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43rd Mingpao Weekly Entertainment Awards

| Monday, November 14, 2011 | |
Mingpao Weekly Entertainment Awards

TVBE news featuring all the No Regrets people

Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang attended the Mingpao Weekly Entertainment Awards 2011 together. Wayne won the 'Most Outstanding Actor' award based on No Regrets while Sheren Tang also won the 'Most Outstanding Actress' award based on the same drama. No Regrets also triumphed the other nominees by winning the 'Most Outstanding TV Programme'.

At the awards ceremony, Sheren and Wayne, who won the 'Most Outstanding Actor' and 'Most Outstanding Actress' awards together, were in a very good mood. They exhibited good chemistry in and outside the drama. After seeing their 'intimate' expressions, it was not surprising to see fans from both sides getting jealous.

Presenter: Ha Yu
Most Outstanding TV Programme: No Regrets
Most Outstanding TV Actor: Wayne Lai (No Regrets)
Most Outstanding TV Actress: Sheren Tang (No Regrets)
Most Outstanding TV Back-stage crew: Cheung Wah Biu, Chan Ching Yee (No Regrets)

- Credits to Hihoku

Interview with Susan Tse, Tim Gor and Pierre Ngo

Interview with Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang

Fan-shot video of Wayne Lai (1st video)

Fan-shot video of Wayne Lai (2nd video)

Fan-shot video of Sheren Tang

TVBE news video on No Regrets

- Credits to Mingpao Weekly and Mingpao Weekly Partyline
- Credits to echan21 and tango0814 of 黎耀祥吧 for self-taken photos and videos of Wayne Lai
- Credits to Aster for self-taken video of Sheren Tang
- Credits to 断心铅笔bunny of 黎耀祥吧 for TVBE video

Comments: YESSSSS! My heartiest congratulations to No Regrets and team! This is such a well-deserved victory! Can't contain my happiness and excitement now. =D VICTORY YEAH!

Tim Gor mentioned in the news video (to expectant eyes from all the No Regrets' cast members) that it would be hard for Rosy Business 3 to materialise. No Regrets managed to be filmed because it was just such a coincidence that the original Rosy Business cast and crew were available. Even if it will be filmed, it won't be the original cast and crew anymore since most of them, as Tim Gor said, have left. =/ But still, the chance is there heehee. ;P


  1. 真係实至名归啊!One year has passed since No Regrets aired in Hong Kong but till today this awesome drama still wins the heart of the audience!VICTORY belongs to them forever! Tim Gor 好犀利!:D

  2. ^ ikr! it's been one year since NR aired and yet it can still win all the awards! that goes to show how awesome this drama really is and how it must have impacted so many ppl that up till now, ppl still rmb it. :D

    sorry for not voting earlier on since i was busy with Os. even though i did not participate in the voting, but still, i'm damn happy that NR has managed to win all the awards.

    victory for NR belongs to them forever! long live NR! wan sui!

    will this week's mingpao weekly talk about this awards ceremony? :P

  3. @Sherayne Tim Gor is really something heehee. All his dramas have SWEPT the Mingpao awards. ;P

  4. @meemee! Hear hear! I agree with EVERYTHING you've mentioned here! ;D

    Haha, I'm not sure leh. This week's Mingpao Weekly isn't out yet. >.<


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