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Pictures from promo 2 @ Olympian City

| Sunday, October 31, 2010 | 0 comments |
Hi people! Here are the pictures from various Weibo sources! It's about the 2nd promotional activity, which was held at Olympian City today! ^^

Episodes 11 to 15

1st November 2010 (Episode 11)
Gau Mui brings Lau Sing to the Cheng family's opium store-room, and tells him how she was kidnapped when she was only 6. Gau Mui wants to burn down the store-room, and Lau Sing helps her...

Gau Mui arranges for Lai Wah to go to Shanghai, but Lai Wah refuses to go. Gau Mui wants to close down some opium houses on the pretext of not being able to borrow any opium. Lau Sing applies for leave as he is worried about her...

2nd November 2010 (Episode 12)
Lai Wah asks Gau Mui not to send her to Shanghai, but Gau Mui knows that she wants to stay on in Guangzhou because she has become an actress...

Long Hei and the rest gathered, and Gau Mui announced the closure of the opium house as the Japanese have invaded. Long Hei objected; guns were raised and Lau Sing immediately fired, saying that he wants to intervene...

3rd November 2010 (Episode 13)
Long Hung arrives from Shanghai, and praises Gau Mui for having foresight. Gau Mui and the rest went to Shanghai to fetch Long Gwan back to Guangzhou, but Long Gwan was terrified by the bombs, so Gau Mui decided to let Long Gwan stay in Shanghai to recuperate...

Lau Ching chanced upon the bad weather to go out with Yeung Yeung as the Japanese will not be able to invade during such a weather. She realised that the road ahead of her was very empty...

Lai Wah saw Fei Fan putting bombs at the back alley. At the same time, Gau Mui receives Lau Sing's telegraph, and realises that Fei Fan has become a traitor...

4th November 2010 (Episode 14)
Gau Mui gets used to life in Ju Long Lei. The radio reported that there were many casualties. Lau Sing and the rest went forward to save people...

Lai Sim sees the chaotic situation, and intends to bring Yeung Yeung back to the village. She asks Lau Sing to take care of Ju Long Lei for her.

While interrogating Fei Fan, Lau Sing had a close shave with the bomb. He let off Fei Fan...

Guangzhou has no functioning political party, and Fei Fan makes use of this chance to loot other people's homes. He enters Ju Long Lei, meeting Lau Sing and the rest...

5th November 2010 (Episode 15)
Everybody was curious as to why Yeung Yeung suddenly came back. He said that Gau Mui has bought a lot of rice and sent them to Ju Long Lei, but Fei Fan's voice was heard as well...

The Japanese commander saw the family photo on the wall, and suspected that Lau Ching is part of the anti-Japanese movement. Lau Ching explains that her sickness is back, hence she is unable to "welcome" the commander, and begs him to release the rest...


Promo 2 @ Hong Kong

| Saturday, October 30, 2010 | 0 comments |
日期: 31/10/2010
活動: 台慶劇《巾幗梟雄之義海豪情》之『壯志豪情賀台慶』
藝人: 鄧萃雯 、 黎耀祥 、 黃浩然 、 陳法拉 、
謝雪心 、 李成昌 、 胡定欣 、 金剛 、
黃智賢 、 麥長青 、 馬海倫 、 魯振順 、
梁証嘉 、 姚瑩瑩 、 李添勝 。
時間: 14:30
地點: 大角咀奧海城二期地下主題中庭

Date: 31/10/2010
Activity: Anniversary drama “No Regrets” promotional activity
Artistes: Sheren Tang, Wayne Lai, Raymond Wong, Fala Chen, Susan Tse, Henry Lee, Nancy Wu, King Kong, Ben Wong, Evergreen Mak, Helen Ma, Henry Lo, Kelvin Leung, Eileen Yeow, Lee Tim Shing
Time: 2.30 pm
Place: Olympian City

Comments: I'm not sure of the reliability of this information though! I really hope that Sheren will be able to attend this, because she's supposedly to be in China for the filming of her new drama... =/ Hong Kongers, do show your support! ^^


Thoughts on Episode 10

AH! This is THE episode! With Fei Fan and Dong Nei out of the way, the storyline has really been very much more intense, especially during the Lau Sing - Gau Mui scenes. =3

And aww, the scene where Lau Sing and Gau Mui were trying to take shelter from the rain was heeehee... I feel something. xD Lau Sing was trying to strike up a conversation with Gau Mui, but Gau Mui coolly ignored him. WHY?!?! T_T

Lai Wah is going to drive me crazy, because she seems very spoilt now. Can't she shut up when Gau Mui tells her to? I know she's being very frantic, but erm, I really hate her temper lah! I really can't wait to see her get evil. =X

Gau Mui is really, really very cunning. To the max. It's pretty to scary to live with her! =X But I seriously don't blame Gau Mui. She was forced to resort to such a tactic. But still, she's scary! >.<

The part where Gau Mui asked Lau Sing to meet her to eat wanton mee was quite romantic, but eh, poor Lau Sing. He was waiting for Gau Mui to turn up but she didn't! T_T WHY?!?!

Does anybody feel that Pai Guat likes Gau Mui? Maybe I think too much, but the way he mimicked Gau Mui and said how beautiful Gau Mui was when she was dancing with the French guy was... xD Too bad they didn't show Gau Mui dancing with the French. I really want to see how beautiful she is! ^^

I think Lau Sing's liking Gau Mui now. His face totally changed when they were talking about Gau Mui!! <3


Lau Sing and Gau Mui, please stop driving me nuts! =D Wayne Lai's and Sheren Tang's chemistry is TOTALLY UNDENIABLE!

Bring it on, No Regrets! I think I'll die if I miss an episode of it! >.<

What are your thoughts of this episode? Do feel free to share, but no bashing or comments that may offend others! ^^


Thoughts on Episode 9

| Friday, October 29, 2010 | 0 comments |
Yes! I really love episode 9! Gosh, the intensity is coming back after ebbing away during the last 2 episodes! =D There's just so much action (too much I think) in this episode! xD

And who thought of Rosy Business when the rain scene between Gau Mui and Lau Sing was shown? I certainly did! It reminded me of the scene when 4th Wife was begging Chai Gau to save Pit-mo's life. xD I think Gau Mui really wanted to save Lai Wah, but who knew if her sadness and anguish was fake or not. I really can't tell. >.<

Lai Wah has made her entrance to this drama, and I like the way Nancy Wu is portraying her. Lai Wah looks innocent and girly, but actually, I think there's something more sinister about her. I have a bad feeling about this, especially when she was talking animately to Long Hei in the trailer for the next episode. I don't think Lai Wah is that innocent at all. =X

I really love the boat scene! There was nothing romantic about that scene, but aww... Lau Sing was trying to help Gau Mui feel more comfortable when she was suffering from sea-sickness. Heehee, little actions like that make fans (especially when I love this pairing a lot!) like me go crazy! xD

Gau Mui, you are seriously scaring me! I just love her eye expressions, especially during the showdown between Fei Fan and Lau Sing. She didn't say a lot, but oh, I seriously love the look of contempt on her face! And Dai Fong cracked me up during this scene as well! He totally looked as if he was dancing when he was "happily" slapping Fei Fan LOL! xD It was quite exaggerated (not sure if this was on purpose), but nevertheless, funny! =P I love the part when black and white stood on the same side (I mean law and lawlessness). =)

More more more Gau Mui - Lau Sing scenes please! =D I'm really loving this couple a lot! <3 By the way, do you guys think that Gau Mui will like Lau Sing first or will Lau Sing like Gau Mui first? From the look of Gau Mui's eyes, I think she likes and admires the way Lau Sing handles things. xD Please vote! ^^

What are your thoughts of this episode? Do feel free to leave down your comments, but no bashing or comments that may offend other people! Thanks! ^^

Malaysian (Singaporeans can try your luck!) fans, please do remember to tune in to MyFM 95.4 from 6.30 pm onwards every Monday to Friday! They will be having interviews with the No Regrets' cast members! Confirmed members are: Sheren Tang, Susan Tse and Raymond Wong.


Thoughts on Episode 8

| Thursday, October 28, 2010 | 0 comments |
There were no intense scenes in episode 8, but I'm not very sure why I liked it. I really hate Dong Nei and Fei Fan (again, how can one be so stupid and how can one be such a jerk?!), but I also understand that they are ESSENTIAL for the development of Lau Sing's and Gau Mui's story. xD And yay, Fei Fan and Dong Nei finally (heeheehee!)... So please, I want more Lau Sing - Gau Mui scenes! >.<

I like Ching Ching and Yeung Yeung. I swear that they will really make a sweet couple! <3 It's sad that after Ching Ching's heart disease is back again, but I really love how resilient she is. Good job, Fala Chen! =D

The last few minutes of this episode were really good. Pai Guat is really becoming such a MANLY person! I really loved the way he stood up for Lau Sing. Pai Guat and Lau Sing will definitely become the best of brothers, in time to come. I can feel it. Good job to Pierre Ngo for portraying Pai Guat from such a wimpy person to a person who is willing to do anything for his saviour. And good job to Wayne Lai for nearly going crazy when his wife had an affair. xD

Gau Mui did not appear until the last 3 minutes of the episode. She did not utter a single word, but wow, I am truly amazed by what Sheren Tang can do with her eyes. The look that she gave at the end of the episode was, STUNNING! o.O''' It was not her usual glare or smart-aleck look, but a look of pity, sadness and realisation as to why Lau Sing suddenly acted like this. I'm glad the episode ended with her eye expression. It really makes me feel like watching the next episode!

And gosh, today's episode looks good! Lai Wah is about to make her entrance! And go, Gau Mui! <3

P.S. I really think that the instrumentals used in No Regrets are really good, because they really help to bring out the mood of the drama! xD

Malaysian (Singaporeans can try your luck!) fans, please do remember to tune in to MyFM 95.4 from 6.30 pm onwards every Monday to Friday! They will be having interviews with the No Regrets' cast members! Confirmed members are: Sheren Tang, Susan Tse and Raymond Wong.


Thoughts on Episode 7

| Wednesday, October 27, 2010 | 4 comments |
Nothing much really happened for this episode. =X The main highlights of the episode was Pai Guat's grandmother! Oh my 天! How can such a cute granny exist?!?! She's so omfg cute! <3 But too bad she didn't have many scenes. She passed away. I will really miss Guat Ma. =( I really love the change on Pai Guat's face. Pierre Ngo did a good job again! ^^

Did anybody feel that Lau Sing's business collapsed a bit too quickly? o.O''' And how come he's so generous to other people, but is not caring enough to his wife? I don't blame Dong Nei for wanting to leave him (haha, all the better!). xD

I am seeing more of Yeung Yeung and Lau Ching scenes. I think they will make a good and loving pair. I can really tell that Yeung Yeung is infatuated with Ching Ching. The background music really helps a lot here. *cues in dreamy music*

Gau Mui did not have many scenes here. Actually, I pretty much agree with the people in Baidu. 4th Wife of Rosy Business definitely appeared more times than Gau Mui. To me, Gau Mui is the main character of this drama, and scenes without her would be boring (Gosh! I think I really love the way Sheren Tang carries herself as Gau Mui). I really hate Fei Fan. How can one be such a jerk? I really hope that Fei Fan and Dong Nei have an affair, QUICKLY. I don't care if Lau Sing feels hurt or what; I just want to see more Lau Sing - Gau Mui scenes! >.< 食屎啦,梁非凡!

What are your thoughts of this episode? Do feel free to share them, but remember, no bashing and no comments that may offend other people. Thanks! ^^

Malaysian (Singaporeans can try your luck!) fans, please do remember to tune in to MyFM 95.4 from 6.30 pm onwards every Monday to Friday! They will be having interviews with the No Regrets' cast members! Confirmed members are: Sheren Tang, Susan Tse and Raymond Wong.


No Regrets hits 1.15 million views online

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No Regrets, which is being led by producer Lee Tim Shing, Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang, is widely anticipated by everybody, and seen as a hot favourite together with Can't Buy Me Love for this year's anniversary awards. Although No Regrets had an average of 31 points (peaking at 34 points), with only about 2.17 million people tuning in to watch it, but it has already garnered positive reviews. The online ratings were very high, with episode 5 hitting over 1 million views itself.

Thoughts on Episode 6

Episode 6 was all right. Dong Nei and Fei Fan are really starting to annoy me lol. How can she believe that jerk so easily, and how can he be such a jerk? =/ I wish they would hurry up and get on with it, so that I can see my Lau Sing and Gau Mui together! <3 Anyway, I liked the way the scene between Long Hei, Dai Fong and Siu Hong was shot. It really made me feel as if I'm watching a movie itself. Great job to all the back-stage crew members! Up till this episode, Siu Hong appears weak, but I totally didn't expect him to command so much power the last time. I wonder what really happened that made him lose his power in the gang. I guess I have to watch to find out more. All I can say is, I REALLY LOVE the way the flashback is done. Siu Hong is cool! =D

Gau Mui is really scary. She's totally acting in her own drama, and everybody around her are just her "actors" (whether they know it or not). This is really called "自编自导自演" (Self-scripted, self-directed, self-acted)! I really couldn't tell until she asked Lau Sing what he thought of her. How come Lau Sing is so smart as to find out what she really did?! o.O''' After that, she asked Lau Sing, "Do you think I'm a fake or the real one?" I am sure that many people are asking the same question too. Kudos to Sheren Tang for such a deceiving performance. =D By the way, I really want to see more Lau Sing - Gau Mui scenes! Their interaction in this episode was aww... Heehee, I don't know, but I can feel "something". xD The way Lau Sing scolded Gau Mui behind her back and spitted out water was cute; Gau Mui turned back to look, and Lau Sing pretended to be nice to her. xD I WANT MORE LAU SING - GAU MUI SCENES PLEASE!!!!

Anyway, Producer Lee did mention that there are no "golden phrases" in this drama, but actually, I think there are. xD Look at the picture below.

How do you feel about this episode? Do feel free to leave down comments, but remember, no bashing and no comments that may offend other people! ^^


Episodes 6 to 10

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Wow. What's up with TVB releasing such detailed episode synopsis for No Regrets? Anyway, here's the synopsis for episode 6 to 10. I did not translate everything though, because I have no wish to read everything (lest I get spoiled). Please make do with this, and watch the drama yourself. =D

25th October 2010 (Episode 6)
Gau Mui said that she is one who values loyalty, and vowed that if Fei Fan tries to make things difficult for anybody, they can come to her for help. Tong Gat has the most amount of prize money. However, Lau Sing is feeling unsettled as he still could not figure out what kind of person Gau Mui is. Everybody was curious as to why Gau Mui was able to stop Lau Sing from asking about Choi Hing’s whereabouts so effortlessly, and laughed at the both of them for having good chemistry.

Long Hei and Dai Fong woke up Siu Hong in the middle of the night, and asked him where he went. They brought him to the entrance of a carabet dance club. Siu Hong suddenly remembered what happened that year; he gathered all the gang members, and wants them to find out if Gau Mui is really Long Gwan’s daughter…

Dong Nei goes back to her mother's place, and found out that Fei Fan has bought a wheelchair for her grandmother. He explains that that he is merely being filial to her, and starts to talk about their past. Dong Nei resists, and Fei Fan plots to make Dong Nei his...

26th October 2010 (Episode 7)
Lau Sing and the rest were helping out with his stall. Yeung Yeung was to meet the dim sum chef and sent Lau Ching to work, making her very happy. Long Hei consoled Siu Hong, and asked him to muster his courage to ask Long Gwan to eat together with them. Long Gwan decided to let him go to Shenyang to do business. Dai Fong and the rest were shocked, and were not willing to let Siu Hong go.

Dong Nei asked Fei Fan to help Lau Sing get back his job, but Fei Fan refused. Dong Nei had to keep begging him before he finally relented.

Fei Fan made use of this chance to see Dong Nei, and said that in order to reinstate Lau Sing, he was willing to resign. Dong Nei thought that this was true, and was very grateful to Fei Fan...

27th October 2010 (Episode 8)
Lai Sim was very worried for Yeung Yeung, and was afraid that Fei Fan would make things difficult for him. Lau Sing led a group of people to see the police superintendent, saying that he was willing to give up his salary so as to keep the rest. Dong Nei blames Lau Sing for not speaking the truth, He had to tell Dong Nei about how Gau Mui helped him, but Dong Nei blames him for not being realistic, and for being acquainted with Gau Mui. She said that it was Fei Fan who helped him get back his job. Lau Sing realised that Dong Nei met up with Fei Fan, and was very angry. Both of them fight again.

Dong Nei felt wronged, and told her troubles to Fei Fan. She blamed Lau Sing for treating his sister more important than her. Dong Nei doubted Lau Sing’s love for her, and said that she did not know how to continue living with him. Fei Fan made Dong Nei drunk and brought her to his apartment…

Lau Sing asked Tong Gat out for a drink, and revealed that Dong Nei had an affair with Fei Fan. Tong Gat vowed to help Lau Sing get revenge, but Lau Sing told him not to get too impulsive and they started fighting. Lau Sing accidentally hits Gau Mui’s car…

28th October 2010 (Episode 9)
Lau Ching went to the doctor, and realised that she needs a surgery in order to mend the hole in her heart. However, the cost of surgery is very expensive and the chances of success are not high. Lau Ching hopes to live the rest of her life happily. Lau Sing feels sad.

Gau Mui wants to seal a deal with Lau Sing, saying that if the deal succeeds, she will help to pay for Lau Ching’s medical fees.

Fei Fan leaves the police force as he has been recruited by Gau Mui to join Dong Toi. He is made the General Manager, and has also announced that he will marry Dong Nei. Lau Sing went to ask Gau Mui what happened. Not only did she not help him, she also recruited Fei Fan. Gau Mui chided him for not being caring enough, which was the reason why Dong Nei left him. Lau Sing was so angry that he called Gau Mui a cheat.

29th October 2010 (Episode 10)
Dong Nei was about to leave for her village, and tells Lau Ching to take care of herself. Lau Sing said that both he and Dong Nei will still remain good friends; Dong Nei feels touched.

Long Hei found out that Gau Mui has been meeting Lai Wah, and asks for Lai Wah’s help to find out more about Gau Mui. However, both Lai Wah and Gau Mui did not know that they were being taped...

Tong Gat and the rest accompanied the French Consulate, and told Lau Sing that Gau Mui was dancing with the French. Lau Sing heaved a sigh of relief, saying that both of them have not seen each other for so long. Lau Sing was setting up road barriers when he met Gau Mui. She brought him to Dong Toi’s opium storeroom, and said that she has a long-kept secret that she wishes to share with him...



Thoughts on Episode 5

| Saturday, October 23, 2010 | 4 comments |
Episode 5 started off well. The first half of the episode was very heart-warming. I wish I could live in the Ju Long Gai (豬籠街) with those group of people. It's really very heart-warming to see that they are all on very good terms with each other, helping each other out and eating together when there was a level 10 typhoon. =) I really do wonder if neighbours like these people still exist.

I think Fala Chen did pretty well as Lau Ching here. She is really jovial although she's a sickly person. I like seeing this kind of character. The part when she cried when she thought her heart disease was back was quite touching. ='( I really love it when everybody was so concerned about her, and were trying to keep her dry and calm. I really, really wish that I have neighbours like them.

Actually, I like the Dong Nei - Lau Sing pairing. You can really tell that they are quite loving in this episode though they kept quarrelling during the previous episode. They are very concerned about each other's well-being and oh well... The way they met was also quite romantic heehee. xD BUT, I want to see the Lau Sing - Gau Mui pairing more! ^^

The last 15 minutes were the best part of this episode! I think I did mention that I love the Cheng family right? Because whenever they walked in, they really have the air of authority over them, especially during the part when Long Hei walked in, and then when Gau Mui walked in. 勁!

The Lau Sing - Long Hei - Gau Mui - Fei Fan scenes were totally the highlights of this episode! You have to watch this to experience the 勁-ness of this episode! I love the way Lau Sing and Gau Mui helped each other out. I really have reasons to believe that they didn't plan this before hand, but when Lau Sing said something, Gau Mui said something to support what he said; when Gau Mui said something, Lau Sing said something to support what she said. And it happened really fast! Both of them really have good chemistry!! =D I want to see more Lau Sing - Gau Mui scenes! <3 The part when Long Hei and Gau Mui were shooting each other dagger looks and trying to "outwit" with each other was also very good! The best of all has to be the very last scene, when Gau Mui outwits Fei Fan. Damn 勁 I swear! I really love Sheren Tang! <3

非凡哥: 我梁非凡對燈火發誓, 如果我做D咁冇義氣嘅嘢, 我梁非凡三個字倒轉寫! (I, Leung Fei Fan, hereby swear to the light, that if I am not loyal, I will write Leung Fei Fan backwards!)
九姑娘: 我亦都對燈火發誓, 如果你唔三倍俾番班兄弟嘅, 我唔搞到你雞毛鴨血, 你仲有本事可以喺廣州立足嘅, 我鄭九妹三個字亦都倒轉寫! (I will too swear to the light, that if you don't give your brothers 3 times more, and if I don't succeed in kicking you out of Guangzhou, I will write Cheng Gau Mui backwards!)

It was such a powerful line from Gau Mui. And Sheren Tang's eye expressions are PRICELESS. Episode ends. *cues in theme song*

Epic much? I don't mind re-watching the last part over and over again! =D

How do you find this episode? Do feel free to leave down your comments, but remember, no bashing and no comments that may offend other people! Thanks! ^^


Mingpao Weekly #2189

Scans from Mingpao Weekly #2189

Shopping centres rush to be host venues for No Regrets' ending
Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang have not seen their new drama. This night, when it aired, everybody sat down to watch it together. Tim Gor was nervously standing behind the both of them and watching their reactions.

Last year's Rosy Business' grabbed the Best Drama, TV King, TV Queen, Best Supporting Actress and Most Improved Male Actor awards. This year, the original cast and crew came up with No Regrets. Even though the drama had not been aired yet, but its popularity cannot be denied. Many big shopping centres are now rushing to become host venues No Regrets' ending and have already named high prices to host it. Besides winning on the popularity side, it seems that TVB will be getting a lot of money as well!

Thoughts on Episode 4

| Friday, October 22, 2010 | 0 comments |
After 3 episodes of intense drama, I feel that episode 4 has toned down in intensity. It was more about family matters in this episode, and less action scenes. However, it did not stop the drama from being interesting. =D This episode was pretty heart-warming. =)

Gau Mui is really confusing me! I really can't tell if she's good, or if she's evil. She let off Choi Hing (the one who killed Siu Kit) after giving him a sum of money. Lau Sing and Gau Mui looked at each other (heehee, what kind of look was that?! xD). I could really tell that Lau Sing felt some admiration for the way Gau Mui handled things.

BUT, after that, Gau Mui and her gang drove up a hill and killed Choi Hing!!! Lau Sing totally had that shocked face when he realised that Gau Mui was behind everything. Gosh... I really wonder why these 2 will fall in love with each other. =/ Anyway, I don't like the way how Dong Nei and Lau Sing kept quarreling. Haha, I hope that they break up soon (that's very bad of me, but I really can't wait for the Lau Sing - Gau Mui scenes). xD

I love Long Hei's and Gau Mui's scenes too, though they were less intense than I thought. I really hope that they will have more scenes together, because I like this pairing too! ^^

Lau Ching finally made her entrance! She's really very cute! I love her mushroom hair! =D

What do you think of this episode? Please feel free to leave down your comments, but no bashing or leaving down comments that may offend other people. Thanks! ^^


Thoughts on Episode 3

| Thursday, October 21, 2010 | 0 comments |
How do I describe this episode? I-N-T-E-N-S-E! I think I'm always using this word for No Regrets, but really, it is really very intense! >.< Lol, I was watching it on my phone because I nearly spent half my day in school today. xD

OH! I love the Cheng family. They really act like they are members of the mafia, especially when they raised their guns together and started firing upwards! COOLNESS! =D Susan Tse's Cheng Long Hei still blew at the gun after firing LOL! xD And Elliot Ngok's Cheng Long Gwan really exudes the aura of the gang leader! In whole , the whole Cheng family rocks! =D

Gau Mui caught Tong Gat's relative. She was being very nice to her at first, but after that, when she realised that Tong Gat went missing, she revealed her true self and I think she looked as if she wanted to murder (maybe not, just scare her a bit) that old grandmother (not that cute one). >.< She's really so unpredictable! o.O'''

Here comes Lau Sing's and Gau Mui's scene. I swear, Gau Mui is really such a smart-ass! She was trying to make Lau Sing confess about Tong Gat's whereabouts. I think Lau Sing saw through her, so he didn't answer her directly. OK, then Gau Mui was still talking very nicely to him. The Cheng family really rocks. All of them are really in this together. Gau Mui misleads Lau Sing and Lau Sing blurted out the truth subconsciously. Gau Mui said something to confirm what Lau Sing said, and Lau Sing stupidly (can't blame him lol; Gau Mui really outwitted him!) went to say the truth. Gau Mui's face IMMEDIATELY CHANGED and she gave him a sinister smile (it wasn't really a smile; I think it looked more like a smirk!) and cues the Cheng family to come in. OMG! =/ I like Lau Sing's shocked face. THAT WAS A CLASSIC! O.O'''

The last scene was especially touching. That was the scene between Lau Sing and Tong Gat. I can really feel some brotherly love in there. =( I felt really very sorry for both Lau Sing and Tong Gat. *cues in touching music* I teared up here. Wayne and Pierre, thank you very much for making this scene so touching! ='(

OK, you really have to watch this episode for yourself! It's the most intense episode to date! =D

I love the music played. It really helps to heighten the tension in the drama, especially in those scenes where the Cheng family (and their gang members) walked in. The music used for the last scene was really good too! It really gives me the goosebumps lol.

Gau Mui's character is really confusing me. Who is she, really? She's sometimes nice. She is definitely very smart but also very ruthless at other times. But still, she has that genuine "nice look" in her eyes at times. SO WHO THE HELL ARE YOU, GAU MUI?! TELL ME!!!

Episode 4, I will be back! ^^


Thoughts on Episode 2

| Wednesday, October 20, 2010 | 0 comments |
HOLY. There's only one word to describe this episode: INTENSE! Gosh, how I love all those tension! Pai Guat Zai can be considered the "lead" of this episode. I'm really starting to like Pierre Ngo as an actor. His portrayal of Pit-man in Rosy Business made me hate Pit-man, and his portrayal as Tong Gat in No Regrets made him so lovable. <3

I especially love the scenes when he was talking to his grandmother. I felt really very touched, and I nearly cried during those scenes. I can really feel the strong bond between Tong Gat and his grandmother. By the way, his grandmother is very, very cute as well. =P

Wayne's character is starting to shine here too. I liked the way he portrayed Lau Sing's anger and sadness. Hello? He spent his one month salary ($70) on lottery, and he nearly won $7000+ in return, but because it was found to be a fake ticket (haha, you cannot really blame Pai Guat Zai for this!), he lost everything. No wonder Lau Sing is so angry.

On top of that,  Fei Fan (Evergreen Mak) had to steal all the credit from the policemen who helped to shoot the criminals (because they get a handsome reward for it). Kns, I felt like kicking him. >.< But I like the part when the other policemen begged Lau Sing to keep Tong Gat. ='( It was quite touching, but after they knew that Tong Gat caused Lau Sing to lose all his money, they began to turn against him. o.O'''

 Gau Mui did not have much screen-time here, but hell, Sheren could still do wonders! ^^ I love her see-I-told-you-so look. I love her ploy. It's so under-handed, so wicked that evil would be an understatement, but that was really undeniably clever of her! =D

一朝天子一朝臣 --> Love this phrase!

There was really a big twist during the last 7 minutes, especially when Long Gwan announced something (OMG more intense scenes coming up!). And, who was the guy at the end of the episode (besides Pai Guat lol)?

I can't wait for the next episode, where Gau Mui and Lau Sing will truly be engaged in a battle of wits! ^^

Stay tuned. =D

P.S. I really love Sheren's clothes! They all look very nice on her, and I think they make Gau Mui more dignified despite being the daughter of a drug dealer. xD

P.P.S. I think the instrumental versions of the theme song sound nice. It kept playing during this episode. xD

P.P.P.S. I love the part where all the guns were drawn out! Coolness to the max! =D

Do let me know your comments. Remember, no bashing, and no comments that offend other people. Thank you! ^^


Thoughts on Episode 1

| Tuesday, October 19, 2010 | 4 comments |
AHH! SOMEBODY, PLEASE KILL ME! I'm supposed to study, but lol, I woke up very early today (at 5.45 am!) to load No Regrets on Tudou and watched it! >.< OK, I promise to work doubly hard after finishing this post! =/

Actually, I'm glad that many people are actually enjoying No Regrets. I had to read through 20+ pages of comments left on the Hong Kong discussion board. Except for 1 or 2 comments that said that No Regrets did not suit them, all the rest of the comments were actually praising No Regrets! =D Average ratings for the premiere episode is 32 points, peaking at 36 points. I think it's because of the timing problem; many people were not able to rush back from work to catch this drama, so that affected the ratings a little. I read that Producer Lee is unhappy with the ratings. =( Please don't be sad! So long as it's a good drama which has been garnering positive feedback since its broadcast, I'm sure more people will take note of it! =D

After watching the first episode, I was left in awe, really. I don't think I have seen such an intense first episode in any dramas before, be it Korean or TVB. First episodes of dramas are usually boring, but I must say, Sheren Tang and Pierre Ngo were really good in this first episode. They made the most impression on me.

The first episode started out with the present time, 1994. Then after that, 1944, then 1936. I did not cry when I watched it, unlike many people, but I did feel touched, especially during Gau Mui's funeral (Yes, Gau Mui died of old age, but this didn't impede the storyline; the intense part is actually in the last 30 minutes LOL!). The flashbacks were just beautifully done. =) Pierre totally surprised me. Pai Guat Zai was cute, in a way, especially when he was shot in the arm and begged Lau Sing to save him while they were trying to ambush the criminals. xD But I also felt really sorry for him, because the rest of the policemen seem to look down on him? And gosh, of course anybody would go deaf when they hear shots ring out continuously. I could really feel that Pai Guat Zai was in a lot of pain. =(

Sheren Tang totally stole the first episode. From the time she came out of her car, I could already sense her imposing presence. o.O''' I'm just very happy with her, the way she walked, the way she talked, the way she looked at people - all these convey a very "authoritative" and "I don't give a damn about you" feel, and I felt that Sheren nailed them perfectly. And wow, those phrases that Gau Mui uttered... She said it with so much sarcasm that I can't help but to applaud her acting skills. Oh, the meeting with the bank CEO was EPIC! Love her! <3
"你要搵棵樹吊頸,我阻唔到你,我今晚會為你流一滴眼!" (If you want to hang yourself on a tree, I won't stop you, but I will drop a tear for you tonight!)

"唔係陰謀,係陽謀!" --> I can't literally translate this, because it doesn't really make sense in English, but I totally love the play on the 陰 and 陽 words. <3

I can't see anybody else playing this role with this much justice as Sheren does to Gau Mui.

Overall, a good start to No Regrets! Bring it on, No Regrets! =D

What do you guys think about it? Do feel free to leave comments on my tag-board or this post. BUT REMEMBER, DO NOT BASH THE DRAMA HERE OR LEAVE ANY COMMENTS THAT MAY OFFEND ANYBODY. Thank you! =D



| Monday, October 18, 2010 | 0 comments |
This is the day, the time that many people have been waiting for! It is here, this is the time.

TVB’s 43rd Anniversary series, No Regrets.

Good news to all non-Cantonese viewers. It will be available with English subtitles (a first for a TVB drama), so enjoy! =D

I will not be updating as often now (but I will try to whenever I'm taking a break), because really, I have to study as the A-level exams determine my future. I have 14 papers in total, so I'm not going to rest my laurels. Do update me with links regarding No Regrets you guys find any. I’m not going to watch it yet, but do let me know how it is! Remember, no bashing allowed! ^^


All the best, No Regrets! =)


43rd TVB Lighting Ceremony


Lighting ceremony

TVBE news

- Credits to fefe129 of 邓萃雯吧

For photos, please click here.

Comments: Yes, I agree! Sheren and Wayne for TV Queen and TV King again! =D Lol, the lighting ceremony was alright to me. I didn't particularly enjoy it, because I don't think they sang very nice! >.< Many of the singers actually went off-tune. =( Gun Metal Grey's theme song sounds really good though! =D And I still don't believe that Red Butterfly will become No Regrets' sub-theme song. The ending credits for No Regrets did not put any sub-theme song in it.


Episodes 1 to 5

| Sunday, October 17, 2010 | 0 comments |
Here are the episode synopsis for episodes 1 to 5. Sorry people. I have to study for my A-levels, so I won't have the time to do recaps! Anybody interested in helping me can email me! =D For now, if you are interested, just read the episodic synopsis which I have taken from the official TVB website. =)

18th October 2010 (Episode 1)
In 1984, mass graves were dug out in Guangzhou, and those bodies were suspected to be those who were killed by the Japanese soldiers. Cheng Gau Mui (Sheren Tang) brought along her grand-daughter, her friends, Tong Gat (Pierre Ngo) and Yeung Yeung (Raymond Wong) to the scene...

In 1936, Tong Gat's grandmother slogged her life and managed to get a sum of money to travel to Guangzhou. Police superintendent Leung Fei Fan (Evergreen Mak) accepted Tong Gat into the police force, but this disrupted the plans of police captain Lau Sing (Wayne Lai); Lau Sing saw that Tong Gat was very timid and innocent, and thus, he did not have a good impression of him. Gangster boss Cheng Long Gwan's (Elliot Ngok) "Dong Toi Company" managed to secure a smoking licence. When the brothel held its opening ceremony, eldest daughter Cheng Gau Mui came back from Shanghai to congratulate him. However, her 3rd brother, Siu Kit, had to find fault with everything, making Long Gwan unhappy. Long Gwan saw that business was booming, and had the intention to be part of "Wing Yip Bank"; Gau Mui suggested that she should be put in-charge of that matter and negotiate with the stubborn CEO of the bank, Mr Wu. However, Mr Wu did not want to work with them as Dong Toi had dealings with drugs and the underworld. Gau Mui gathered all the Dong Toi people and spread rumours about the bank...

Fei Fan received reports that there was a robbery cum murder case in Nanjing, and put Lau Sing in-charge of solving the case. However, when he knew that the government was intending to reward them handsomely, Fei Fan decided that he wanted to catch the culprit himself, and forced Tong Gat to lure out the culprit...

19th October (Episode 2)
Lau Sing and his subordinate managed to catch the culprit, but when the police head wanted to commend the people who helped to bring the culprit to justice, Fei Fan claimed credit solely for himself. Long Hei and the rest were discussing about Dong Toi's 30th anniversary celebrations, and Long Gwan decides to hold a grand banquet in a restaurant; Long Hei suggests that Siu Kit should take over what Gau Mui has been handling. However, Gau Mui all along had the intention to actually let Siu Kit handle her business. Lau Sing asked Tong Gat to helped him buy him pigeons, but Tong Gat met a thief on the way...

Lau Sing was very happy when he struck it rich in lottery, but Siu Kit and Dai Fong could not find Lau Sing's ticket and refused to give him his money. Gau Mui then came and handled the situation. Tong Gat saw Siu Kit trying to force Yin Ping into accompanying him. As he was trying to help Yin Ping, Siu Kit was suddenly shot...

20th October (Episode 3)
Dai Fong sent people to hunt down Tong Gat, but his efforts were in vain. Long Gwan knew that Siu Kit's lungs were hurt, and was so angry that he sent Dong Toi's 3000+ henchmen to find Tong Gat. Dai Fong and Long Hei were celebrating the anniversary of Dong Toi when Fei Fan and his subordinates came to enquire about the case. Yeung Yeung recognised that the cleaner at the banquet was Tong Gat's relative, and found out where Tong Gat was hiding. Tong Gat then explained to Lau Sing and Yeung Yeung what really happened to Siu Kit. Lau Sing and Yeung Yeung went back to the police station to find some information about the suicide cases. When both of them went to the house of an important lead, they realised that he had already moved away. Fei Fan and Long Gwan forced Lau Sing to say what he knew, but to no avail. However, Gau Mui knew where Tong Gat was hiding. The hospital called to notify Long Gwan of Siu Kit's death. When he knew about his son's death wish, he lost his mind and vowed to kill Tong Gat personally...

21st October 2010 (Episode 4)
Gau Mui prevented Long Gwan from firing at Tong Gat, and the truth was revealed. Lau Sing brought Tong Gat home to eat dog meat, and collaborated with everyone else to get Lai Sim to rent Tong Gat a place to live in. After handling Siu Kit's funeral, Gau Mui, in front of her henchmen and Lau Sing, gave Choi Hing a sum of money to leave Guangzhou, incurring the wrath of Long Gwan. Lau Sing's wife, Chiu Dong Nei, came back and Lau Sing hurried to the train station to pick her up. With Lai Sim and the rest saying good things, both husband and wife were on good terms again. Lau Sing met Choi Hing, and witnessed somebody kidnapping him. A shot rang out, and the car that was ferrying Gau Mui moved past him...

Long Gwan decided against his decision about letting Siu Hong taking over the brothel, and encouraged him to learn more from Gau Mui, incurring the wrath of Long Hei.

22nd October 2010 (Episode 5)
Long Hei led 600 over people to hand in their resignation letters to Gau Mui. Long Gwan knew about it and asked Long Hei to retract her orders. Guangzhou had a level 10 typhoon alert. Lau Sing was on his way to the bus-stop to pick up Dong Hei, while Yeung Yeung was going to Xi Guan to pick up Lau Ching, who was working. However, Fei Fan had picked up Dong Nei earlier on; Yeung Yeung finally found Lau Ching, who was drenched to the core, and carried her back home.

Lau Sing received a report that somebody had illegally smuggled in some drugs into Guangzhou, and was about to lead his officers to investigate the case when he met Fei Fan. Fei Fan instructed that only Yeung Yeung and Tong Gat were to go, not the rest.; Lau Sing told his subordinates about Gau Mui assasinating Choi Hing. However, somebody else had already told Fei Fan that. Lau Sing and the rest decided to go the Cheng family and ask Gau Mui about for her explanation. The henchmen knew about Choi Hing's assasination, and rushed back to the Cheng family in order to know the truth...



TVB Weekly #695

| Saturday, October 16, 2010 | 0 comments |
I'm so going to get the TVB magazines when it comes to Singapore (one month later -.-''')! Meanwhile, I will post the scans of the TVB magazine, which features No Regrets on the cover page! ^^

If No Regrets is not nice, go pick cow dung!

Fala Chen and Raymond Wong with the lions...

Sheren Tang, Wayne Lai and Producer Lee hoping for good ratings.

Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai have promised to treat everybody to dinner if they set ratings records.

The artistes promoting No Regrets.

Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang.

According to the Hong Kong media, Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang were promoting their drama, No Regrets, yesterday. Wayne said that even if the online ratings were not counted in, the drama will definitely break Dae Jang Geum's ratings records. When asked whether he will bring everybody on a trip if the ratings were broken, Wayne immediately pulled Sheren "into the water" as well, and said that he will definitely treat them to dinner. They have confidence that this drama will be able to win the "Best Drama" award.

Wayne, Sheren, Fala, Raymond, Susan, Pierre and the rest were promoting No Regrets. All of them turned up in their drama costumes. They were beating drums as well as shouting fervently, bringing the atmosphere to a new high. Meanwhile, Producer Lee has said, "If this drama is not nice to watch, I will go back to my village and pick cow dung!" Sheren joked, "I will open a farm that sells cow dung!" Fala said, "I will go back to USA and pick cow dung as well!" Sheren also mentioned that Wayne had promised them an overseas trip when the 1st installment had good ratings. She asked, "Will you treat us this year?" Wayne replied, "I think we will break the ratings record this year. You earn so much money! We can treat them together!"

Confidence for "Best Drama" award
After that, when asked whether No Regrets can break Dae Jang Geum's ratings, Wayne said, "Even if the online ratings are not taken into account, we can still break the records. The current record-holder is a Korean drama, of course we will want to break it. (Will you treat everybody to an overseas trip if the ratings is broken?) No, I won't, but I will definitely treat everybody to a meal." Sheren has to go back to Mainland China to continue filming her drama after watching the first episode, so he has to promote the drama by himself. Wayne joked, "She has specially came back just to promote this drama. It's been tough on her." He hopes that the premiere episode will be able o reach 38 points, and has the confidence to beat Can't Buy Me Love in order to win the "Best Drama" award.
When Wayne mentioned that Sheren must also treat everybody if they break the ratings records, she laughed, "I don't see him sharing his awards (the 3 prizes that he won last year) with me!" She also mentioned, "I have to go back to China after watching the first episode, so after the lighting ceremony, I won't do anything else but to watch this drama. After that, I will try to come back more often to promote this drama. I have sacrificed a lot for this drama."

Fala Chen's rape scene keeps everybody in suspense
Fala Chen's character will be bullied and insulted by the Japanese. When asked about it, Fala kept everybody in suspense. "I believe that everybody will not be looking at my figure, but instead, will feel touched by what Lau Ching had to do for her family." As for Pierre, who has many scenes with Wayne, when asked whether he has the confidence to win "Best Supporting Actor" this time round, he said, "It's difficult to say, because there are so many competitors!"

- Credits to

Comments: Haha! It's so cute of Sheren to suggest going to South Korea if they ever beat Dae Jang Geum's ratings. xD Anyway, are they really serious?! Go pick cow dung?! Wow, they must really have confidence in No Regrets then! I wish them all the best! =D I notice that Wayne keeps emphasising that there is no need to add online ratings in order to make ratings go up to 50 points. DO YOU HEAR THAT, MUI SIU CHING (producer of Can't Buy Me Love)?! You and your stupid and dirty tricks. Go pawn Dae Jang Geum and all other TVB dramas, No Regrets! ^^



Videos + pictures of promo @ Hong Kong

| Friday, October 15, 2010 | 2 comments |
No Regrets held their promotional activities at East Point City in Hong Kong today! Here are the videos and photos! =D I will continue updating! ^^

Video of MV shown at East Point City!

Be sure to be there @ East Point City

| Thursday, October 14, 2010 | 0 comments |
@香港东港城:最新收到的#巾帼枭雄之义海豪情#活动布景板,真的很有「戏」势啊!明天下午1时半,监制#李添胜#会率领全体演员会来到#东港城# !@黎耀祥Wayne #邓萃雯# @陈法拉 @Raymong黄浩然 @胡定欣nancywu @敖嘉年 #谢雪心#

@Hong Kong East Point City: We have just received the banner for No Regrtes, it's really good! Tomorrow, at 1.30 pm, Producer Lee Tim Shing will lead the cast members to East Point City!. @Wayne Lai, #Sheren Tang#, @Fala Chen, @Raymond Wong, @Nancy Wu, @Pierre Ngo, #Susan Tse#

Participants include: Sheren Tang, Wayne Lai, Raymond Wong, Fala Chen, Pierre Ngo, Elliot Ngok, Samuel Kwok, Susan Tse, Henry Lee, Nancy Wu, King Kong, Beng Wong, Evergreen Mak, Elena Kong, Henry Lo, Lo Man Kit, Kelvin Leung, Eileen Yeow and Lee Tim Shing

- Credits to 四奶奶幫幫主 of 邓萃雯吧

Comments: How I wish I was in Hong Kong. T_T Anyway, people who are eating lunch should be able to see them! xD Wonder if my cousin will get the chance to go or not, since she still has school...



AOD Trailer + Official website

Here's the AOD trailer for No Regrets. The official TVB website for No Regrets is also up! ^^ Thanks, Komponist! =D However, I think TVB drama websites are not very attractive as compared to the Korean drama websites! Maybe it's good, because it doesn't lag so much on my laptop. =P But I must say, the wallpapers for this drama are really very pretty! I love them! So go download them if you're interested! =D

AOD Trailer

- Credits to 阿甘gamejordan of 义海豪情吧


For drama photo stills, click here.

For wallpapers (I really think they are pretty!), click here.

Comments: I really love the wallpapers the best! TVB wallpapers aren't usually very nice, but I love No Regrets' ones! It isn't very fanciful, but those wallpapers can really bring out "certain feelings". I don't know if you get what I mean though. xD


Call Sheren Tang "Miss Nine"!


@Ronald Leung: Last night, I'm very happy to interview Sheren Tang. Believe me, you are gentle, and you will find your other half soon! The interview, which will be shown on Today's VIP, will be broadcasted on Monday, which is also the day the first episode of No Regrets will be broadcasted. Next time, everybody will have to call her "Miss Nine".

Today's VIP will be broadcasted on 18th October 2010 (Monday) @ 3.05 PM on TVB Jade, 5.15 PM @ TVB JADE (HD)

- Credits to 皮皮号 of 邓萃雯吧

Comments: I will post the videos of the Super Trio Master programme when I manage to find it. Sheren did not participate in that show though.



Trailer 6

| Wednesday, October 13, 2010 | 0 comments |
HOLY~! This trailer is really, TRULY, Gau Mui's and Lau Sing's. And if it's about Gau Mui and Lau Sing, obviously it will be very heart-wrenching, and indeed, it is. T_T

I think this is the official poster for No Regrets! Hopefully they'll use it for the DVD cover which I'm really so going to buy! ^^

Trailer 6

- Credits to Sally

Comments: I like this trailer the best! It really brings out the feelings that both Lau Sing and Gau Mui have for each other. I really love Gau Mui's first line. "你到底有冇真心鍾意過我?", which translates to, "Have you ever loved me?" GOSH!!!!! T_T And then, the scene at the church! Oh my, both Gau Mui and Lau Sing said "不見不散!" WHAT IS THIS GOING TO MEAN?!?! ='( I love both their expressions, though Gau Mui has a very apprenhensive look while Lau Sing looks really very gentle! My perfect gentleman! <3 The music played isn't helping at all! It sounds so... creepy and eerie! I felt really "sum suen" after watching it. I didn't cry, but some people did. T_T


Trailer 5

| Monday, October 11, 2010 | 4 comments |

Trailer 5

Comments: This should be one of the most intense trailers to date. I'm still stunned! Gau Mui really, really, and I really mean REALLY, LOOKS VERY SCARY HERE! O.O''' Her eyes can really, really, really kill! >.< It's like looking at the Basilisk into the eyes LOL, just that Gau Mui has nicer eyes. xD Lau Sing got shot so many times, it will be a miracle if he survives. >.< Bring it on, No Regrets! I want more! =D


TVB Weekly #694

Here are the scans regarding No Regrets from this week's TVB Weekly #694. Happy reading! ;)

Videos @ AOD

Wow! There're so many videos from AOD! >.< The opening theme is also out! =D Haha, as these videos were taken by jssong, whom I presume was video-recording it as he watched, they are not the clear versions though. I will re-upload the videos when the real ones come out! For now, just enjoy being spoilt. xD By the way, the cast of No Regrets will be on a programme called 獎門人 tomorrow! Hong Kongers, do remember to tune in! =D

Opening theme!

Trailers from AOD.

- Credits to 阿甘gamejordan of 义海豪情吧

Comments: OH-MY-GOSH! The opening theme really reminds me of the opening theme in Rosy Business! I'm really sorry for the grainy videos, because I can't find better ones, so please bear with them! >.< But back to the opening theme, I'm already loving the way the drama unfolds just based on the opening video! =D Lau Sing actually reminds me of Chai Gau. He does indeed has a very fiery temper (like Chai Gau LOL!). Won't Wayne get sore-throat from having to shout so often? He seems to be shouting everytime he's in those trailers. And I totally love the part when all the guns were drawn out! Coolness! =D Gau Mui's the best though! "I will drop a tear for you tonight!" She said it with so much sarcasm and arrogance! ^^ By the way, I'm not sure if there's something wrong with the last scene of the opening theme though. I thought that was the screenshot of the sales presentation? Are they still going to use that? o.O''' Otherwise, the opening theme is really 正! I saw Gau Mui's ruthless look! She looked so scary holding that gun! >.< I love the Gau Mui - Lau Sing scenes the best! <3


New banner!

| Sunday, October 10, 2010 | 0 comments |
I have designed a new banner for myself! I managed to revive my supposedly-dead desktop that has Photoshop and voila! Here's my new banner! I haven't touched Photoshop in like dunno-how-many-years, so actually, there's nothing much I can do if you people find this ugly. =X

Anyway, I will try to design No Regrets graphics (after my A-Levels) now that I'm able to revive my "dead" computer, but I must say that I'm not as talented as some people out there like Molly! >.< Alternatively, if you would like to contribute any No Regrets graphics, please leave down your link! I will credit you! <3

My banner


Mingpao Weekly #2187

| Saturday, October 9, 2010 | 0 comments |
OH MY GOSH! Can they please stop revealing the storyline for No Regrets?!?! During times like this, it's really a blessing not to know Chinese. >.< It's not as if the magazines just revealed a tiny part of it. IT'S ONE WHOLE BIG CHUNK (like the main parts of the story) PLUS the ending oh my gosh oh my gosh! =/ I wonder if this is one of TVB's tactics to keep people away from watching No Regrets... -.-'''

Old Gau Mui

| Friday, October 8, 2010 | 2 comments |

- Credits to pinkgugu1209 of

Comments: OH MAN! Is this really how Gau Mui will look like when she's old?! To be honest, I swear that she really looks like an old granny! =D The old grandma "feel" is really there, if you people get what I mean. I can't wait to see more "old people"! =D


32% support Sheren Tang for TV Queen

Come every award ceremony, the battle for TV Queen is even fiercer and receives even more media coverage than the battle for TV King. The battle between Charmaine Sheh and Sheren Tang will definitely be very much looked forward to. In 2004, both of them, who acted in War and Beauty, were trying to win the award, only to be defeated by black horse, Gigi Lai; in 2006, Sheh challenged Tang again, based on her work Maiden’s Vow, against Tang’s La Femme Desperado. Sheh succeeded in becoming TV Queen; last year, Rosy Business’ 4th Wife challenged Beyond the Realm of Conscience’s Lau Sam Ho, and Tang was finally crowned TV Queen!

*note: Man Lui is Sheren's nickname

Trailer 4

Yes! The 4th trailer just came out! I will post it later, at around 10+ pm, after I'm done with my revision! You all just wait! ^^ This time, Wayne's the lead in the trailer! =D More comments later. I have some photos from the drama as well, so keep your eyes peeled! ^^

Trailer 4

Comments: Wayne Lai is obviously the lead here. But my question is, how come this trailer is sooo short?! It's half the length of the previous 3 trailers, which were about 30 seconds each. As usual, I love the music in this trailer, although I wish the trailer could have been longer. >.< Lau Sing is really getting very agitated here! Pai Guat Zai really looked terrified! I love that look a lot! And erm... Elena is going to have a thing with Fei Fan...?!?! I read from the gossip magazines that there will be a 5-sided love pentagon?! Coolness to the max! Now let's see how complicated this drama can get! GO, NO REGRETS! ^^


Pictures galore~!

| Thursday, October 7, 2010 | 2 comments |
MANY MANY MANY PICTURES COMING UP! AND I'M NOT JOKING! >.< There are altogether 94 photos, but I won't post all of them here! For more photos, you can click here.

I'm really excited!

| Wednesday, October 6, 2010 | 0 comments |
隨著時間一日一日過去,十月十八日愈來愈近. 無論是公司同事,傳媒的朋友,坊間的所有人,都好像在期待着談論着,巾幗梟雄之義海豪情的播出. 其實,我的心比任何人都更加期待,因為我知道劉醒這人物會是我今生都不會忘記的朋友,和他經歷了一代中國人的命運,刻骨銘心.

Time passes really quickly, and 18th October is about to arrive! Whether it is the company, the media, or the people in the streets, everybody seems to be anticipating the broadcast of No Regrets. Actually, I'm anticipating this drama more than anybody else, because I know that Lau Sing will become the one friend whom I will never forget. He has gone through what the Chinese people had gone through, and has left a deep impression on me.

- Credits to Wayne Lai's TVB blog


Promo @ Hong Kong

@香港東港城:萬眾期待,台慶劇#巾幗梟雄之義海豪情#將於本月18日啟播,而下星期五(15日) 一眾劇中演員將率先來到#東港城#強勢宣傳新劇,一定不要錯過哦!

@Hong Kong East Point City: Anniversary series No Regrets will be broadcasted on the 18th October 2010. Next Friday (15/10/10), the cast members will come to East Point City to promote their drama! Do not miss out!


Hong Kong East Point City' Weibo: The cast of No Regrets will be doing their promotional activities at East Point City. The attendance list is already out. They include: Sheren Tang, Wayne Lai, Fala Chen, Raymond Wong, Nancy Wu, Pierre Ngo, King Kong, Elena Kong, Susan Tse, Henry Lee and about 10 more other cast members. Producer Lee Tim Shing will also be there! See you there this Friday at 1.30 pm!

- Credits to 香港東港城's Weibo


Trailer 3

| Tuesday, October 5, 2010 | 0 comments |
The third trailer just came out in Hong Kong! I will probably wake up earlier to post up the video before leaving for school tomorrow! =D OK, I managed to get it quite quickly, thanks to zealous fans in Hong Kong and China! Here it is! ^^

Trailer 3

Comments: Gosh! This trailer is really exciting! xD And gosh, I see Gau Mui smoking on opium?!?! She looks so... much like a drug addict. ._. There are more confrontational scenes in this trailer. I can totally see Gau Mui's life at risk here. >.< Long Hei's stare is very scary! She totally reminds me of her role in Rosy Business. But I doubt she can be as evil as Lai Wah, since she was not nominated for the "My Favourite Villain" in MY AOD FAVOURITES 2010. I think I am really looking forward to the confrontational scene between the 2 of them though! ^^ I'm totally loving it when Gau Mui has that who-do-you-think-you-are look and the how-dare-you-go-against-me tone, especially in the scene between her and Long Hei. "I know you've wanted me to die for a long time!"... =D

Anyway, I know this is really random, but I love the background music! I really hope they make use of such music for those epic scenes in the drama itself. It really does a lot to bring out the tense atmosphere. =)

What do you guys think about it? Feel free to leave your thoughts or comments either in this post or in the tag-board! ^^


Vote for No Regrets @ MY AOD FAVOURITES 2010

| Sunday, October 3, 2010 | 0 comments |
Hi people! Vote for the No Regrets' casts, especially if you're from Malaysia. Non-Malaysian fans, you can try your luck! Just click on the link below! xD

MY AOD FAVOURITES 2010 - No Regrets' preview

1. 我的最愛電視劇集 / My Favourite Drama Series

2. 我的最愛電視男主角 / My Favourite Actor In A Leading Role

3. 我的最愛電視女主角 / My Favourite Actress In A Leading Role

4. 我的最愛電視男配角 / My Favourite Actor in A Supporting Role
RAYMOND WONG, PIERRE NGO (either one you choose)

5. 我的最愛電視女配角 / My Favourite Actress In A Supporting Role
SUSAN TSE, KARA HUI, NANCY WU, FALA CHEN (either one you choose)

6. 我的最愛電視奸角 / My Favourite Villain

7. 十大我的最愛電視角色 / My Favourite Top 10 Drama Characters

PLEASE GIVE NO REGRETS YOUR FULLEST SUPPORT! VOTING STARTS FROM 4 Oct 2010 at 12pm (1200hrs) till 14 November 2010 at 11:59pm (2359hrs). Voting form is available here.

- Credits to 阿甘gamejordan of 义海豪情吧 (video)

Comments: Waa... Lau Sing really has a very fiery temper. So far, I don't see anything special with his character, though if Wayne says that Lau Sing will become his representative role, it will definitely become his representative role. xD Gau Mui is really intriguing me though! I just love Sheren's expressions, especially the part where she said, "The more chaotic, the better!" at 0.35s onwards. I just love that smirk! And at 0.38s, *cues in dramatic music*, when Gau Mui walked in (Wow! Totally reminds me of Yu Fei Leong Leong walking in in War and Beauty!), the guy said, "I call the shots here!", to which, Gau Mui replied, "Yes, that was just now. NOW, I CALL THE SHOTS!" Love this man! <3

Interview @ Malaysia!

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No Regrets has not aired yet, but it has been garnering much attention. When asked whether he has the confidence to win the Best Actor award again, Wayne Lai said, "I don't have the confidence, but I will give my best!" If they break the ratings record, how will they reward themselves? He said, "You should ask how the company will reward us!" Pierre Ngo added, "Film a third series!"

Wayne, Pierre and Fala Chen were in Malaysia to promote No Regrets, which will be aired on Astro On Demand on 18th October 2010. Wayne, being last year's 42nd TVB Annivesary biggest winner, naturally became the centre of attraction. When asked whether he and Sheren Tang will have a happy ending, he said, "The flower may bloom, but it may not be the fruit that everyone expects since different people have different standards. However, in my opinion, the ending is a perfect one. It is really difficult to put ones' feelings to words as they are very abstract."

From Chai Gau to Lau Sing, Wayne mentioned that the direction of this drama will be different from Rosy Business, so he won't utter any golden phrases. However, he guaranteed that the storyline will be more dramatic, and that everybody will be given their due time to act their scenes. Pierre said that he will no longer be the bad guy, but will be a country bumpkin with a lowly status. Fala, who is a new addition to the cast, will be acting as a sickly person for the first time. She has also consulted her "brother", Wayne, for advice.

Michael Tse has moved into the movie industry with his character, "Laughing Gor". Raymond Lam, whom TVB has been promoting very aggressively, has also continually accepted offers to film movies. Will Wayne want to be a movie lead? He has since refuted such claims, saying that "I have no interest in filming movies as I am more inclined towards filming dramas."

- Credits to

Comments: Hmm, Wayne is really different from Fala. Fala has greater ambitions and wants to move into the movie industry. I agree that by moving into the movie industry, one will receive more recognition from the rest of the world, especially if the movie is good. However, I think I will still prefer Wayne to film dramas instead. He should capitalise on his fame now and film more good dramas! ^^ I think I saw some scenes from the drama in that video! Will those scenes be part of the MV? Sally posted the pictures up on Baidu, but it's a bit unclear, so I won't post them here. But from those photos, I can really tell you that Sheren is so cute heehee! =3 And oh no, I hope the ending won't be a bad one for our dear Sherayne! >.<


Activities @ Malaysia

Hi people! For some weird reasons, I'm unable to download these videos and upload them to this blog, so I'll just post the links only! Thanks a lot, Komponist! ^^

Wayne Lai singing 999 Roses

Sunway function games (part 1)

(part 2)

Wayne saying goodbye

- Credits to JSSONG

Wayne singing


Time Square (part 1)

(part 2)

- Credits to HL_Debbie_KL

Tada! That's it, people! =D Happy watching! ^^

Promo activity @ Malaysia 2


- Credits to CindyTVB's Weibo

Promo activity @ Malaysia


- Credits to Wayne Lai's Weibo

Comments: Rah, I wished I was in Malaysia. T_T

Full theme song + MV

Full theme song here, but not the lyrics. I've found the the full lyrics as well! =D I don't have the time to figure out all the words, and my Cantonese is not pro enough to figure out all the correct lyrics, though I generally understand the song. xD I can get my mum or dad to listen to it, but I think they'll slap me for wasting my time here when I'm supposed to be doing my revision. I'll just have to for somebody in the Hong Kong forum to post it. =P Don't worry, I'll translate the lyrics in English when I get the full lyrics! xD Found, and translation done, but I did not really do a literal translation! PLEASE CREDIT DREAMLUCKY IF YOU TAKE THE TRANSLATIONS! THANKS FOR COOPERATING! ^^

Click HERE to listen to the full theme song.

古巨基 - 義海豪情 (電視劇 "巾幗梟雄之義海豪情" 主題曲)

編曲:Johnny Yim

未懼身上被子彈留痕 維護妳我卻甘於捨身
站在風浪下對抗黑暗 而為妳 是毫無疑問

烈火熊熊升起 圍牆徐徐倒地
蝴蝶長埋土地 情愫長留於天地
亂世中煙火 摧毀不了傳奇

漫天的炮火混亂地湧起 處身危城可不理
為只要捍衛 驚恐的妳 就是未怕死

*未懼身上被子彈留痕 維護妳我卻甘於捨身
 就讓天下在見證足印 誰為愛活過而無憾*

漫天的炮火混亂地湧起 染污無瑕的手臂
在這裡抱著 驚恐的妳 就是未怕死

遇著苦難亦堅守同行 情義不會淡 即使地陷
就讓天下在見證足印 誰為愛活過而無憾

Leo Ku - Righteous Sea of Heroic Love (No Regrets' theme song)
Composer: Tang Chi Wai / Yip Kai Chung
Lyrics composer: Eva Chan
Melody composer: Johnny Yim
Producer: Tang Chi Wai

I do fear of having bullet scars on my body, but for you, I’m willing to risk my life
Standing under the waves and battling the darkness, but for you, there’s no question

The flames rise steadily, the walls crumble
I smell the blood of night
The butterflies may have died, but feelings stay on forever
In such chaotic times, nothing can destroy our miracle

Chaos reign, and I can ignore the danger I put myself in
Because in order to protect you, I’m not afraid of death

*I do fear of having bullet scars on my body, but for you, I’m willing to risk my life
Let heaven witness who, for the sake of love, lived with no regrets*

Chaos reign, and this scars my flawless arm
But as I hug you, I’m not afraid of death

We soldier on as we face with difficulties, love never dies, even when the earth sinks
Let heaven witness who, for the sake of love, lived with no regrets

- Credits to hin仔 of Coolman Music Forum - 只有酷音樂
- Credits to 黎耀祥吧

Comments: Actually, the theme song is really good and epic! It sounds really grand, and it has this olden day feel to it. I especially like the middle parts - Leo really put in a lot of feelings into sing those parts. ^^ He really did a great job in singing this! I totally didn't expect him to pull it off! ^^ I totally am in love with the lyrics! I can see Lau Sing's devotion to Gau Mui here. Aww... <3 GO NO REGRETS! =D