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Interview with Wayne, Pierre and Fala

| Friday, October 1, 2010 | |
I managed to catch some parts of the interview with Wayne Lai, Pierre Ngo and Fala Chen on MY FM. I didn't managed to catch all of it because I had to eat my dinner, but YES! I MANAGED TO HEAR THE THEME SONG FOR NO REGRETS! =D Since this is only part of the song, I will only translate the lyrics for the theme song only when the full song comes out! ^^

Since it was a radio interview, so there are no videos. But I've attached the podcasts below. It will take some time to load since the files are quite big though! =(

Interview with My FM @ Malaysia (Part 1)

Interview with My FM @ Malaysia (Part 2)

- Wayne Lai said that No Regrets will become his representative work.
- He also said while filming this drama, he could really feel the passion from the back-stage crew to the actors themselves. He really enjoyed the filming process.
- Pierre mentioned that Pai Guat Zai is a very timid person, but will provide some comic relief in an otherwise heavy drama.
- Fala is not one who easily cries, but she does cry a lot in this drama.

- Credits to 四奶奶幫幫主 of 邓萃雯吧


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