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Episodes 6 to 10

| Sunday, October 24, 2010 | |
Wow. What's up with TVB releasing such detailed episode synopsis for No Regrets? Anyway, here's the synopsis for episode 6 to 10. I did not translate everything though, because I have no wish to read everything (lest I get spoiled). Please make do with this, and watch the drama yourself. =D

25th October 2010 (Episode 6)
Gau Mui said that she is one who values loyalty, and vowed that if Fei Fan tries to make things difficult for anybody, they can come to her for help. Tong Gat has the most amount of prize money. However, Lau Sing is feeling unsettled as he still could not figure out what kind of person Gau Mui is. Everybody was curious as to why Gau Mui was able to stop Lau Sing from asking about Choi Hing’s whereabouts so effortlessly, and laughed at the both of them for having good chemistry.

Long Hei and Dai Fong woke up Siu Hong in the middle of the night, and asked him where he went. They brought him to the entrance of a carabet dance club. Siu Hong suddenly remembered what happened that year; he gathered all the gang members, and wants them to find out if Gau Mui is really Long Gwan’s daughter…

Dong Nei goes back to her mother's place, and found out that Fei Fan has bought a wheelchair for her grandmother. He explains that that he is merely being filial to her, and starts to talk about their past. Dong Nei resists, and Fei Fan plots to make Dong Nei his...

26th October 2010 (Episode 7)
Lau Sing and the rest were helping out with his stall. Yeung Yeung was to meet the dim sum chef and sent Lau Ching to work, making her very happy. Long Hei consoled Siu Hong, and asked him to muster his courage to ask Long Gwan to eat together with them. Long Gwan decided to let him go to Shenyang to do business. Dai Fong and the rest were shocked, and were not willing to let Siu Hong go.

Dong Nei asked Fei Fan to help Lau Sing get back his job, but Fei Fan refused. Dong Nei had to keep begging him before he finally relented.

Fei Fan made use of this chance to see Dong Nei, and said that in order to reinstate Lau Sing, he was willing to resign. Dong Nei thought that this was true, and was very grateful to Fei Fan...

27th October 2010 (Episode 8)
Lai Sim was very worried for Yeung Yeung, and was afraid that Fei Fan would make things difficult for him. Lau Sing led a group of people to see the police superintendent, saying that he was willing to give up his salary so as to keep the rest. Dong Nei blames Lau Sing for not speaking the truth, He had to tell Dong Nei about how Gau Mui helped him, but Dong Nei blames him for not being realistic, and for being acquainted with Gau Mui. She said that it was Fei Fan who helped him get back his job. Lau Sing realised that Dong Nei met up with Fei Fan, and was very angry. Both of them fight again.

Dong Nei felt wronged, and told her troubles to Fei Fan. She blamed Lau Sing for treating his sister more important than her. Dong Nei doubted Lau Sing’s love for her, and said that she did not know how to continue living with him. Fei Fan made Dong Nei drunk and brought her to his apartment…

Lau Sing asked Tong Gat out for a drink, and revealed that Dong Nei had an affair with Fei Fan. Tong Gat vowed to help Lau Sing get revenge, but Lau Sing told him not to get too impulsive and they started fighting. Lau Sing accidentally hits Gau Mui’s car…

28th October 2010 (Episode 9)
Lau Ching went to the doctor, and realised that she needs a surgery in order to mend the hole in her heart. However, the cost of surgery is very expensive and the chances of success are not high. Lau Ching hopes to live the rest of her life happily. Lau Sing feels sad.

Gau Mui wants to seal a deal with Lau Sing, saying that if the deal succeeds, she will help to pay for Lau Ching’s medical fees.

Fei Fan leaves the police force as he has been recruited by Gau Mui to join Dong Toi. He is made the General Manager, and has also announced that he will marry Dong Nei. Lau Sing went to ask Gau Mui what happened. Not only did she not help him, she also recruited Fei Fan. Gau Mui chided him for not being caring enough, which was the reason why Dong Nei left him. Lau Sing was so angry that he called Gau Mui a cheat.

29th October 2010 (Episode 10)
Dong Nei was about to leave for her village, and tells Lau Ching to take care of herself. Lau Sing said that both he and Dong Nei will still remain good friends; Dong Nei feels touched.

Long Hei found out that Gau Mui has been meeting Lai Wah, and asks for Lai Wah’s help to find out more about Gau Mui. However, both Lai Wah and Gau Mui did not know that they were being taped...

Tong Gat and the rest accompanied the French Consulate, and told Lau Sing that Gau Mui was dancing with the French. Lau Sing heaved a sigh of relief, saying that both of them have not seen each other for so long. Lau Sing was setting up road barriers when he met Gau Mui. She brought him to Dong Toi’s opium storeroom, and said that she has a long-kept secret that she wishes to share with him...




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