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All Stars Gala Live In Genting (Day 2)

| Friday, November 11, 2011 | |
Scan from Singpao

Here are videos and photos from today's concert. Do enjoy them!

Click here to view the concert in its entirety. Credits to Sheren Tang's official fan-club for taking the video.

Click here to view photos and videos taken by KF. ;)

Interview by e7

Wayne and Mo Jeh singing 《只怕不再遇上》

Wayne singing 《義海豪情》

Wayne singing 《用心良苦》

Wayne singing 《愛拼才會嬴》

Wayne singing 《童话》

Wayne singing 《舊歡如夢》

Sheren singing 《紅蝴蝶》

Sherayne singing 《只有情永在》

The trio talking about their experiences

The trio singing 《一步一步愛》 + 《信者得愛》 (499wansui's version)

Rehearsal video, 《一步一步爱》 and 《信者得爱》 (evachan21's version)

Games with audience

Drama enactment featuring the trio

- Credits to the respective sources for the pictures
- Credits to evachan21 and 499wansui for the videos

Comments: It seems that Sheren has fallen sick. Apparently, I think she caught a cold while she was at Genting. Tsk tsk, never wear enough clothes huh. One can never underestimate the weather in Genting. x( Anyway, here's the link to her tweet. For those with Weibo, leave down your messages for her! Get well soon, Sheren! ;)

I won't translate the newspaper scan from Singpao since it's about the same as the news that I've translated for day 1. =P


  1. Thanks for the detailed coverage. Sheren seems to be in very good spirit when I saw her this morning at the airport. The show was simply awesome !

  2. @kf Haha, you're welcome! Ahh, you got to see her?!?! I really envy you!! =( It's such a pity I couldn't make it to the concert because school is being such a bitch. ;( I can't wait to be done with school, I really can't. I'm not even sure if they will hold such concerts again a few years down the road. >.<

  3. Sheren is such a doll ! She has absolutely no prima donna airs at all. She even made small talks and all. So darn down-to-earth! Mo Mo has a very bubbly personality, too. All 3 of them just so freaking awesome !!!

  4. Thanks for sharing the video. I really enjoy watching it. I can hear a lot of laughter that it was hard to hear what Wayne is saying but i guess this is good enough compare to not seeing it at all. This show was really worth watching.

  5. i wish i could be there to watch the concert. i guess i was just born at the wrong time. :(

    thanks for collating all the videos and photos dreamlucky! 辛苦你了! :D

  6. @kf Good for you. You managed to see them. ;D Did you manage to get take a picture with them?

  7. @wewah Sheren's official fan-club has provided the video for the full concert. I will upload it when my internet connection is not so laggy. I think the quality will be must better and you can hear what they said better. ;)

  8. @meemee! Me too! I think I was born at the wrong time as well. If I were a working adult now, I would have gone to the concert! ;(

    You're welcome! ;)

  9. Hi Dreamluck & Meemee,
    I used to think I was born at the wrong time as well. I remember when Sheren first came to Thailand 2x years ago for show and concert, I wanted to follow her everywhere so badly but at that time, I was just a primary school student so I couldn't even go to the pity! Now that I am an adult, I can follow her everywhere. So I believe you will surely have a chance to meet her one day. Please don't give up :)

  10. @Daow Wow, 20 years ago seems so long ago. xD Your perseverance paid off in the end though. I wish I will really get the chance. =)

    Thank you for your kind wishes! I will work doubly hard so that I can study in Hong Kong. In that way, it'll be much easier to follow them around as well. ;)


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