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43rd Mingpao Weekly Entertainment Awards (nomination list)

| Saturday, October 8, 2011 | 4 comments |

Hi everybody! It's voting time again, this time for the 43rd Mingpao Awards. No Regrets is being put at a disadvantage here because it was aired in Hong Kong last year. It's been nearly a year now since No Regrets first aired in Hong Kong, so I think many people may have forgotten about it by now. In fact, the other nominees include people who have participated in dramas that were aired this year. People's impression of them may be stronger, so we need to do whatever we can to help our No Regrets' team win the awards. This is the very least we can do as fans.

You are only allowed to vote for only ONE person at one time. But no worries, after voting for one, you can refresh the page and vote for the other person.

1) Click on to get into the voting website.

2) Scroll all the way down until you see the word '視', which stands for the TV category.

3) We won't be able to vote for the best TV programme, so vote for Wayne Lai as the Most Outstanding Actor.

4) Submit your particulars as shown below. Please enter legitimate email hosts like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc.

After submission, you will see the 'thank you' message as shown below. If you don't see this, it means you have filled up something wrongly. After this, you can just click on the 'back button' on your internet browser, change your ID number and email address, and proceed on the step 5. It's much faster this way.

5) Repeat steps 1 and 2 to vote for Sheren Tang as the Most Outstanding Actress. Repeat step 4 after that.

6) I found this category rather weird. Don't Tim Gor and Cheung Wah Biu come together lol? I believe that both Tim Gor and Cheung Wah Biu do deserve recognition for what they have done as well. Without them, there won't be today's Sherayne. Repeat steps 1 and 2 and vote for either of them as the Most Outstanding TV Back-stage crew. Repeat step 4 after that.

Voting ends on 9th November 2011 (Wednesday), so please support them! ;)

Shanghai TV Magazine #10A


Wayne Lai feels embarrassed getting the award again

R: Reporter
W: Wayne Lai

Acting makes me more gentle
R: In both Rosy Business and No Regrets, your roles are very manly. Are you that manly in real life?
W: Quite a bit. Every role that an actor plays reflects some part of his own life. However, I am not as hot-tempered as Lau Sing. I am more gentle and don't get so worked up that easily.

R: Are you born gentle?
W: My work has trained me to be more gentle. It is crucial for me to maintain my composure during acting so that I can act well.

R: Having being in TVB for 20 over years and playing many different roles, are there any roles you wish to take on but haven't gotten the chance to?
W: Not really. I have played so many roles in the past 20 years. Besides Chai Gau and Lau Sing, there are other roles which I love as well, including Pigsy, Zhou Botong and Han Xing.

R: You have to come and leave on the same day. From your Weibo, it seems that your schedule is really packed. Do you like this kind of life?
W: No, not really. I am one who likes freedom more, and would like to maintain a balance between relaxation and work. However, it is particularly difficult. This is so especially for when I film for TVB. We have to film our scenes outdoors and in the studio everyday. At times, we only get 2 hours of rest for one day, and this is really tiring.

R: How long do you intend to keep up with this punishing schedule before you give yourself a break?
W: To be frank, I am at a loss as well, because after acting for so many years, I can finally achieve what I have today. It is not an easy thing to give everything up.

R: From your Weibo, it seems that you like to put up photos of yourself drinking tea and relaxing.
W: I am one who enjoys serenity and don't really like to socialise with people. Opening up a Weibo account is for my fans because they worry about me a lot. This is why I put up photos of myself drinking tea and resting for them to see.