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Thoughts on Episode 1

| Tuesday, October 19, 2010 | |
AHH! SOMEBODY, PLEASE KILL ME! I'm supposed to study, but lol, I woke up very early today (at 5.45 am!) to load No Regrets on Tudou and watched it! >.< OK, I promise to work doubly hard after finishing this post! =/

Actually, I'm glad that many people are actually enjoying No Regrets. I had to read through 20+ pages of comments left on the Hong Kong discussion board. Except for 1 or 2 comments that said that No Regrets did not suit them, all the rest of the comments were actually praising No Regrets! =D Average ratings for the premiere episode is 32 points, peaking at 36 points. I think it's because of the timing problem; many people were not able to rush back from work to catch this drama, so that affected the ratings a little. I read that Producer Lee is unhappy with the ratings. =( Please don't be sad! So long as it's a good drama which has been garnering positive feedback since its broadcast, I'm sure more people will take note of it! =D

After watching the first episode, I was left in awe, really. I don't think I have seen such an intense first episode in any dramas before, be it Korean or TVB. First episodes of dramas are usually boring, but I must say, Sheren Tang and Pierre Ngo were really good in this first episode. They made the most impression on me.

The first episode started out with the present time, 1994. Then after that, 1944, then 1936. I did not cry when I watched it, unlike many people, but I did feel touched, especially during Gau Mui's funeral (Yes, Gau Mui died of old age, but this didn't impede the storyline; the intense part is actually in the last 30 minutes LOL!). The flashbacks were just beautifully done. =) Pierre totally surprised me. Pai Guat Zai was cute, in a way, especially when he was shot in the arm and begged Lau Sing to save him while they were trying to ambush the criminals. xD But I also felt really sorry for him, because the rest of the policemen seem to look down on him? And gosh, of course anybody would go deaf when they hear shots ring out continuously. I could really feel that Pai Guat Zai was in a lot of pain. =(

Sheren Tang totally stole the first episode. From the time she came out of her car, I could already sense her imposing presence. o.O''' I'm just very happy with her, the way she walked, the way she talked, the way she looked at people - all these convey a very "authoritative" and "I don't give a damn about you" feel, and I felt that Sheren nailed them perfectly. And wow, those phrases that Gau Mui uttered... She said it with so much sarcasm that I can't help but to applaud her acting skills. Oh, the meeting with the bank CEO was EPIC! Love her! <3
"你要搵棵樹吊頸,我阻唔到你,我今晚會為你流一滴眼!" (If you want to hang yourself on a tree, I won't stop you, but I will drop a tear for you tonight!)

"唔係陰謀,係陽謀!" --> I can't literally translate this, because it doesn't really make sense in English, but I totally love the play on the 陰 and 陽 words. <3

I can't see anybody else playing this role with this much justice as Sheren does to Gau Mui.

Overall, a good start to No Regrets! Bring it on, No Regrets! =D

What do you guys think about it? Do feel free to leave comments on my tag-board or this post. BUT REMEMBER, DO NOT BASH THE DRAMA HERE OR LEAVE ANY COMMENTS THAT MAY OFFEND ANYBODY. Thank you! =D



  1. yay first to comment!!!

    im vietnamese so i don't understand anything in episode one, but i had to watch it anyways cuz i already waited so long. eventhough i didnt understand a word, i know im in for something REALLY GOOD!!! it seem like the director wasnt trying to impress us with anything except for the exceptional storyline so far.....and i totally agree with everything u say about sheren up there eventhough i don't understand.....just through looking at her eyes while tlking, u can tell she's such a smart person....i really do wanna know what happen at the end though..i didnt quite understand that....can't wait for this serie to get dub

  2. @AN PHAM Hello An Pham! =D Yes, you are right! The first episode was already so intense! ^^ Actually, there are English subs available (a first for TVB drama; in Hong Kong, you can choose whether to watch it with Eng or Chi subs). Maybe you can try I watch my Korean dramas with English subs there. xD

    And yes, I totally love Sheren! She's really a very smart person who knows what to do. Have you watched War and Beauty? Her character is somewhat like that of Yu Fei, just that I feel Gau Mui is more "humane" (not sure if this is the correct word to use) than Yu Fei, from what I've seen. xD

    Thanks for leaving down your thoughts! Continue to enjoy No Regrets! =D

  3. awhh gracias!! i did heard that tvb had release the new english sub title thing but i couldnt find it. and yes i had watched war and beauty!! i like her character in there alot!! hopefully she'll WOW me even more in this new role

  4. @AN PHAM Haha, I tried to go MySoju to help you find, but apparently, they did not have any page for No Regrets. I swear I saw it a few days ago!!! O.O''' And haha, I love Sheren Tang since War and Beauty as well!

    Oh, and I take back my word on Gau Mui being more "humane" than Yu Fei. Gau Mui is seriously scaring me now. =X


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