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Interview @ Malaysia!

| Saturday, October 2, 2010 | |

No Regrets has not aired yet, but it has been garnering much attention. When asked whether he has the confidence to win the Best Actor award again, Wayne Lai said, "I don't have the confidence, but I will give my best!" If they break the ratings record, how will they reward themselves? He said, "You should ask how the company will reward us!" Pierre Ngo added, "Film a third series!"

Wayne, Pierre and Fala Chen were in Malaysia to promote No Regrets, which will be aired on Astro On Demand on 18th October 2010. Wayne, being last year's 42nd TVB Annivesary biggest winner, naturally became the centre of attraction. When asked whether he and Sheren Tang will have a happy ending, he said, "The flower may bloom, but it may not be the fruit that everyone expects since different people have different standards. However, in my opinion, the ending is a perfect one. It is really difficult to put ones' feelings to words as they are very abstract."

From Chai Gau to Lau Sing, Wayne mentioned that the direction of this drama will be different from Rosy Business, so he won't utter any golden phrases. However, he guaranteed that the storyline will be more dramatic, and that everybody will be given their due time to act their scenes. Pierre said that he will no longer be the bad guy, but will be a country bumpkin with a lowly status. Fala, who is a new addition to the cast, will be acting as a sickly person for the first time. She has also consulted her "brother", Wayne, for advice.

Michael Tse has moved into the movie industry with his character, "Laughing Gor". Raymond Lam, whom TVB has been promoting very aggressively, has also continually accepted offers to film movies. Will Wayne want to be a movie lead? He has since refuted such claims, saying that "I have no interest in filming movies as I am more inclined towards filming dramas."

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Comments: Hmm, Wayne is really different from Fala. Fala has greater ambitions and wants to move into the movie industry. I agree that by moving into the movie industry, one will receive more recognition from the rest of the world, especially if the movie is good. However, I think I will still prefer Wayne to film dramas instead. He should capitalise on his fame now and film more good dramas! ^^ I think I saw some scenes from the drama in that video! Will those scenes be part of the MV? Sally posted the pictures up on Baidu, but it's a bit unclear, so I won't post them here. But from those photos, I can really tell you that Sheren is so cute heehee! =3 And oh no, I hope the ending won't be a bad one for our dear Sherayne! >.<



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