Business and No Regrets have brought back some face for Hong Kong dramas. Let's just hope that TVB will keep up this standard.

- Credits to Hunan TV




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