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Thoughts on Episode 2

| Wednesday, October 20, 2010 | |
HOLY. There's only one word to describe this episode: INTENSE! Gosh, how I love all those tension! Pai Guat Zai can be considered the "lead" of this episode. I'm really starting to like Pierre Ngo as an actor. His portrayal of Pit-man in Rosy Business made me hate Pit-man, and his portrayal as Tong Gat in No Regrets made him so lovable. <3

I especially love the scenes when he was talking to his grandmother. I felt really very touched, and I nearly cried during those scenes. I can really feel the strong bond between Tong Gat and his grandmother. By the way, his grandmother is very, very cute as well. =P

Wayne's character is starting to shine here too. I liked the way he portrayed Lau Sing's anger and sadness. Hello? He spent his one month salary ($70) on lottery, and he nearly won $7000+ in return, but because it was found to be a fake ticket (haha, you cannot really blame Pai Guat Zai for this!), he lost everything. No wonder Lau Sing is so angry.

On top of that,  Fei Fan (Evergreen Mak) had to steal all the credit from the policemen who helped to shoot the criminals (because they get a handsome reward for it). Kns, I felt like kicking him. >.< But I like the part when the other policemen begged Lau Sing to keep Tong Gat. ='( It was quite touching, but after they knew that Tong Gat caused Lau Sing to lose all his money, they began to turn against him. o.O'''

 Gau Mui did not have much screen-time here, but hell, Sheren could still do wonders! ^^ I love her see-I-told-you-so look. I love her ploy. It's so under-handed, so wicked that evil would be an understatement, but that was really undeniably clever of her! =D

一朝天子一朝臣 --> Love this phrase!

There was really a big twist during the last 7 minutes, especially when Long Gwan announced something (OMG more intense scenes coming up!). And, who was the guy at the end of the episode (besides Pai Guat lol)?

I can't wait for the next episode, where Gau Mui and Lau Sing will truly be engaged in a battle of wits! ^^

Stay tuned. =D

P.S. I really love Sheren's clothes! They all look very nice on her, and I think they make Gau Mui more dignified despite being the daughter of a drug dealer. xD

P.P.S. I think the instrumental versions of the theme song sound nice. It kept playing during this episode. xD

P.P.P.S. I love the part where all the guns were drawn out! Coolness to the max! =D

Do let me know your comments. Remember, no bashing, and no comments that offend other people. Thank you! ^^



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