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Thoughts on Episode 3

| Thursday, October 21, 2010 | |
How do I describe this episode? I-N-T-E-N-S-E! I think I'm always using this word for No Regrets, but really, it is really very intense! >.< Lol, I was watching it on my phone because I nearly spent half my day in school today. xD

OH! I love the Cheng family. They really act like they are members of the mafia, especially when they raised their guns together and started firing upwards! COOLNESS! =D Susan Tse's Cheng Long Hei still blew at the gun after firing LOL! xD And Elliot Ngok's Cheng Long Gwan really exudes the aura of the gang leader! In whole , the whole Cheng family rocks! =D

Gau Mui caught Tong Gat's relative. She was being very nice to her at first, but after that, when she realised that Tong Gat went missing, she revealed her true self and I think she looked as if she wanted to murder (maybe not, just scare her a bit) that old grandmother (not that cute one). >.< She's really so unpredictable! o.O'''

Here comes Lau Sing's and Gau Mui's scene. I swear, Gau Mui is really such a smart-ass! She was trying to make Lau Sing confess about Tong Gat's whereabouts. I think Lau Sing saw through her, so he didn't answer her directly. OK, then Gau Mui was still talking very nicely to him. The Cheng family really rocks. All of them are really in this together. Gau Mui misleads Lau Sing and Lau Sing blurted out the truth subconsciously. Gau Mui said something to confirm what Lau Sing said, and Lau Sing stupidly (can't blame him lol; Gau Mui really outwitted him!) went to say the truth. Gau Mui's face IMMEDIATELY CHANGED and she gave him a sinister smile (it wasn't really a smile; I think it looked more like a smirk!) and cues the Cheng family to come in. OMG! =/ I like Lau Sing's shocked face. THAT WAS A CLASSIC! O.O'''

The last scene was especially touching. That was the scene between Lau Sing and Tong Gat. I can really feel some brotherly love in there. =( I felt really very sorry for both Lau Sing and Tong Gat. *cues in touching music* I teared up here. Wayne and Pierre, thank you very much for making this scene so touching! ='(

OK, you really have to watch this episode for yourself! It's the most intense episode to date! =D

I love the music played. It really helps to heighten the tension in the drama, especially in those scenes where the Cheng family (and their gang members) walked in. The music used for the last scene was really good too! It really gives me the goosebumps lol.

Gau Mui's character is really confusing me. Who is she, really? She's sometimes nice. She is definitely very smart but also very ruthless at other times. But still, she has that genuine "nice look" in her eyes at times. SO WHO THE HELL ARE YOU, GAU MUI?! TELL ME!!!

Episode 4, I will be back! ^^



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