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16th Asian TV Awards 2011

| Thursday, December 8, 2011 | |
Video from Scoop on the 16th Asian TV Awards 2011

Congratulations to both Fala Chen and Evergreen Mak for winning the Best Supporting Actress and Actor awards in the 16th Asian TV Awards 2011! This is a very prestigious award ceremony, so really, my heartiest congratulations to them for bringing glory to No Regrets! <3

To listen to Evergreen's and Fala's thank-you speeches and interview after the awards, click here.

For the full list of winners, please click here.

Scoop video on the 4 of them going to Singapore

TVBE video on the 4 of them going to Singapore

TVBE video on 16th Asian TV Awards 2011

At Hong Kong International Airport and Changi Airport

- Credits to the respective sources for photos
- Credits to fenglingxi of 陈法拉吧 and vickylove of for videos

Comments: Congratulations to all winners. Haha, I'm quite surprised that TVB swept all the acting awards, especially when there are many other competitors from other Asian countries, but never mind. xP


  1. Wow, that's a wonderful achievement! Congrats to Ching Ching and Fei Fan Gor! No Regrets has been garnering many awards ever since last year! AWESOME!

  2. If No Regrets had been nominated for Best Drama, it would have definitely won the award ^^

  3. @Sherayne Haiz... I don't understand TVB's nominations at times... Oh well... =/

    -decides not to publish the rest of my comment in case some haters start on me again- ._.


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