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16th Asian TV Awards 2011

| Thursday, December 8, 2011 | 3 comments |
Video from Scoop on the 16th Asian TV Awards 2011

Congratulations to both Fala Chen and Evergreen Mak for winning the Best Supporting Actress and Actor awards in the 16th Asian TV Awards 2011! This is a very prestigious award ceremony, so really, my heartiest congratulations to them for bringing glory to No Regrets! <3

To listen to Evergreen's and Fala's thank-you speeches and interview after the awards, click here.

For the full list of winners, please click here.

Mingpao Weekly #2245

| Saturday, November 19, 2011 | 10 comments |

Scans from Mingpao Weekly #2245

The charm of both Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang, who both won their TV King and Queen awards twice in a row, cannot be denied. Together with Teresa Mo, all three of them performed together in what Wayne termed as the 'date of the century'. He said that it was such a rare opportunity that all three of them, who are widely widely recognised as good actors, even got to showcase their acting skills. The ones who got to benefit the most were those fans who came from all over the world to see them perform; However, Wayne relishes all these. As for Sheren, she had an image makeover thanks to Mo Mo and showed off her feminine side...

16th Asian TV Awards 2011 (nomination list)

| Friday, November 18, 2011 | 0 comments |
Evergreen Mak and Fala Chen have been nominated for the Best Support Actor and Actress awards for the 16th Asian TV Awards respectively. Since this is based entirely on the judges' voting, we shall just wish them all the best for the awards! =D

For the full list of nominations, please click here.

43rd Mingpao Weekly Entertainment Awards

| Monday, November 14, 2011 | 4 comments |
Mingpao Weekly Entertainment Awards

TVBE news featuring all the No Regrets people

Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang attended the Mingpao Weekly Entertainment Awards 2011 together. Wayne won the 'Most Outstanding Actor' award based on No Regrets while Sheren Tang also won the 'Most Outstanding Actress' award based on the same drama. No Regrets also triumphed the other nominees by winning the 'Most Outstanding TV Programme'.

At the awards ceremony, Sheren and Wayne, who won the 'Most Outstanding Actor' and 'Most Outstanding Actress' awards together, were in a very good mood. They exhibited good chemistry in and outside the drama. After seeing their 'intimate' expressions, it was not surprising to see fans from both sides getting jealous.

Presenter: Ha Yu
Most Outstanding TV Programme: No Regrets
Most Outstanding TV Actor: Wayne Lai (No Regrets)
Most Outstanding TV Actress: Sheren Tang (No Regrets)
Most Outstanding TV Back-stage crew: Cheung Wah Biu, Chan Ching Yee (No Regrets)

- Credits to Hihoku

All Stars Gala Live In Genting (Day 2)

| Friday, November 11, 2011 | 10 comments |
Scan from Singpao

Here are videos and photos from today's concert. Do enjoy them!

Click here to view the concert in its entirety. Credits to Sheren Tang's official fan-club for taking the video.

Click here to view photos and videos taken by KF. ;)

Interview by e7

All Stars Gala Live In Genting (Day 1)

| Thursday, November 10, 2011 | 10 comments |
It is not often that three good TVB artistes, Teresa Mo, Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang exit their on-screen personas and attend the 'All Stars Gala Live In Genting' concert together, thereby reducing the distance between them and the audience. Mo, who rarely appears in concerts, gave many of her 'first times' for this concert. Besides singing, she also danced to a hot dance number! 'Chai Gau' Wayne Lai's humour brought laughter to many people, and was even asked by a crazy female fan to kiss her three times; That night, Sheren Tang told the Malaysian audience, "Actually, I'm very gentle. Don't you guys feel it?"

Lee Tim Shing - The backstage pro

| Sunday, November 6, 2011 | 10 comments |
Scan from i-Weekly #731

People call him Uncle Tim. He is the golden producer who produced many classic dramas that belonged to the golden era of the Hong Kong television industry. From The Good, The Bad And The Ugly in the early days to the Rosy Business series now, many dramas throughout the years owe their success to him.

He is now 63 years old, and has spent nearly 40 years in this industry. He slowly worked his way up; from the props department, the scene department, the assistant script-editor to script-editor, until finally, he became a producer.

43rd Mingpao Weekly Entertainment Awards (nomination list)

| Saturday, October 8, 2011 | 4 comments |

Hi everybody! It's voting time again, this time for the 43rd Mingpao Awards. No Regrets is being put at a disadvantage here because it was aired in Hong Kong last year. It's been nearly a year now since No Regrets first aired in Hong Kong, so I think many people may have forgotten about it by now. In fact, the other nominees include people who have participated in dramas that were aired this year. People's impression of them may be stronger, so we need to do whatever we can to help our No Regrets' team win the awards. This is the very least we can do as fans.

You are only allowed to vote for only ONE person at one time. But no worries, after voting for one, you can refresh the page and vote for the other person.

1) Click on to get into the voting website.

2) Scroll all the way down until you see the word '視', which stands for the TV category.

3) We won't be able to vote for the best TV programme, so vote for Wayne Lai as the Most Outstanding Actor.

4) Submit your particulars as shown below. Please enter legitimate email hosts like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc.

After submission, you will see the 'thank you' message as shown below. If you don't see this, it means you have filled up something wrongly. After this, you can just click on the 'back button' on your internet browser, change your ID number and email address, and proceed on the step 5. It's much faster this way.

5) Repeat steps 1 and 2 to vote for Sheren Tang as the Most Outstanding Actress. Repeat step 4 after that.

6) I found this category rather weird. Don't Tim Gor and Cheung Wah Biu come together lol? I believe that both Tim Gor and Cheung Wah Biu do deserve recognition for what they have done as well. Without them, there won't be today's Sherayne. Repeat steps 1 and 2 and vote for either of them as the Most Outstanding TV Back-stage crew. Repeat step 4 after that.

Voting ends on 9th November 2011 (Wednesday), so please support them! ;)

Shanghai TV Magazine #10A


Wayne Lai feels embarrassed getting the award again

R: Reporter
W: Wayne Lai

Acting makes me more gentle
R: In both Rosy Business and No Regrets, your roles are very manly. Are you that manly in real life?
W: Quite a bit. Every role that an actor plays reflects some part of his own life. However, I am not as hot-tempered as Lau Sing. I am more gentle and don't get so worked up that easily.

R: Are you born gentle?
W: My work has trained me to be more gentle. It is crucial for me to maintain my composure during acting so that I can act well.

R: Having being in TVB for 20 over years and playing many different roles, are there any roles you wish to take on but haven't gotten the chance to?
W: Not really. I have played so many roles in the past 20 years. Besides Chai Gau and Lau Sing, there are other roles which I love as well, including Pigsy, Zhou Botong and Han Xing.

R: You have to come and leave on the same day. From your Weibo, it seems that your schedule is really packed. Do you like this kind of life?
W: No, not really. I am one who likes freedom more, and would like to maintain a balance between relaxation and work. However, it is particularly difficult. This is so especially for when I film for TVB. We have to film our scenes outdoors and in the studio everyday. At times, we only get 2 hours of rest for one day, and this is really tiring.

R: How long do you intend to keep up with this punishing schedule before you give yourself a break?
W: To be frank, I am at a loss as well, because after acting for so many years, I can finally achieve what I have today. It is not an easy thing to give everything up.

R: From your Weibo, it seems that you like to put up photos of yourself drinking tea and relaxing.
W: I am one who enjoys serenity and don't really like to socialise with people. Opening up a Weibo account is for my fans because they worry about me a lot. This is why I put up photos of myself drinking tea and resting for them to see.

TVBS' Nothing is Bigger Than Eat (29/09/2011)

| Friday, September 30, 2011 | 8 comments |

Click here to watch the programme that Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang filmed when they were in Taiwan 2 weeks ago.

- Credits to 夢Lei of 邓萃雯吧

Comments: This programme was very, very entertaining! xD The hosts were really very funny, especially when they tried to speak Cantonese. Little Pink (小粉红) pronounced "好食" as "好死"! because he could not get the Cantonese pronunciation right. Wayne Lai asked him not to die LOL! The other hosts scolded Little Pink for cursing their guest to go and die (in this case Wayne) ROFL! xP

Sherayne's Mandarin is not bad. I think their Mandarin have really improved because they keep going to places like Shanghai and Taiwan, though I can still catch hints of Cantonese here and there. It's so funny how Sheren addressed the host as "little child". xD

I disagree with Wayne lol. I haven't eaten the smelly tofu from Taiwan before, but I find that Hong Kong's smelly tofu are not really as smelly as those we get from the pasar malams here in Singapore. That being said, the smelly tofu in Hong Kong is really very big haha! The ones we eat from pasar malams are small squares while the ones in Hong Kong are really huge chunks of fried tofu itself. Wayne is really very cute here. He suggested letting the tofu 'rot'/ferment by itself, which scared off Sheren lol!

I didn't know that they eat oyster omelette with xiao bai cai and bean-sprouts lol. It seems like a healthy way to eat the otherwise oily and sinful food. xP

Their commentaries on each other's food are really very hilarious! xDD "The oysters have the taste of a 'traitor'..." "Your oyster omelette looks as messy as the time era that No Regrets is set in." I totally went WTF!! xDD

Sheren used to hate eating bittergourd when she was young. Well, same case as yours truly here, but unlike her, I will never ever touch it again lol!

On to round 2. They are now supposed to use different methods to cook the spareribs. Each of them are given 4 steps on cooking their respective sparerib dish, which they have to memorise. I'm not sure if it was by accident or not, but Sheren read 太白粉 (cornstarch) as 白粉 (heroin), shocking everybody on the set. It was really hilarious max! xP

Moving on, Little Pink tried reading the methods of cooking the spareribs, but he only managed the first few words before he switched to the Shandong dialect. He asked Wayne on ways to maintain one's marriage. Wayne told him that it's best not to get married ROFL! ._.

After that, when they were done with their dishes, they started using the "golden phrases" in both Rosy Business and No Regrets to scare the chef, who was the judge. xP You can find out who the eventual winner is! ;)

I don't watch Taiwanese dramas because they don't suit my taste, but I've always enjoyed watching most of their variety shows and travelogues, which can be really very witty and funny. ;D

Feel free to leave down your comments as well. ;P

Tencent Entertainment: An interview with Sherayne

| Thursday, September 29, 2011 | 8 comments |

Dragon TV will be airing TVB's anniversary drama No Regrets from 1st October 2011 onwards, everyday from 12.30 pm. On the 28th September 2011, the main leads, Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang, came to Shanghai to promote the drama. When they accepted an interview from Tencent Entertainment, they also gave their views on the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony, which would be held in November. Lai admitted that he hoped he would be able to win his third TV King award, with Tang saying that she thought that he had the biggest chance. "However, I'm not around this year, so his chances of getting the TV King award are somewhat jeopardised." In the middle of this year, TVB had plans to come up with Rosy Business 3 (RB 3), but plans for it fell through when Cheung Wah Biu decided not to return to TVB. However, Tang said that RB 3 could still happen. "So long as Wayne and I are still around, there will definitely be a chance. However, I hope that the 3rd series will not be so depressing. It's good to be able to film a modern comedy."

No Regrets premieres in Mainland China

| Wednesday, September 28, 2011 | 10 comments |
Wayne Lai hopes to be TV King the third time.

No Regrets premieres in Mainland China - Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai exhibit fantastic chemistry

The leads of No Regrets, Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang, have come to Shanghai together again. They were awarded their second TV King and Queen awards consecutively for two years based on this drama, becoming the biggest winners of last year's awards show. This drama had the highest rating of 47 points, which made this year's ratings champion, Lives of Omission, which had a high of 40 points, pale in comparison.

Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai will be going to Shanghai!

| Wednesday, September 21, 2011 | 3 comments |

Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai are confirmed to be attending a fan-meeting in Shanghai on the 28th September 2011 (Wednesday) from 2 pm to 2.45 pm.

Date: 28th September 2011
Venue: Swissotel Grand Shanghai
Address: Jingan District Yuyuan Road 1 (near the the Jingan Temple ferry terminal)
Time: 2 pm - 2.45 pm

This event is only limited to 100 fans, and tickets will be given out on a first-come-first-served basis. The venue for collection of tickets will be announced at a later date.


Comments: Argh! Kill me jebal! THEY'RE FREAKING GOING EVERYWHERE EXCEPT S-I-N-G-A-P-O-R-E! OTL Now I suspect they don't know where Singapore is... T_T

Acting touches 3 million Hong Kongers

| Tuesday, September 20, 2011 | 4 comments |

Hong Kong stars Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang came to Taiwan to promote Rosy Business and No Regrets. Because of these two dramas, both of them were awarded the TVB King and Queen awards consecutively for two years, propelling their careers to dizzying heights. Their characters in both dramas were carefully written, which made both of them addicted to acting. However, when asked if there would be a third sequel, both of them looked at each other and gave an awkward smile, saying, "If the company has such plans, we will, of course, try to accommodate them, but we think that experiencing this once in our lifetime is enough. If possible, we want to act in more comedies!"

Broadcast of 'Nothing is Bigger Than Eat'

| Monday, September 19, 2011 | 0 comments |



親愛的大家,追星完也不要忘記追戲唷...Love u guys

[Xiao Bian has ended her star chase. It's now the time to chase shows!]

The Hong Kong stars who came to Taiwan have gone back. I wonder if everybody had fun chasing them? Last week's filming of Nothing Is Bigger Than Eat is scheduled to air on TVBS on the 29th September 2011 (Thursday) at 6 pm. The dialogues between Wayne Lai and Jacko Jiang Wei Wen were really funny as they were discussing their views on marriage. On the other hand, Sheren Tang brought along one of her favourite dishes, which is spareribs with bittergourd. Please stay tuned!!

Dear everyone, don't forget to chase the dramas after you have chased the stars... Love u guys!

- Credits to Drama42's Facebook page


Comments: I am really looking forward to the broadcast of this show even though I don't have TVBS at home. Sherayne already look so good in those pictures; I really can't wait to see their on-screen chemistry again! <3 

And hmm, Sheren likes eating bittergourd? =P I like spareribs very much, but I can't say the same for bittergourd. My mum forced me to eat bittergourd when I was young. I puked my dinner out. That showed, and still shows how much I detest bittergourd. -.-'''

Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai can't stop eating in Taiwan

| Wednesday, September 14, 2011 | 10 comments |
Rosy Business will be shown on the 19th September 2011 at 8 pm on CTV. The main leads, Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai, have specially come to Taiwan to promote this drama. Tang and Lai don't share any kissing or intimate scenes in the drama. Tang, who is not yet married, hopes to have an ordinary love, because even though the love in that drama is minimal, it is also love at its deepest. Although this is the first time Tang and Lai are collaborating, but they are already at ease with each other. Tang laughed and pointed to Lai, saying "I have already noticed you from the beginning!"

Tang's and Lai's popularity cannot be denied, for throngs of fans gathered at the airport to send them off. Lai, who is on his first visit to Taiwan, has nothing but praises for Taiwanese food while Tang kept recommending food for him to try. It seemed as if they were afraid of missing out on anything, as they ate 5 meals continuously in one day. Their appetites are really amazing.

- Credits to United Daily News


Rosy Business 3 falls through

| Saturday, September 10, 2011 | 12 comments |

Cheung Wah Biu is not returning. Plans for Rosy Business 3 fall through. Wayne Lai is disappointed. Sheren Tang is thankful.

TVB has been trying to get the golden script-writer Cheung Wah Biu to return to TVB in October. He was supposed to be working with Tim Gor Lee Tim Shing, Wayne Lai, Sheren Tang and the rest of the original cast members on Rosy Business 3. However, we have received news that Cheung's boss, Jimmy Lai, wants him to stay. As such, he has decided not to return to TVB. As the main leads of the dramas, both Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai have very different reactions. Wayne was very disappointed and said, "I was so happy over nothing." Sheren said, "It will be better for Wah Biu to return at a later date, because it was so hard for War and Beauty to have a sequel. Should the filming dates of both dramas clash, it will really be such a pity."

Sherayne will be going to Taiwan!

| Monday, September 5, 2011 | 0 comments |

Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai will be going to Taiwan to promote No Regrets in Taiwan in the middle of September. They will be there on the 14th and 15th of September 2011.

Here are their schedules:
1) Sheren Tang will be touching down in Taiwan on the 13th September 2011 (Tuesday) at 7.25 pm via CX 470 (Cathay Pacific).
2) Wayne Lai will be touching down in Taiwan on the 14th September 2011 (Wednesday) at 10.15 am via CX 474.

Both of them will be recording for the programme 'Nothing Is Bigger Than Eat' (吃飯皇帝大) from 2 pm to 4 pm at Neihu's TVBS.

They will be at Shilin Night Market at 8 pm on the 14th September 2011 while they will be attending the premiere of No Regrets in Taiwan at 1.30 pm on the 15th September 2011.

- Credits to feely129's Weibo
- Credits to drama42's Facebook page and Rosy Business official Taiwanese website

Comments: Lucky Taiwanese fans! Will it kill them to come to Singapore together grr?! -.-'''

Sheren Tang reveals that she may be playing Yu Fei again


Sheren Tang reveals that she may be playing Yu Fei again
Last Friday, Sheren Tang, Bobby Au-Yeung, Ada Choi, Kenix Kwok and Deric Wan attended the "Smile To Grow" charity dinner, which was hosted by Tian Tian Charity Organisation. They were there to help raise funds for children with special needs. After the event ended, Sheren Tang was interviewed and said that initially, she thought that she was helping those children, but they enlightened her and taught her to be thankful for what she had instead. However, she does not have any intention of having a child, and still thinks of herself as a kid. She also hopes that her other half will treat her as a kid. "If I want children, I can consider adopting them." With regards to War and Beauty 2, Sheren reveals that if nothing goes wrong, she will be reprising her role as Yu Fei.

Rosy Business 3 gets Sheren Tang!

| Thursday, September 1, 2011 | 4 comments |

Not only did TVB's mega dramas War and Beauty and Rosy Business get good ratings, they also propelled many of the fa dans and siu sangs to huge popularity! The producers of both dramas, Producer Jonathan Chik and Producer Lee Tim Shing, have both announced filming of the sequels at the same time. As such, the fa dans and siu sangs are fighting neck-to-neck with each other to land a role in their dramas.

Both dramas can't do without Sheren Tang, who is busy with filming Mainland China dramas. Her role as Yu Fei in War and Beauty was very well-received, but she still lost out on the Best Actress award that year, which made her feel angry. She did not think much of the sequel to War and Beauty; on the other hand, she is willing to make time to film the third sequel for Rosy Business, which has made her win the Best Actress award consecutively for 2 years.

These dramas can't do without me! (fictitious dialogue) 

Rosy Business series cast to reunite

| Friday, August 5, 2011 | 34 comments |
Lau Sing and Gau Gu Leong were 2 characters which won the hearts of the viewers. Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang may just have the chance to film Rosy Business III.

Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang have Producer Lee Tim Shing to thank for winning their TV King and Queen awards.

Wayne Lai won his TV King award twice based on the series Rosy Business and No Regrets, and this is all due to Cheung Wah Biu developing on his characters. It is said that Cheung Wah Biu will be returning to TVB in October and will be working with Lee Tim Shing on Rosy Business III. When Wayne Lai learnt that the "iron triangle" (made up of Cheung, Lee and himself) will be reunited, he was very happy, and it doesn't seem hard for him to win his 3rd TV King.