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32% support Sheren Tang for TV Queen

| Friday, October 8, 2010 | |
Come every award ceremony, the battle for TV Queen is even fiercer and receives even more media coverage than the battle for TV King. The battle between Charmaine Sheh and Sheren Tang will definitely be very much looked forward to. In 2004, both of them, who acted in War and Beauty, were trying to win the award, only to be defeated by black horse, Gigi Lai; in 2006, Sheh challenged Tang again, based on her work Maiden’s Vow, against Tang’s La Femme Desperado. Sheh succeeded in becoming TV Queen; last year, Rosy Business’ 4th Wife challenged Beyond the Realm of Conscience’s Lau Sam Ho, and Tang was finally crowned TV Queen!

*note: Man Lui is Sheren's nickname

The battle for TV Queen will definitely be better than watching cat-fights on TV. This year, the enemies will meet again. Last week, the last episode of Sheh’s Can’t Buy Me Love (CBML) hit 45 points, creating a record ratings for this year. Her acting skills have been proven, and people see her as a contender for TV Queen. However, this is not the time to be overly happy yet, as No Regrets, which will be aired on 18th October 2010, has yet to be broadcasted. Tang has the support of the Hong Kong netizens, who are looking forward to her winning her 2nd TV Queen award in a row. The battle starts, and to defeat Sheh will be the best result anyone can hope for.

As the year ends, there are still 3 things that TVB is concerned with: Will Stephan Chan be charged with corruption and jailed? Will Sixth Uncle hand over the reins to 4th Uncle? Will the TV Queen award end up in Sheh’s hand? During last year’s award ceremony, there was very strong support for 4th Wife to become TV Queen. TVB had no choice but to listen to the voice of the masses and hand over the award to “non-biological daughter” Tang, while Sheh went home empty-handed. 4th Wife’s victory has been seen as a revolution as well as victory for the netizens. Even though TVB had always ignored the voices of the people, they did not dare to ignore them again for fear of incurring the wrath of the masses.

What about this year? TVB made use of the cast from Beyond the Realm of Conscience to film CBML. A palace-rivalry drama has become a comedy. This was meant to promote Sheh to become TV Queen, and become the big sister of TVB. CBML, indeed had high ratings. With the online myTV ratings being added, the peak rating became 51 points. It is TVB’s intention to promote CBML as much as possible. As for Sheh’s acting skills, even Chow Yun Fatt has praised her. Things may finally go in TVB’s way, whereby the TV Queen award will go back to its “biological daughter”. Of course they are happy!

Although Sheh has the upper hand for now, but things are as unpredictable as the weather. Last year’s Rosy Business, which won the hearts of the masses, had filmed an indirect sequel with the same cast. No Regrets was already set as an Anniversary series early this year. TVB seems to have more confidence in No Regrets than CBML. Now that CBML has high ratings, there is no way for No Regrets to be pushed back to air next year. This has resulted in “2 tigers in October”. Whether Sheh can win her TV Queen, you must ask Tang, and ask the people on the streets.

We conducted a survey and interviewed 50 people, asking them about their choice for TV Queen this year. Will Sheh win, or will Tang succeed again? Or will there be other black horses?

Sheren Tang has very good acting skills
1st in place, Charmaine Sheh, with 36% of the votes. Many netizens felt that Sheh has improved in her acting in CMBL and has a very good sense of humour. Moreover, this year’s dramas were lacklustre; it is definitely not hard to make her TV Queen. However, her real competitor will only come when Sheren Tang appears in No Regrets

These few years, TVB has been promoting Sheh a lot – she is the first female lead in every drama she is in. However, many people do not think highly of her as they feel that her acting skills are not good. “She doesn’t convey the right emotions in scenes that require it, and isn’t very versatile in relaxing roles as well. I don’t see any improvement in her!” CBML has succeeded in letting Sheh shed such an image. Even Chow Yun Fatt and Moses Chan have praised her, no wonder she is so happy. However, there were some who poured cold water on her. “Since when did Brother Chow say any bad things about a drama or its leads?”Next, Shen has two more dramas under her name, namely When Heaven Burns and Colourful World of Sister Fa. She will be acting as a mentally-challenged girl in there. “This is the real big test on her acting capabilities!”

2nd in place, Sheren Tang, with 32% of the votes. Although No Regrets has not been broadcasted, but many people are confident about Tang’s acting skills, knowing that she has the acting chops. “Even since Man Lui returned to TVB in 2000, she has filmed many good dramas, such as Loving You, in which she plays a different role every episode. I have noticed her since then. After that, War and Beauty, The Family Link, La Femme Desperado and then Rosy Business have proven that she is really a good actress.” A few people commented, “Man Lui’s acting skills are definitely many levels higher than Sheh’s. So long as there’s Man Lui, Sheh will have a hard time in becoming TV Queen!” Moreover, everybody was happy with Tang’s win for her role in Rosy Business. Tang will be able to learn from her mistakes in Rosy Business, and will develop her character in No Regrets even further. “We must look out for the chemistry between Wayne Lai as well! In this aspect, No Regrets has already won!” However, there are rumours that Tang has increased her asking price to 3 million dollars per episode, and has many of her scenes cut. This may affect her ability to develop her character. "She has gotten her award last year. Moreover, she’s not TVB’s "biological daughter", are you sure TVB will give her the award again?"

Who do you think will win this year's TV Queen?
■ Charmaine Sheh 36%
■ Sheren Tang 32%
■ Tavia Yeung 20%
■ Don't know 12%
(interviewed 50 people)

CBML's last episode garnered 45 points, do you think it's surprising?
■ Yes 26%
■ No 34%
■ Don't know 40%
(interviewed 50 people)

What people say
It's really difficult to say. Sheh is TVB's "biological daughter", but Tang has excellent acting skills. However, Tang has won it last year, so I think this year's award will go to Sheh.

Miss Man: Sheh is good, but I prefer Man Lui. I have "chased" Rosy Business, and I will do the same for No Regrets.

Miss Cheng: Sheh's role in CBML was outstanding, and she hasn't won for many years. I think she will get it this year.

- Credits to Sing Tao Daily

Comments: Wow! No Regrets hasn't even aired yet and so many people are already supporting Sheren! ^^ This is good to hear. My cousin said that Sheren does enjoy a very high popularity in Hong Kong as well, but still, I didn't expect so many people to support her even though her drama hasn't aired. It must be because her roles in TVB dramas these few years have been so memorable. <3 And yes, if you want to talk about the best of the best, Sheren's really one of the best actresses that TVB has! Just go and ask my cousin, who has personally seen Sheren film No Regrets! My cousin has nothing for praises for her! =D I will support Sheren! Ga yau ah, Man Lui! Ngor we zi ci lei ga! <3




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