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Mingpao Weekly #2189

| Saturday, October 23, 2010 | |
Scans from Mingpao Weekly #2189

Shopping centres rush to be host venues for No Regrets' ending
Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang have not seen their new drama. This night, when it aired, everybody sat down to watch it together. Tim Gor was nervously standing behind the both of them and watching their reactions.

Last year's Rosy Business' grabbed the Best Drama, TV King, TV Queen, Best Supporting Actress and Most Improved Male Actor awards. This year, the original cast and crew came up with No Regrets. Even though the drama had not been aired yet, but its popularity cannot be denied. Many big shopping centres are now rushing to become host venues No Regrets' ending and have already named high prices to host it. Besides winning on the popularity side, it seems that TVB will be getting a lot of money as well!

No Regrets is golden producer Lee Tim Shing's and golden script-writer Cheung Wah Biu's last work for TVB. Tim Gor mentioned that this drama took a lot of effort to produce, so everybody had high expectations for it and started counting down to its air date. The drama is indeed exciting and intense, hence it is no wonder that the premiere episode scored 36 rating points at its peak. For a drama in the 8.30 pm time-slot, it is a very good result. Two to three weeks before the first episode was aired, the various media platforms have fought hard to release the drama's intense parts. It was said that many shopping centres have many early preparations in order to become the host venue for the drama's ending on the 28th November. Although the terms that TVB came up with this time round were not as attractive, with the usual one-hour event being cut short to only half an hour, but shopping centres are said to have offered up to $600 000 just to host the event. This is generous indeed.

TVB Deputy Director of External Affairs Tsang Sing Ming admitted that before No Regrets was aired, there were many shopping centres who contacted TVB. "Shopping centres will normally only rush to host events for popular dramas when the drama is nearing its end. They know about the high ratings and the good reception, so they will contact us during that period of time. However, scenarios like No Regrets' case are indeed rare. There are already enquiries from the shopping centres who want to host the event. It may be because the first part was so successful. Moreover, the various media platforms have given the drama much media coverage, so everybody is anticipating this drama." As to which shopping centre will get to host it in the end, there is no definite answer yet. Mr Tsang said, "First, we have to see which company is willing to pay the highest price. Second, we have to see how many people can the shopping centre accommodate.(Some shopping centres are willing to fork out $500 000, $600 000?) We can't reveal the amount."

As the male lead of the drama, Wayne Lai has already said that they will watch the ending together. "I have special feelings for Rosy Business. I have gained a lot from the first part and it also marks the turning point of my life. I have a big part to play in the second part as well. It seems as if my life is linked to these dramas, so when people tell me that they are love and are anticipating this drama, I feel happy as well. Even if they don't praise me but praise Sheren, Pierre, the back-stage crew etc., I will feel equally happy. Besides, I love the idea of watching the ending together with the audience. I chase every episode. The edited parts were much better than I expected. When I re-watch certain scenes, I feel very lucky to have participated in this drama."

With regards to the shopping centres fighting to become host venues, Fala Chen also shared the same view as Wayne. She liked the idea of having the audience watch the ending with them. However, she also suggested something new. "Besides holding the event in the shopping centre, we can also hold it in movie theatres. One will get a different feeling when watching it on the big-screen."

Pierre Ngo earns praises from seniors
When Pierre Ngo, who has been receiving good reviews about his character 'Pai Guat Zai', heard that the shopping centres are fighting to host No Regrets' ending, he said, "When I heard about the reception, I felt as if I had just received such a good present. This also help to boost the morale of our team. I love the idea of having the audience watch the ending together with us. After the third episode was aired, I had many friends and colleagues who called me to say that they saw many customers crying at eateries when they saw that Pai Guat Zai was being held at gun-point by Elliot Yue. All these encouragements made me feel very touched; Seniors like Felix Wong and Chapman To also praised me on Weibo. The feeling is really indescribable." Although No Regrets had not aired on Malaysia's Astro On Demand, which broadcasts the same episodes as TVB, it has already been nominated for the Best Drama, Best Male Lead, Best Female Lead, Best Supporting Actor awards etc. It is indeed very impressive!

- Credits to Mingpao Weekly



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