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If No Regrets is not nice, go pick cow dung!

| Saturday, October 16, 2010 | |
Fala Chen and Raymond Wong with the lions...

Sheren Tang, Wayne Lai and Producer Lee hoping for good ratings.

Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai have promised to treat everybody to dinner if they set ratings records.

The artistes promoting No Regrets.

Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang.

According to the Hong Kong media, Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang were promoting their drama, No Regrets, yesterday. Wayne said that even if the online ratings were not counted in, the drama will definitely break Dae Jang Geum's ratings records. When asked whether he will bring everybody on a trip if the ratings were broken, Wayne immediately pulled Sheren "into the water" as well, and said that he will definitely treat them to dinner. They have confidence that this drama will be able to win the "Best Drama" award.

Wayne, Sheren, Fala, Raymond, Susan, Pierre and the rest were promoting No Regrets. All of them turned up in their drama costumes. They were beating drums as well as shouting fervently, bringing the atmosphere to a new high. Meanwhile, Producer Lee has said, "If this drama is not nice to watch, I will go back to my village and pick cow dung!" Sheren joked, "I will open a farm that sells cow dung!" Fala said, "I will go back to USA and pick cow dung as well!" Sheren also mentioned that Wayne had promised them an overseas trip when the 1st installment had good ratings. She asked, "Will you treat us this year?" Wayne replied, "I think we will break the ratings record this year. You earn so much money! We can treat them together!"

Confidence for "Best Drama" award
After that, when asked whether No Regrets can break Dae Jang Geum's ratings, Wayne said, "Even if the online ratings are not taken into account, we can still break the records. The current record-holder is a Korean drama, of course we will want to break it. (Will you treat everybody to an overseas trip if the ratings is broken?) No, I won't, but I will definitely treat everybody to a meal." Sheren has to go back to Mainland China to continue filming her drama after watching the first episode, so he has to promote the drama by himself. Wayne joked, "She has specially came back just to promote this drama. It's been tough on her." He hopes that the premiere episode will be able o reach 38 points, and has the confidence to beat Can't Buy Me Love in order to win the "Best Drama" award.
When Wayne mentioned that Sheren must also treat everybody if they break the ratings records, she laughed, "I don't see him sharing his awards (the 3 prizes that he won last year) with me!" She also mentioned, "I have to go back to China after watching the first episode, so after the lighting ceremony, I won't do anything else but to watch this drama. After that, I will try to come back more often to promote this drama. I have sacrificed a lot for this drama."

Fala Chen's rape scene keeps everybody in suspense
Fala Chen's character will be bullied and insulted by the Japanese. When asked about it, Fala kept everybody in suspense. "I believe that everybody will not be looking at my figure, but instead, will feel touched by what Lau Ching had to do for her family." As for Pierre, who has many scenes with Wayne, when asked whether he has the confidence to win "Best Supporting Actor" this time round, he said, "It's difficult to say, because there are so many competitors!"

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Comments: Haha! It's so cute of Sheren to suggest going to South Korea if they ever beat Dae Jang Geum's ratings. xD Anyway, are they really serious?! Go pick cow dung?! Wow, they must really have confidence in No Regrets then! I wish them all the best! =D I notice that Wayne keeps emphasising that there is no need to add online ratings in order to make ratings go up to 50 points. DO YOU HEAR THAT, MUI SIU CHING (producer of Can't Buy Me Love)?! You and your stupid and dirty tricks. Go pawn Dae Jang Geum and all other TVB dramas, No Regrets! ^^




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