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No Regrets hits 1.15 million views online

| Tuesday, October 26, 2010 | |
No Regrets, which is being led by producer Lee Tim Shing, Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang, is widely anticipated by everybody, and seen as a hot favourite together with Can't Buy Me Love for this year's anniversary awards. Although No Regrets had an average of 31 points (peaking at 34 points), with only about 2.17 million people tuning in to watch it, but it has already garnered positive reviews. The online ratings were very high, with episode 5 hitting over 1 million views itself.

Equivalent to 18 points in ratings
Before No Regrets was aired, Lee Tim Shing had assured everybody that the drama will be nice to watch, if not he will go back to his village and pick cow dung. Although the ratings for the first week was 31 points, losing out to Can't Buy Me Love's ratings of 33 points, but it was already better than Rosy Business's ratings of 28 points. No Regrets has garnered positive reviews, with netizens actively discussing about the performance of the artistes and setting up a "golden phrase" forum. The official TVB website allows people to watch episodes that have already aired, and No Regrets has been topping the list. Episodes 1 to 4 have already been viewed more than 700 000 times, and episode 5 has already hit 1.15 million views. If every rating point represents 63 740 people, this translates to 18 points in rating.
TVB receives 2 complains
With netizens actively discussing about No Regrets, there will bound to be detractors when there are praises. TVB has received feedback from 8 people, with 2 praising Sheren Tang's and Wayne Lai's acting skills, 4 praising the producer for knowing how to make use of the casts, and 2 complaining that the drama was too superficial and sensational. At the TVB forum, there were many comments that criticised the drama, inciting a war of words between fans and detractors. Some netizens have said that this occured as the anniversary award ceremony draws nearer.
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Comments: Erm, actually, I don't get the fuss about the complaints. Complaints about the dog-eating scenes, complaints about the drama being too sensational?! Don't those people who complained know that their ancestor HAD TO EAT dog meat because white meat then was very expensive? Eating dog meat is part of the culture in Guangzhou. Hello, there were more dog-eating scenes in Rosy Business, and nobody complained?! I seriously do not know what's up with them. Sensational? Please, I THOUGHT they liked dramatic dramas, the more dramatic, the better. -.-'''

Honestly, after looking at the ratings, I do feel a bit disappointed. I thought No Regrets should have done better, because honestly speaking, this is the first drama that I've watched and immediately fell in love with (most dramas take about 5 episodes to impress me; taking into account that I really had high hopes for this drama (anticipating it since last year!) and it did not disappoint). However, there were many people who complained about not being able to rush back in time to catch the drama. If the online ratings were taken into account, then No Regrets could have gotten 49 points for its first week! But, I have no wish for them to take into account the myTV ratings. That's cheating, and no better than Mui Siu Ching's stupid tactics.

After reading this article, I went to the TVB forum to have a look for myself. Sure, there are detractors, but as I read on, these people have been creating multiple accounts (because of their "nonsensical" usernames and <10 posts) to bash this drama. I am absolutely disgusted by the actions of these people. Constructive criticism is fine, but I did not like the way they said about XXX losing his skills or XXX is a better drama blah blah blah. And I agree with some people in the forum: For comments that are reflective of the Hong Kong people, please go to the Hong Kong discussion forums. There are bound to be crazy fans in the TVB forum who support their idols / dramas to the extent of bashing other people, an action which I greatly condemn. I do hope that somebody has reported these people, because they are clearly not showing respect to the people who have put in effort into this drama (insulting LTS?! You guys will really get it sooner or later!).

Lastly, may No Regrets' ratings continue to rise! =)



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