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Mingpao Weekly #2245

| Saturday, November 19, 2011 | |

Scans from Mingpao Weekly #2245

The charm of both Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang, who both won their TV King and Queen awards twice in a row, cannot be denied. Together with Teresa Mo, all three of them performed together in what Wayne termed as the 'date of the century'. He said that it was such a rare opportunity that all three of them, who are widely widely recognised as good actors, even got to showcase their acting skills. The ones who got to benefit the most were those fans who came from all over the world to see them perform; However, Wayne relishes all these. As for Sheren, she had an image makeover thanks to Mo Mo and showed off her feminine side...

Wayne Lai, Sheren Tang and Teresa Mo were at Genting a few days back for a 2-night concert. Mo Jeh, who rarely opens her mouth to sing, showcased her singing skills for the first time. Fans from all over the world rushed to see Sheren and Wayne, who were previously only seen in TVB dramas.

Wayne cherishes this chance. "This is the first time, and may also be the last time. Mo Jeh is not in need of money. She doesn't sing much even during karaoke sessions. She really had to gather up her nerves before she agreed to this concert. I don't know whether we will have this chance to perform together again because her personal matters and family are still more important. Sheren is frequently filming Mainland Chinese dramas, so I am really not exaggerating when I use the term 'date of the century'."

Confession was a surprise
Wayne took particular care of Mo Jeh, who was performing for the first time. When both of them sang 《只怕不再遇上》, he expressed his own feelings, which took Mo Jeh by surprise. "In Off Pedder, President and Director communicated online over a period of time using their online monikers 'scarecrow' and 'passer-by'. When the music was played, Mo Jeh was supposed to go back-stage and change her shoes. I took this opportunity to add in my own thoughts as a V.O (voice-over) so that the audience can recall what happened. Mo Jeh did not know that I would do that."

One of the highlights of the concert was the 20-minute drama enactment where Sheren and Teresa played Wayne's old flame and wife respectively. Both women took turns to be jealous. "The concert this time round is directed by Producer Tsang, the one who was in-charge of Enjoy Yourself Tonight. Besides singing, there are also acting and games segments. When the audience see us act, it is only natural that they think of Off Pedder and No Regrets, which makes them happy."

Something amusing happened in the middle of the show. There was one young female fan who was overly enthusiastic during the games. She tried to kiss Wayne, prompting Sheren to unleash 'Gau Gu Leong' in her and pulling her away from Wayne. "They were indeed very enthusiastic, but I've been in this industry for so many years, so I do know how to put the situation under control. Sheren knew that of course. She was only trying to hype up the atmosphere. We have chemistry with each other.

Wishes to act as a gentle woman
Sheren laughed and said, "That female fan was quite crazy. She also told me that she loved me. I had to control the situation; On the second night, Wayne also scared my male fans. We invited fans on stage to act out the scene in No Regrets where Lau Sing was hugging Gau Gu Leong while getting her to kick off her drug addiction. Wayne reminded the male fan to be more careful, which made that guy so scared that he did not dare to hug me. I complained to Wayne about him scaring off the guys beside me. On the way back, when we were in the plane, I accidentally sat on Wayne's seat. Wayne was very good. He went to sit in my place. Sitting beside him was a guy. I immediately stood up tapped him on the spine. I did not say anything, but he already looked at the guy at 45 degrees and told me, 'He's not right for you.' We have so much chemistry in and outside the drama, so whenever he's around, I feel relieved."

Sheren, who once said that she wanted to act as a 'little woman', got her wish fulfilled during the concert this time round. During the drama enactment, she wore sexy clothes and was exceptionally coquettish. "Yes, I finally had a make-over. I got rid of my 'strong' facade. I needed to act as Wayne's old flame, so I had to be very sweet, passionate and gentle. But I can only pull this off because Mo Jeh is around. I can only do this in front of two people. They are Mo Jeh and Amy Chan. I hope that when producers of dramas watch this scene, they will realise that I can pull off comedic roles."


Scans about the Mingpao Entertainment Awards

- Credits to Mingpao Weekly

Comments: Haha, I love the part when Wayne told Sheren that the guy beside him in the plane wasn't suitable for her. xDDDD I think I will get this week's Mingpao Weekly.

I'm not sure why, but Sheren does give me the 'Kate Middleton' vibe in the last scan. I think it's because of her hair haha. =P Pretty pretty though! ^^


  1. thanks for translating dreamlucky! :D i'll get you something from hk to show my appreciation for all the hard work you've put in for this blog. :)

    and haha, who's kate middleton? .____.

  2. LOL i was laughing at the part abt wayne and sheren switching seats on the plane too... they're just too cute together! :D

  3. @meemee! Thank you meemee! I've replied to your email already! ;D

    Kate Middleton is Prince William's wife. She's part of the British royal family. I thought she's pretty well-known lol. ;P She's very pretty, and I think Sheren Tang looks like her, especially for the last scan. ^^

  4. @Stargal Me too! I think that's just too cute of them! =D I love how Wayne "chooses" which guy is suitable for Sheren. xP

  5. Wayne is coming to Msia again this weekend ! Woohoo ! Plus Raymond Wong and Nancy Wu !

  6. @kf Wow! What are they going there for? Is it to promote Forensic Heroes 3? But Raymond Wong isn't inside. o.O'''

    Will you be going to see them again? xD

  7. Wayne, Nancy and Raymond Wong are here to attend the Astro awards on Sunday nite. Some say Wayne and gang will be here earlier due to "No Regrets" promotion but till now, there is no news of any public event concerning this drama. Nancy, Pierre Ngo and Raymond confirmed arriving kl tomorrow noon. Yes, I will be attending the award ceremony.

  8. Information about Astro On Demand awards. See below link:
    2 weeks ago when I asked him whether he is attending, he already confirmed his attendance. I have a strong hunch Wayne will get an award this Sunday for "Pro Sir" role.

  9. Just saw Wayne at the airport. All four are attending a closed door event for "No Regrets" today.

  10. @KF Thanks for all the news, KF! =D


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