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Thoughts on Episode 7

| Wednesday, October 27, 2010 | |
Nothing much really happened for this episode. =X The main highlights of the episode was Pai Guat's grandmother! Oh my 天! How can such a cute granny exist?!?! She's so omfg cute! <3 But too bad she didn't have many scenes. She passed away. I will really miss Guat Ma. =( I really love the change on Pai Guat's face. Pierre Ngo did a good job again! ^^

Did anybody feel that Lau Sing's business collapsed a bit too quickly? o.O''' And how come he's so generous to other people, but is not caring enough to his wife? I don't blame Dong Nei for wanting to leave him (haha, all the better!). xD

I am seeing more of Yeung Yeung and Lau Ching scenes. I think they will make a good and loving pair. I can really tell that Yeung Yeung is infatuated with Ching Ching. The background music really helps a lot here. *cues in dreamy music*

Gau Mui did not have many scenes here. Actually, I pretty much agree with the people in Baidu. 4th Wife of Rosy Business definitely appeared more times than Gau Mui. To me, Gau Mui is the main character of this drama, and scenes without her would be boring (Gosh! I think I really love the way Sheren Tang carries herself as Gau Mui). I really hate Fei Fan. How can one be such a jerk? I really hope that Fei Fan and Dong Nei have an affair, QUICKLY. I don't care if Lau Sing feels hurt or what; I just want to see more Lau Sing - Gau Mui scenes! >.< 食屎啦,梁非凡!

What are your thoughts of this episode? Do feel free to share them, but remember, no bashing and no comments that may offend other people. Thanks! ^^

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  1. um i really agree i hate Fei Fan.Every time i see him on the television,i wanted to get a gun and shot him.Lau Sing and Gau mui make a good couple yeah best drama!!!!!!!!!!:) hope u dont mind my grammer

  2. Yeah almost forgot too say thank you for this wonderful blog :)

  3. @Vincent Haha, you'll see more of Lau Sing and Gau Mui soon! <3 Fei Fan is now out of the way, but haha, I'm sure he will be back with a vengeance. =P

  4. @Anonymous You're welcomed! Come here for often! =)


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