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So long, and farewell!

| Tuesday, February 19, 2013 | 0 comments |
RB 3 is confirmed, but I won't be setting up a blog like this for that drama. There is no point in doing it since majority of the original cast from RB and RB 2 are not in it (changing the female LEAD is a BIG NO-NO for me). Thank you to my blog readers from all around the world for these past memorable two years. It has been my utmost pleasure in updating you guys with news while putting my Chinese back to use again. This blog shall and will still serve as your #1 stop for all things related to No Regrets, but I don't think it'll be updated anymore.

Emails and enquiries will still be answered though, so ask away! Till I find another drama that perks my interest as much as No Regrets did. So long, folks! ^^

- dreamlucky