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All Stars Gala Live In Genting (Day 1)

| Thursday, November 10, 2011 | |
It is not often that three good TVB artistes, Teresa Mo, Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang exit their on-screen personas and attend the 'All Stars Gala Live In Genting' concert together, thereby reducing the distance between them and the audience. Mo, who rarely appears in concerts, gave many of her 'first times' for this concert. Besides singing, she also danced to a hot dance number! 'Chai Gau' Wayne Lai's humour brought laughter to many people, and was even asked by a crazy female fan to kiss her three times; That night, Sheren Tang told the Malaysian audience, "Actually, I'm very gentle. Don't you guys feel it?"

Chai Gau is the most popular - Everybody wants him to 'strip'
Because of the popularity of both Rosy Business and No Regrets, Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang became a very popular on-screen couple. These two dramas have also gave both of them, who have been silently contributing to the entertainment industry, the chance to become immensely popular. Once Wayne Lai came out, everybody started cheering. He also used Malay to greet the audience, "Apa khabar, selamat datang! (Hello everybody! Welcome!)"

In the dramas, both Chai Gau, 4th Wife, Lau Sing and Gau Gu Leong are characters which left a deep impression on the audience. At that night, both Sheren and Wayne sang 《只有情永在》. "We couldn't date in the dramas, so we hold hands now for you guys to see!"

Wayne entered the industry through a singing competition, thus he had many opportunities to hold concerts and earn money. Mo Jeh (Teresa Mo) even laughed at him and said, "Wayne is about to change his profession and become a singer! He always holds concerts!" He also said that it is a rare chance to perform with Mo Jeh. Even if she sang newer songs, he kept sticking to older songs. After which, he sang 《义海豪情》, which was familiar to everybody.

Wayne Lai was very humorous and kept teasing both his co-stars. He also teased the audience and asked, "Have you ever heard me sing?" After which, a number of people in the audience raised their hands. He laughed and said, "Oh, so you guys are frequent customers!", to roars of laughter. After that, when he sang 《旧欢如梦》 and moved his body, which was hilarious since he was acting 'sissy'.

Fanatical female fan asked Wayne to kiss her three times
In order to reduce the distance between them and the audience, the three artistes invited three people from the audience to play games. One young female fan was so besotted with Wayne Lai's charm that once she went on stage, she ran and hugged him. Thankfully, during the game, Mo Jeh held on to the hand of this female fan. However, this fan was clearly 'fanatical', even asking Wayne three times to kiss her. Sheren 'reminded' her and said, "His wife is over there!" After the game ended, Wayne took heed and accompanied this female fan down the stage, even saying, "Stop looking at my face!"

That night, Sheren also sang songs which she did not dare to sing before. She laughed and said, "Mo Jeh and Wayne Lai have chosen more well-known songs, so I will sing songs that are usually sung in KTVs." She chose 《阴天》, which is a song with high difficulty.

She said that both Rosy Business and No Regrets were such huge hits, but there is still no news on the third sequel. She also mentioned that so long as people keep praying, Heaven will definitely grant their wish. When the screen was showing classic scenes from the dramas, she felt really very happy to be able to meet her on-screen partner when she was more matured. "I'm still single. No matter how passionately we love in the drama, it is still very difficult in real life."

Sheren Tang: Mo Jeh is my idol
Sheren Tang said that she felt really very excited to be able to to collaborate with her co-stars. She even said that Mo Jeh is her idol. In order to prepare for this concert, she revealed that three of them had already started having meetings way before the concert started. She felt as if she was opening her own show in Hong Kong's Hung Hom, and even had to run around to find suitable clothes. That night, she wore a silver tight dress that resembled an astronaut's while singing to 《隆重登场》, a fast song.

Sheren Tang has always been playing the role of a strong woman. She took this opportunity to find out whether the audience love such characters or not. After which, she said, "No wonder the script-writers always give me such roles!" However, she told the Malaysian audience, "Actually I'm really gentle. Don't you guys feel it?"

Drama enactment was one of the highlights
Although these three people are actors, but they have put in their sincerity for this concert. In order to thank the audience, they even went down the stage to shake hands with the audience, thereby reducing the distance between the audience and themselves. Besides, the trio also showcased their fantastic acting skills. Towards the end of the concert, they took part in a drama enactment, which showed how good they were at acting. This was one of the highlights of the concert!

- Credits to 辣手杂志


Promotional clip for concert

Hi everybody! Here are some pictures from today's concert. I will continue updating this post tomorrow if there are more photos and videos. The concert just ended at 11 pm apparently.

Programme breakdown:
Teresa Mo
1) 终生美丽 (Beautiful Life)
2) 无人完美 (Nobody's Perfect; Off Peddar's theme song)
3) 不要惊动爱情 (Do Not Disturb Love)

i) Mo dancing

ii) Wayne Lai's confessions

Lai's and Mo's duet
4) 过路人 (Passer-by)
5) 稻草人 (Scarecrow)

Wayne Lai
6) 义海豪情 (Righteous Sea of Heroic Love; No Regrets' theme song)
7) 爱拼才会赢 (Fight To Win In Love)
8) 旧欢如梦 (Old Love Is Like a Dream)

Tang's and Lai's duet
9) 只有情永在 (Everlasting Love)

Sheren Tang
10) 红蝴蝶 (Red Butterfly; Rosy Business' theme song)
11) 阴天 (Gloomy Day)

iii) Sheren dancing

12) 隆重登场 (A Grand Entrance)
13) 你你你为了爱情 (You You You Because of Love)
14) 明星 (Diva)

iv) Sheren goes down the stage to shake hands with the audience

v) Mo, Lai and Tang act out scenes from dramas and play games (Sheren acted out scenes from dramas with the audience; Wayne got slapped; Teresa kissed the audience)

Wayne Lai
15) 用心良苦 (A Well-mannered Advice)
16) 花心 (Playboy)
17) 童话 (Fairytale)

vi) Drama enactment (TV King teaches everybody aerobatics; both women take turns to be jealous; Wayne saves the damsel in distress)

ALL 3 singing together
17) 一步一步爱 (A Step to Love)
18) 信者得爱 (The One Who Trusts Gets Love)

Wayne and Teresa singing 《只怕不再遇上》

Wayne singing 《義海豪情》

Wayne singing 《愛拼才會贏》

Wayne singing 《舊歡如夢》

Sheren and Wayne singing 《只有情永在》

Sheren singing 《紅蝴蝶》

Sheren singing 《陰天》

Sheren singing 《隆重登場》

Sheren singing 《明星》

Games with the audience

Wayne singing 《用心良苦》

Wayne singing 《童话》

Battle of acting skills (the musical)


Sheren's salad after the show

- Credits to the respective sources for pictures
- Credits to evachan21 and 499wansui for the videos (really many thanks! ^^)

Comments: Haha, I can't wait for the videos of them singing. Does anybody feel that Sheren's hairstyle is reminiscent of Aunt Hung's mushroom hairstyle in Moonlight Resonance? xP

As seen, both Sherayne were really very hilarious, especially after they finished singing 只有情永在. Wayne called Sheren 'a piece of pork' LOL. 他们真是默契十足啊!Kudos kudos to the both of them. I love the instrumental for 义海豪情 lol! It sounds more grand. ;P

The drama enactment is REALLY VERY FUNNY!! LAUGH DIE ME LOL! xDDD It's really very hilarious. I guess if Teresa, Wayne and Sheren act in a comedy together, the effect will definitely be hilarious! I was laughing till I got mouth and stomach cramps lol! Since when did my 《巾帼枭雄》 become '巾帼Hero'? And since when did my 《巾帼枭雄之义海豪情》 become '巾帼Hero(they pronounced it as 'hee long')之二嫂豪情' (二嫂 here means the mistress LOL!)?!?! Sheren and Wayne then took all opportunities to hug! So damn cute lah! xDD Wayne looked so funny in tights and the way he did his aerobics was hella funny! The martial art moves were funny as well! *^^* "Oosh oosh!!" *sniggers*

As for the news, I only translated those parts related to Sherayne. xP

I really wish I was there in person to see them together, but well, studies do take priority for me, so oh well... Hopefully they can hold such concerts again after I graduate. =(


  1. wow! many many thanks! what a treat! its really nice to see both of them singing together. No Regrets is really one of the best show i have seen in my life! thanks for providing so much here. :)

  2. @tbc Heehee, you're welcome! ;) It's such a pity they wouldn't come to Singapore to hold the concert. I guess there's no market for them here. ;(

    I can't wait to be done with school so that I can go chasing after them without any liabilities. They deserve my adoration. <3

  3. The musical is soooo hilarious especially Wayne and his aerobics! LOL! I was doubled over and laughing like crazy :D Wayne, Sheren and Teresa do have the potential to film a sitcom together! Such a wonderful concert, I envy those Malaysian fans!

  4. haha dreamlucky, you really rock! thanks for all the videos and photos! i agree, the last video of them acting is really very very very funny!

    teresa mo's expression was priceless when sheren and wayne were "ooshing" each other LOL. all of them are damn cute! ^^

  5. @Sherayne Yes! Unfortunately, I don't think Teresa Mo is with TVB anymore. I think I read somewhere that she will be focusing more on her film career instead. ;(

    I'm just resigned to the fact that Sherayne will never come to Singapore together. =(

  6. @meemee! Haha, that was the funniest part. I still think they act better than they sing, like most TVB artistes heehee. But still, I feel that they sang reasonably well, but as I've said, their forte is in acting, and it shows in the last video. ;D

  7. wOW! A million thanks to all of you who have contributed pictures, photos, videos and articles. You all really deserve thumbs up for the hard work. Without U guys, we would not be able to enjoy our beloved Wayne & Sheren & Mo Jeh performance. Bravo! U guys are fantastic! Hope u guys contiue to support them. We love U guys! Will take some time to enjoy all your posts cos haven't got the time to watch it. Once again TQVM! :)

  8. @samnwayne You're welcome! ;) Do take your time to browse through the videos and photos. This blog won't close down anytime soon. xP

  9. Ummm... Could translate those chinese terms to english? I can't understand it, I don't know any chinese. I just listen and look at their expressions, but it is still quite funny! Thank you for posting! :3

  10. @Anonymous Oops, sorry for the late reply!! >.< Which video or Chinese terms are you referring to?


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