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Thoughts on Episode 9

| Friday, October 29, 2010 | |
Yes! I really love episode 9! Gosh, the intensity is coming back after ebbing away during the last 2 episodes! =D There's just so much action (too much I think) in this episode! xD

And who thought of Rosy Business when the rain scene between Gau Mui and Lau Sing was shown? I certainly did! It reminded me of the scene when 4th Wife was begging Chai Gau to save Pit-mo's life. xD I think Gau Mui really wanted to save Lai Wah, but who knew if her sadness and anguish was fake or not. I really can't tell. >.<

Lai Wah has made her entrance to this drama, and I like the way Nancy Wu is portraying her. Lai Wah looks innocent and girly, but actually, I think there's something more sinister about her. I have a bad feeling about this, especially when she was talking animately to Long Hei in the trailer for the next episode. I don't think Lai Wah is that innocent at all. =X

I really love the boat scene! There was nothing romantic about that scene, but aww... Lau Sing was trying to help Gau Mui feel more comfortable when she was suffering from sea-sickness. Heehee, little actions like that make fans (especially when I love this pairing a lot!) like me go crazy! xD

Gau Mui, you are seriously scaring me! I just love her eye expressions, especially during the showdown between Fei Fan and Lau Sing. She didn't say a lot, but oh, I seriously love the look of contempt on her face! And Dai Fong cracked me up during this scene as well! He totally looked as if he was dancing when he was "happily" slapping Fei Fan LOL! xD It was quite exaggerated (not sure if this was on purpose), but nevertheless, funny! =P I love the part when black and white stood on the same side (I mean law and lawlessness). =)

More more more Gau Mui - Lau Sing scenes please! =D I'm really loving this couple a lot! <3 By the way, do you guys think that Gau Mui will like Lau Sing first or will Lau Sing like Gau Mui first? From the look of Gau Mui's eyes, I think she likes and admires the way Lau Sing handles things. xD Please vote! ^^

What are your thoughts of this episode? Do feel free to leave down your comments, but no bashing or comments that may offend other people! Thanks! ^^

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