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Vote for No Regrets @ MY AOD FAVOURITES 2010

| Sunday, October 3, 2010 | |
Hi people! Vote for the No Regrets' casts, especially if you're from Malaysia. Non-Malaysian fans, you can try your luck! Just click on the link below! xD

MY AOD FAVOURITES 2010 - No Regrets' preview

1. 我的最愛電視劇集 / My Favourite Drama Series

2. 我的最愛電視男主角 / My Favourite Actor In A Leading Role

3. 我的最愛電視女主角 / My Favourite Actress In A Leading Role

4. 我的最愛電視男配角 / My Favourite Actor in A Supporting Role
RAYMOND WONG, PIERRE NGO (either one you choose)

5. 我的最愛電視女配角 / My Favourite Actress In A Supporting Role
SUSAN TSE, KARA HUI, NANCY WU, FALA CHEN (either one you choose)

6. 我的最愛電視奸角 / My Favourite Villain

7. 十大我的最愛電視角色 / My Favourite Top 10 Drama Characters

PLEASE GIVE NO REGRETS YOUR FULLEST SUPPORT! VOTING STARTS FROM 4 Oct 2010 at 12pm (1200hrs) till 14 November 2010 at 11:59pm (2359hrs). Voting form is available here.

- Credits to 阿甘gamejordan of 义海豪情吧 (video)

Comments: Waa... Lau Sing really has a very fiery temper. So far, I don't see anything special with his character, though if Wayne says that Lau Sing will become his representative role, it will definitely become his representative role. xD Gau Mui is really intriguing me though! I just love Sheren's expressions, especially the part where she said, "The more chaotic, the better!" at 0.35s onwards. I just love that smirk! And at 0.38s, *cues in dramatic music*, when Gau Mui walked in (Wow! Totally reminds me of Yu Fei Leong Leong walking in in War and Beauty!), the guy said, "I call the shots here!", to which, Gau Mui replied, "Yes, that was just now. NOW, I CALL THE SHOTS!" Love this man! <3


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